The Meaning of TGIF: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of TGIF? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the abbreviation TGIF, including its definition, usage, origin, and more!

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What does TGIF stand for?

According to Dictionary, the term T.G.I.F. stands for thank God it’s Friday. The initials of the popular phrase are frequently touted at the end of the work week. The Thursday night counterpart is less common. This common expression is a slang term that is used on Twitter, Facebook, text messages, and other social media platforms. The slang abbreviation shorthand can be used in many conversation examples with coworkers at the end of a working week when people are excited for some days of rest. Someone might say the below in sentence examples:

Person 1: TGIF! Any fun weekend plans?

Person 2: I’m going to get my thesis evaluated for my presentation in August… pray for good feedback!

Person 1: Wow! I’m just going to sleep in, LOL. Good luck!

According to Urban Dictionary, TGIF was also the name of an American family-friendly prime time television programming block of sitcoms aired on the ABC network every Friday evening with numerous stars of the lineup. This former two-hour programming block competed with NBC.  It is also used in the chorus of the song Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. In the Kid Cudi album Man on the Moon, TGIF is also the anime of a song in which it stands for “Thank God I’m Fresh.”

According to The Free Dictionary, the abbreviation TGIF also has a plethora of different meanings outside of “thank God it’s Friday”. While these are all still valid definitions, they are far less common and should be used sparingly to eliminate any confusion. If you do plan to use one of these different definitions for the acronym TGIF, ensure that you are providing the reader or listener with the proper context to be able to decipher your intended meaning. This should be standard practice with any acronym that can have more than one definition.

  • Thank Goodness It’s Friday
  • To Get Information First
  • Turfgrass Information File
  • Treasurer’s Group in Force
  • Thank God I Found You
  • Thank God I’m Finished
  • Thank God It’s Funday
  • Tata Group Innovation Forum (Tata Quality Management Services)
  • Top Grade Insulation Fabrication (Waco, TX)
  • Thank God I’m Filipino
  • The Great Indoor Fight
  • Teaching Geography Is Fundamental Act
  • Today God Is First
  • Thank God I’m Fresh
  • The Global Institute of Finance and Banking
  • The Global Institute Forum (Indian School of Business; India)
  • Toes Go In First
  • Texas Geriatrics Interest Foundation
  • Thank God I’m Free
  • Thank God I’m Fired
  • Totally Good Internet Filtered (Family Life Ministries)
  • Transgenic and Gene-Targeting Institutional Facility (University of Kansas Medical Center)
  • Tadpoles Grow Into Frogs
  • Tactical Ground Intercept Facility
  • Transportable Ground Interface Facility
  • Thank God I’m Female
  • Transportable Ground Intercept Facility
  • That Girl Is Fine
  • That Girl Is Fat
  • The Great Index to Fun (Honolulu, HI)
  • Thank God It’s Florida
  • Thank God It’s Free
  • That Girl Is Funny (website)
  • Thank God It Floats (Navy architects)
  • The Gifted in Fremont
  • That Girl Is Freaky
  • The Great Idea Finder
  • The Greek Intervention Framework
  • Toy and Game Inventor’s Forum
  • The Green Initiative Fund
  • Thank God I’m French
  • TGI Friday’s (US restaurant chain)
  • This Goes in Front
  • Thank God I’m Forgiven

What are other common slang terms?

There are many different slang terms that can be used in text messaging or on the internet. While these may seem daunting at first, with this list from Zip Whip, you will be using internet slang like a pro in no time!

  •  TBH: To be honest
  •  TBC: To be continued
  •  F2F: Face to face
  •  TMI: Too much information
  •  TBA: To be announced
  •  IDC: I don’t care
  •  YP: Yes please
  •  RN: Right now
  •  MRW: My reaction when
  •  TL;DR: Too long, don’t/didn’t read
  •  DM: Direct message
  •  AFAIK: As far as I know
  •  FOMO: Fear of missing out
  •  IG: Instagram
  •  IIRC: If I recall correctly
  •  JK: Just kidding
  •  AMAA: Ask me almost anything
  •  HIFW: How I feel when
  •  SRSLY: Seriously
  •  TY: Thank you
  •  Yeet: To throw something or used as an exclamation
  •  FWIW: For what it’s worth
  •  SMH: Shaking my head
  •  TBF: To be frank
  •  G2G: Got to go
  •  DIKY: Do I know you?
  •  AMA: Ask me anything
  •  GR8: Great
  •  DIY: Do it yourself
  •  PNL: Peace & love
  •  V: Very
  •  NTH: Nice to have
  •  OTOH: On the other hand
  •  SO: Significant other
  •  EOD: End of day
  •  HMU: Hit me up
  •  WDYM: What do you mean?
  •  B4N: Bye for now
  •  QAP: Quick as possible
  •  THX: Thanks
  •  IKR: I know, right
  •  ASAP: As soon as possible
  •  BDAY: Birthday
  •  MSG: Message
  •  ICYMI: In case you missed it
  •  OOO: Out of office
  •  SFLR: Sorry for late reply
  •  FTFY: Fixed that for you
  •  FTW: For the win
  •  TYT: Take your time
  •  Bestie: a best friend or term of endearment
  •  TFW: That feeling when
  •  JIC: Just in case
  •  LMK: Let me know
  •  OMG: Oh my god/gosh
  •  WYWH: Wish you were here
  •  IMO: In my opinion
  •  WFH: Work from home
  •  NP: No problem
  •  QOTD: Quote of the day
  •  OMW: On my way
  •  CYA: See ya
  •  ILY: I love you
  •  YMMV: Your mileage may vary
  •  CYT: See you tomorrow
  •  BFF: Best friends forever
  •  W/O: Without
  •  TBD: To be determined or to be decided
  •  Sus: Suspicious
  •  NVM: Never mind
  •  PPL: People
  •  MFW: My face when
  •  BC or B/C: Because
  •  TTP: To the point
  •  YGTI: You get the idea
  •  KMN: Kill me know
  •  Tea: Gossip, drama
  •  OFC: Of course
  •  TIL: Today I learned
  •  DAE: Does any else
  •  IDK: I don’t know
  •  BRB: Be right back
  •  AKA: Also known as
  •  IYKYK: If you know you know
  •  HTH: Hope this helps
  •  LOL: Laughing out loud
  •  Bae: Before anyone else
  •  COB: Close of business
  •  BBL: Be back later
  •  IMHO: In my humble/honest opinion
  •  Finna: going to, intending to
  •  NGL: Not gonna lie
  •  TIA: Thanks in advance
  •  TTYL: Talk to you later
  •  HBU: How about you?
  •  OML: Oh my lord
  •  FYI: For your information
  •  POV: Point of view
  •  SNMP: So not my problem
  •  ROFL: Rolling on floor laughing
  •  IRL: In real life
  •  NBD: No big deal
  •  IFYP: I feel your pain
  •  ISTG: I swear to god
  •  OOTD: Outfit of the day
  •  ATM: At the moment
  •  YOLO: You only live once
  •  JSYK: Just so you know
  •  BTW: By the way

Overall, the abbreviation TGIF stands for thank God it’s Friday. This is frequently used to say that one is doing something fun tonight on Friday. 


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