Abbreviation for street: What is it and how is it used in a sentence?

Abbreviation for street: What is it and how is it used in a sentence?

Looking for the abbreviation for street? Here, we’ll look into the meaning of street, background and synonyms. We’ll also look into the abbreviation for street and its application in sentences. Keep reading.

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What is the abbreviation for street?

There are various ways to abbreviate the word street. In most cities, towns and urban centres, streets are abbreviated and given numeric codes. A name alone is incomplete, especially if the word street does not feature in the signage.

Sometimes the street names or code could be quite long and verbose. It will appear odd when written in full. The abbreviation for the word street is the solution and appears presentable in places where space is limited.

The abbreviation for street is found in addresses on the face of envelopes, notes and other publications.

Nonetheless, the common abbreviation for street is;




It’s mostly used with a number location to indicate its address where it is commonly used instead of writing the whole word.

For example

“The letter was addressed to Mr Clark 1250 St. Junction.”

Usually, the abbreviation is used in addresses as opposed to formal or informal writing.

“You can find me in 1670 St. 10th Avenue.”

“I normally take my clothes to the laundromat across the street.”

What Is The Meaning Of The Word Street?

Cambridge dictionary defines a street as a public road in a city, town or village normally with houses and buildings on one or both sides.


“There is one street that links the upper and lower sections of the city.”

A Street relates to the outlook, values or lifestyle of the young people who are seen as part of a fashionable urban style.

A Street may also be used to identify someone homeless.

For example;

“Street families are on the rise due to the high cost of living.”  

According to Merriam Webster, a street is a thoroughfare in a city, town or village that is wider than an alley or lane with sidewalks.  

It can also be described as a public space which is useful for transportation. 

It implies a thoroughfare accessible to people as opposed to a motorway constructed solely for use by vehicles. Streets play a crucial role in allowing people to move freely and interact since there are no restrictions.  

A Street is a public way featuring buildings on both sides. It runs perpendicular to an avenue. 

According to Wikipedia, a street is defined as a public thoroughfare in a built environment. It’s a public parcel of land adjoining buildings in an urban area where people meet freely and interact. 

History And Origin Of The Word Street

The word street comes from the Latin word ‘strata’ the short form of ‘via strata’ which meant ‘paved road’.

Informally the word street is used as a synonym for the road. In ancient times the urban planners distinguished a road from the street by defining the function of a road as mainly for transportation while the streets facilitated public interactions. 

Perfect examples are the pedestrian streets, alleys, and viaduct and city-centre streets. These streets were too crowded with human traffic and hindered the movement of vehicles.  

Culturally in many European and Indian cities, Sundays are set aside specifically to encourage people to use non-motorized transport and promote interactions. In the streets, people would jog, walk, and run cycle or even dance.  

A Street is distinct from other public ways since it has buildings on the sides, but a road is a public way that connects two points. 

Avenues have the same attributes as streets, but they are distinct as they run perpendicular to them. 

Compared to a boulevard, a street has no trees planted alongside the sidewalks and has no median through the middle.










In the United States, the Abbreviation for Street is mostly used in the Postal service directory. Its highlighted on the USPS abbreviations below. 

St Street

Blvd Boulevard

Fwy Freeway

ctr    centre

PKWY Parkway

plz    Plaza

cres Crescent

trl  TRAIL




rdg  RIDGE




bch   BEACH

byp   BY PASS

cswy  Causeway

mnr   MANOR

pln  Plain

prt  Port

riv Drive

Upas underpass

Vly  Valley

Gln  Glen

Trce  Trace

Crst  Crest

Cmn  Common

Anx  Annex

bg    BURG


bnd   BEND


pky  Parkway

expressway Expy

turnpike    tpke

Rte           Route

terr           Terrain/terrace

postal       service

united       states

causeway cswy

hwy High way

ave Avenue

aly Alley

crk Creek

mews mews

mdw Meadow

bldg building

expy expressway

tpke turnpike

Examples From The Web

“Every winning ticket in our Street Prizes scoops £30,000. Playing with two tickets? You’d win a staggering £60,000. Three tickets on your account? You’d collect a fantastic £90,000. We have Street Prizes landing in a lucky postcode on Saturday and Sunday so there’s a chance to win big on both days.”

“The owner of the office supply store of Patrick And Co. says they have had their Market store location for three generations. Jim Patrick says he’s seen a lot of changes- but he has mixed feelings about the Better Market Street project.”

“Following a night of unrest in several Catalan cities over the sentencing of nine secessionist leaders, the Spanish government issued a statement late on Tuesday pointing at “coordinated groups that are using street violence to break the social harmony in Catalonia.”

“A six-part series presented by Kevin McCloud, following ten pioneering households on the UK’s largest self-build project as they embark on a mission to construct their own homes to create a brand-new street.”

“Having grown concerned about the safety and the risk to human life, officials have now ordered the closure of the illegal cafés that line the street by 12 October.”

“I advise my clients to consider whether they’d rather park their car on the street every night, or pay an extra $75,000 for a house with a legal front parking pad, thereby giving up that finished basement and second bathroom.”



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