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What Does Pennies From Heaven Mean?

Pennies from heaven: The expression sure sounds poetic, doesn’t it? But do you know what the phrase means?

What Does PS Mean?

Many common words and expressions in modern American English are actually borrowed from Latin terms and phrases.

What Does Riled Up Mean?

Have you ever heard someone described as being “riled up” and wondered what it meant?

What Does Once Bitten, Twice Shy Mean?

Whether you’re scanning through the radio stations, watching a television show or movie, or reading a book or article, you may come across the proverb and idiom once bitten, twice shy.

What Does the Show Must Go On Mean?

The show must go on is an extremely popular phrase. But do you know what this idiomatic expression means? Keep reading to find out.

What Does Keep on Truckin Mean?

You’re frustrated with trying to complete a difficult task and feel like giving up when your friend says, “Keep on truckin!”

What Does Blood Is Thicker Than Water Mean?

The well-known proverb and idiomatic phrase blood is thicker than water actually has nothing to do with the consistency of either substance.

What Does Bite the Bullet Mean?

Have you ever been told to “bite the bullet”? If so, in that moment, your mind probably started to imagine your teeth chomping down on a round of ammunition...

What Does Bird’s-Eye View Mean?

Usually, it’s difficult to figure out the definition of idiomatic expressions just by looking at the individual words within them.