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What Does Leaps and Bounds Mean?

You likely know the definitions of the words leaps and bounds, but do you know what they mean when they’re paired together?

What Does All Hands On Deck Mean?

Ever seen or heard the expression all hands on deck and wondered what it meant?

What Does Daily Grind Mean?

When you hear the phrase daily grind, what comes to mind? Great coffee? Espresso? A latte, perhaps?

What Does Pound Sand Mean?

The expression pound sand appears to be a uniquely American saying, one perhaps most widely used in the Midwestern United States.

What Does Give a Man a Fish Mean?

It’s a bit of wisdom you’ve likely been told many times in your life: Give a man a fish... But what does it really mean?

What Does May You Live In Interesting Times Mean?

If someone said to you, “May you live in interesting times,” you’d think they were wishing you an exciting life, right, giving you a blessing of sorts?

What Does God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Mean?

Although it may sound like a quote from the Bible, this popular saying actually doesn’t appear anywhere in Judeo-Christian scripture or text.

What Does Be There or Be Square Mean?

Have you ever been invited to an event and had the host say to you, “Be there or be square!”? Did you know what they meant?

What Does the Jig Is Up Mean?

You’ve spent all day planning an elaborate prank on a friend when they appear in front of you and say, “The jig is up!” What do they mean?