Grammar Tips

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Apologize vs. apologise?

Feeling sorry? You might want to apologize or apologise. Both words are the same, we just use “apologize” in North America and “apologise” everywhere else.

Beside vs. besides?

Use the word beside to mean ‘alongside’ or ‘in comparison with.’ Use besides to mean ‘other than,’ ‘except,’ or ‘in addition.’

Calvary vs. cavalry?

The noun Calvary references the location of Christ's crucifixion or an experience of intense suffering. The noun cavalry cites a highly mobile military unit.

Much vs. many?

The main difference between “much” and “many” is that we use “much” with uncountable nouns and “many” with countable nouns.

To much or too much?

“To much” is a common spelling error of “too much,” a phrase we use in place of the word ‘excessive’ (adjective) or ‘excessively’ (adverb).

Imminent vs. eminent?

If something is certain and near, it’s “imminent.” When someone’s achievements or positive qualities allow them to stand out, they are “eminent.”

Titled vs. entitled?

Titled and entitled are past participles of the verbs title and entitle. Both verbs mean ‘to provide a name or title for something.’

Imbedded vs. embedded?

Imbedded and embedded are spelling variations of the same adjective or past participle, although embedded is far more common than imbedded.

Ton vs. tonne?

A tonne is a metric ton (1,000 kg) or the equivalent of one megagram (Mg). A ton is either a short ton (907.2 kg) or a long ton (1,016.05 kg).

Artefact vs. artifact?

“Artefact” and “artifact” are different spellings of the same noun. “Artifact” is an American spelling, while “artefact” is chiefly British.

Effective vs. efficient?

Effective means “capable of producing desired results.” Efficient means “capable of producing results in an optimal way.”

Amount vs. number?

Use amount to reference mass nouns (an uncountable quantity of something). Use number to cite count nouns (a countable quantity of something).