Abbreviation for feet: What is it and how is it used in a sentence?

Abbreviation for feet: What is it and how is it used in a sentence?

Are you looking for the abbreviation of feet? We’ll be looking into the possible abbreviation for the word feet. We’ll look at the definition of feet, its history and synonyms. We’ll also provide examples where it’s been widely used. Let’s get started.

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What Is The Abbreviation For Feet?



The plural form for foot

There is one common abbreviation for feet which is the international standard.


Usually, there is a space between the abbreviation and the number its measuring. For example

He threw the ball at approximately 100 ft. However, the same rule applies when you use the whole word. For example;

He threw the ball at approximately 100 feet.

A wide variety of style guides recommend the use of the entire word feet instead of the abbreviation ft. However, if one is writing a scientific document or technical writing, the abbreviation is acceptable.

What Is The Meaning Of Feet?

A quick search on google reveals several meanings for the word feet.

Feet is a unit of measure or a unit of length.

Feet is plural for a foot. A foot is equal to twelve inches.

Feet can be used as an idiom for example

To find one’s feet may mean being confident and approach things with a positive mind. For example.

“He found his feet after the divorce.”

“I hope that when I move to another city, I will find my feet.”

Feet can also be used to show reluctance or act slowly. For example;

“Those who drag their feet achieve less in life.”

“The employees are dragging their feet in the execution of the sales strategy.”

Feet can also be used to mean success or achievement. For example

“He was going through a difficult period after losing his wife but finally landed on his feet.”

As seen earlier, feet is plural for a foot. The foot is where the leg ends beneath one’s ankle joint. The feet are vital body parts for a human body and enable movement. For example

“He has been bedridden since the accident and cannot move his feet.”

“My feet are hurting, and this is hindering my movement.”

“Those mentioned can stand on their feet.”

According to Wikipedia, feet is a plural for foot which is part of human anatomy or vertebrates. It bears the weight of the body and enables movements. Most animals have a foot a separate body part.

It’s also a units of measurement equal to twelve inches. One foot is equal to 28316.8 millilitres. I cubic foot is equal to 957 fluid ounce. One centimetre is equal to 0.032 feet.

The Wiktionary defines feet as a metric unit equivalent to twelve inches or one-third of a yard. It’s also comparable to 30.48 centimetres. One square foot is equal to 144 square inches. 

For example;

“The pole is exactly 25 feet high.”

In the US, the customary systems of measurements usually use feet or foot alongside yard, inch and mile as units of measurements.

The British imperial measurements system equates a foot to 12 inches or 0.333 yards.

Examples from the web for feet

“Trump warns China against dragging its feet in trade talks…”

The source of the logjam: the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which Trump is in the process of shaking up after the resignations last month of its director, Dan Coats, and principal deputy, Sue Gordon. “Establishment” officials in that agency are still dragging their feet, say the sources, who spoke on condition that they were not further identified.

“The black box and the cockpit voice recorder will together be able to give a highly detailed second-by-second account of what now seems of primary interest to investigators: how the two pilots responded to a sudden and violent cell of weather within a thunderhead cloud that engulfed them, probably reaching more than 20,000 feet above their cruise height of 34,000 feet.”

In this miraculously scaled cityscape, the borough of Manhattan measures a seemingly vast 70 x 15 feet and the Empire State Building is a towering 15 inches tall while the Statue of Liberty is only 1-7/8 inches in height.”

Flat feet occur when one foot or both feet have a flatter-than-normal arch, says the Institute for Preventive Foot Health. About 18 million adults in the United States have the condition.

“The United States produces billions of broiler chickens each year, specially bred to be big and juicy, with plump, sturdy feet to hold them up. And for years, all those feet were considered excess parts that were mostly ground into pet food.”

Lace up and let loose. Take 30 days to parade around town. If you’re not swept off your feet, we’ll take your shoes back, no questions asked.

“The reason pilots would choose to use guns over a bomb or a missile is simple. Basically, a pilot might not want to drop a bomb near ground troops in situations where the enemy has gotten in very close to those friendly forces. Even a relatively small 250-pound bomb could kill or injure friendly troops who are within 650 feet of the explosion.”

“Darwin Realty is pleased to announce the firm’s Principal Noel S. Liston and Associate Nick Krejci represented four end-users in their purchase or lease of new space in suburban Chicago. The two sales and two leases totalled 69,687 square feet, all in high-quality buildings with good access to major highways.”

“The Master said, “Long have you made me dance, now leave it off. Dine with Mukunda and Haridas.” Then the Acharya broke his fast with those two, to his heart’s content. The people of Shantipur, hearing of the Master’s arrival, flocked to gaze on His feet. In joy, they cried “Hari! Hari!” and wondered at His beauty. His fair complexion, which eclipsed the Sun in splendour, was set off by his red robe.”

“At the last bend, however, a large island, locally known as Big Island, not only obstructs but ends navigation for boats drawing over 6 feet. Small boats, such as skiffs and native boats, ascend to the lower end of a 7-mile run.”


Lowest part
Lowest point
Lower limits