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What is the Word Unscrambler tool?

If you’re looking to score high for games like Hangman, Words With Friends, and Scrabble, then you’ve come to the right place. The Word Counter’s Word Unscrambler assists gamers like you to decode tricky word puzzles, find gaming tips, and impress your competitors.

Regardless of skill level or experience, anyone can use Word Unscrambler to overcome word challenges for Scrabble or Words With Friends and master the English language.

How to use Word Unscrambler

The Word Unscrambler is a simple and easy tool that allows gamers to enter a combination of letters and receive a list of possible word combinations.

Are you working with three letters? Five letters? Or even 12? That’s no problem. Word Unscrambler delivers combinations up to 15 characters long to help you find the right word. You can also use up to two wildcards to find words with blank tiles on Words With Friends or Scrabble. To find wildcards or blank spaces, be sure to enter a question mark (?) or use a blank space.

Some people are worried about using a scrabble word finder because they don’t want to have an unfair advantage. If you’re concerned about cheating, do yourself a favor and leave those negative thoughts at the door. As mentioned before, Word Unscrambler is a tool–– just like dictionaries, thesauruses, or even formal education. Sometimes people need a little help to meet competitors at a level playing field.

If it makes you feel better, you can invite other participants to use Word Unscrambler as well. And who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy discovering new words and possible word combinations to apply later?

How do the advanced filters work?

The Word Counter designed the Word Unscrambler’s advanced filters to help you find word combinations that meet specific criteria. For example, if you need a four-letter word that starts with the letter A, Word Unscrambler’s advanced filter “Starts With” delivers a list of word combinations that only begin with the letter you need.

All of Word Unscrambler’s advanced filter options include:

  • Starts With: Find words that begin with a specific letter.
  • Ends With: Find words that end with a specific letter.
  • Contains: Find words that must contain specific letters.
  • Pattern: Find words with letters at specific positions or use _ for wildcards. For example, if you have the letters “RDAYENI” and need a word for “R_A_Y,” the “Pattern” function narrows down your option to “READY.”  
  • Dictionary: Find words that are recognized by specific games, such as Scrabble or Words With Friends. All game-specific dictionaries are abbreviated, so if you’re playing Words With Friends, then select “WWF.”

Benefits of using The Word Counter’s Word Unscrambler

There are several benefits to using The Word Counter’s Word Unscrambler, whether it’s playing word games with friends, watching Wheel of Fortune, learning new words, crossword puzzles, or even practicing logic puzzles like Sudoku. 
Using a word descrambler has its perks within the realm of informational purposes, too. Outside of gaming, we can use the Word Unscrambler like an anagram solver to help translate or create coded language. Using a word solver in this way is helpful for enigmatic-minded students who are learning to write and think outside the box.

Score high and win word games

Word gamers love the Word Unscrambler because it allows them to narrow down options for word combinations and, of course, beat their competitors. The Word Unscrambler tool is useful for winning games such as:

  • Words With Friends
  • Scrabble
  • Hangman
  • Word A Round
  • Wordfeud
  • Wordscapes
  • Lexulous
  • Ruzzle
  • And more!

For games like Scrabble and Words With Friends, specific letter combinations yield high-scoring words. For example, Scrabble letters Q and Z are each worth 10 points, while the letters J and X are worth 8 points. But other letters like N, R, L, and English vowels are only worth one point. 

Depending on which letters you have available, you can use Word Unscrambler to find a word that’s worth the most amount of points possible. For example, if you have the letters “ZQKAOEGSU,” the most amount of points you can theoretically earn is 22. 

Since the letters Z and Q are worth the most, you can use the advanced options to find the highest yielding words, which include “quakes” and “squeak” for 19 points. If you had two wildcards, you could even play “quartzose” for 25 points, which we’re sure most people wouldn’t have thought of on their own.

Improve your vocabulary

Speaking of obscure words, Word Unscrambler helps users expand their vocabularies by providing terms that are obscure in addition to words they already use. For instance, from “ZQKAOEGSU??” we found “QUARTZOSE,” which is an adjective describing something made from the mineral quartz. But if we searched for words using “GHSEAKX,” we could also find terms like “SHAKE,” “AXES,” or “AGES.” 
Children who are learning to write might enjoy Word Unscrambler while solving simple word combinations such as ORFG (4 letter word), YNUBN (5 letter word), NREFDI (6 letter word), or OOIESKC (7 letter word). Learning how to pick out FROG, BUNNY, FRIEND, or the word COOKIES allows kids to think creatively about language and provides a boost of confidence in their learning process.

Find words for crossword puzzles

Are you stuck on a tricky word for a crossword puzzle? Word Unscrambler can help with that too. If there’s a particular term you can’t remember or need help finding a word match that matches specific letter patterns, Word Unscrambler’s advanced settings can help direct you to the right word. 
Let’s say you need a four-letter word that begins with R and ends with S. Simply enter letters “RS??” into the Word Unscrambler and type the letter S into the “Starts With” field and the letter S into the “Ends With” field. What you’ll find are 42 different word combinations that may logically match your mystery word.

Letters vs. Words

Unscramble Letters

Anyone who is looking to solve a jumble of letters can use the Word Unscrambler tool to find new words or solve an anagram. Word Unscrambler can solve up to 15 scrambled letters with two wildcards to produce hundreds of viable word options. 
Even more, Word Unscrambler can help users find words with specific letter quantities and letter placements through its advanced filter settings. Users are not limited by their dictionary preference, either, as Word Unscrambler allows them to search specific dictionaries for recognized terms.

Unscramble Words

The Word Unscrambler tool is excellent for organizing mixed-up words such as too vs. two or meet vs. meat. Such terms are called homophones, which means that they sound the same but are spelled differently and carry separate definitions. 
Crossword puzzles often trick users with homophones since the answers are easily mistaken for another word and misspelled. Word Unscrambler can help you navigate around tricky spellings and pronunciations by delivering further word options.

13 Tips and Tricks to Unscramble Words

Everybody has a method of winning Scrabble or Words With Friends, but there are a handful of helpful pointers that can give you a competitive edge. Before you start your next game, here are 13 tips and tricks for unscrambling words and owning the board.

  • Be sure to keep a writing utensil and a piece of paper nearby to write out word lists. Writing your thoughts on paper also allows you to ensure that you’re using real words and spelling them correctly.
  •  If you’re playing a game with moveable pieces, try moving them around to visualize possible word choices. 
  • Keep vowels separate from consonants. The letters A, E, I, O, U are all vowels.
  • All words need vowels, so be sure to stockpile as many vowels as possible so that you don’t miss a turn. 
  • If you’re limited to one vowel, you may not have a viable word option. 
  • Try matching vowels with consonants to see if any words come to mind.
  • While building words, try to start with three letters and build up from there. 
  • The letter S is excellent for pluralizing and extending short words. 
  • You can make shorter words longer by adding prefixes such as “sub-,” “post-,” “un-,” “semi-,” “mis-,” and “re-.”  
  • Adding a suffix is also helpful for increasing word length, especially if you’re trying to find 8 letter words or higher. Common suffixes include “-tion,” “-er,” “-ness,” “-ism,” “-ly,” and “-ery.” 
  • If you have the letter Q, you’re more likely to need the letters U and O as well. (e.g., aqua, acquit, quod, or quoted)
  • Look for hook letters such as Y, R, D, and E, which can help extend short words or create new words altogether. 
  • Try to avoid using blank tiles unless you have a word with seven letters or more. Even better, try saving them for words where bonus points are possible.

Top 15 Most Popular Unscrambling Examples

Now that you’re ready to try out Word Unscrambler, it’s time to view the 15 most popular unscrambled word examples for players of Scrabble and Words With Friends. Most of the following words are seven-letter words since the majority of games use seven tiles at a time, but there are a few 9 and 10 letters words for the overachievers out there. Enjoy!

  • ATARACTICN = ANTARCTICA (10 letter word)
  • SATURANTO = ASTRONAUT (9 letter word)
  • AUBDHNS = HUSBAND (7 letter word)
  • AAKJLYW = JAYWALK (7 letter word)
  • OEUXJBK = JUKEBOX (7 letter word)
  • EIIOZXD = OXIDIZE (7 letter word)
  • EECFRPT = PERFECT (7 letter word)
  • IAUYQFL = QUALIFY (7 letter word)
  • AEUYSKQ = SQUEAKY (7 letter word)
  • OIKZCPL = ZIPLOCK (7 letter word)
  • IOCZTYG = ZYGOTIC (7 letter word)
  • AEEDDRNG = ANGERED or ENRAGED (7 letter word)
  • EETRDDS = DESSERT or STRESSED (7 letter word)
  • PURREOE = EUROPE (6 letter word)

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