The Meaning of Oscar Mike: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of oscar mike? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the word oscar mike, including its definition, usage, example uses, and more!

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What does the term oscar mike mean?

According to Urban Dictionary and VA, the term oscar mike is a military slang term that means “on the move” or “on mission.” Oscar and Mike are the words associated with the letters O and M in the military phonetic alphabet. This indicates that a unit is on the move between places. Someone who is not in the military could also use this term to indicate that they are on the move. For example, if someone receives a text message asking where they are while they are walking to meet the other person, they could reply, “Oscar Mike” to indicate that they are on the move toward the person. Below is an example of a way in which oscar mike can be used.

Daughter: Dad, do you have an ETA? School ended 30 minutes ago.

Dad: Oscar mike, with coffee in hand. Be there in 5!

What are synonyms and antonyms for the term oscar mike?

There are many different ways a person can indicate that they are on the move. Not everyone is familiar with military jargon, so it is useful to know synonyms for this phrase and other military phrases. Synonyms are words and phrases that have the same meaning or definition as another word or phrase. This list of synonyms for the term oscar mike is provided by Thesaurus.

  •  in transit
  •  headed for
  •  passing through
  •  bound
  •  entrained
  •  vagabond
  •  immigrating
  •  traveling
  •  heading toward
  •  migratorial
  •  temporary
  •  changing
  •  immigrant
  •  drifting
  •  seasonal
  •  nomadic
  •  driving
  •  nomad
  •  transmigratory
  •  vagrant
  •  making headway
  •  mobile
  •  in passage
  •  flying
  •  transient
  •  migrant
  •  peripatetic
  •  passing over
  •  migrative
  •  on the road
  •  along the way
  •  errant
  •  impermanent
  •  wandering
  •  tramp
  •  roving
  •  emigrating
  •  en voyage
  •  progressing
  •  gypsy
  •  casual
  •  shifting
  •  advancing
  •  bound for
  •  ranging
  •  on the way
  •  unsettled
  •  itinerant
  •  pressing on
  •  midway

There are also numerous different words that mean the opposite of oscar mike. These are called antonyms. Antonyms are another quick and easy way to expand your English language vocabulary. This list of antonyms for the term oscar mike is also provided by Thesaurus

  •  serene
  •  stock-still
  •  paralyzed
  •  static
  •  unstirring
  •  nailed
  •  inanimate
  •  at a standstill
  •  unmoved
  •  pat
  •  numb
  •  undisturbed
  •  fixed
  •  palsied
  •  petrified
  •  untroubled
  •  nailed down
  •  deathly still
  •  quiescent
  •  close-mouthed
  •  inert
  •  clammed up
  •  unmovable
  •  quiet
  •  at rest
  •  stable
  •  steadfast
  •  stationary
  •  transfixed
  •  halted
  •  stagnant
  •  hushful
  •  peaceful
  •  lifeless
  •  apoplectic
  •  motionless
  •  immobile
  •  firm
  •  anchored
  •  still
  •  unmoving
  •  halcyon
  •  standing
  •  deathly
  •  spellbound
  •  silent
  •  smooth
  •  restful
  •  sealed
  •  stalled
  •  parked
  •  buttoned up
  •  torpid
  •  permanent
  •  deathlike
  •  dead
  •  tranquil
  •  closed
  •  soundless
  •  immotile
  •  noiseless
  •  moored
  •  becalmed
  •  deathly quiet
  •  placid
  •  whist
  •  deadlocked
  •  unruffled
  •  hushed
  •  frozen
  •  pacific

What are the other letters and terms associated with the military alphabet?

According to Military Benefits, there are different code words for every letter of the alphabet that is used in the United States military. These code words are used because many different letters sound the same. Therefore, having a word associated with each letter eliminates confusion. Below is a list of the letters, their code words, and their pronunciations in the military phonetic alphabet.

  •  A Alpha/Alfa (AL fah)
  •  B Bravo (BRAH voh)
  •  C Charlie (CHAR lee)
  •  D Delta (DEL tah)
  •  E Echo (EKK oh)
  •  F Foxtrot (FOKS trot)
  •  G Golf (Golf)
  •  H Hotel (HO tell)
  •  I India (IN dee ah)
  •  J Juliet (JEW lee ett)
  •  K Kilo (KEY loh)
  •  L Lima (LEE mah)
  •  M Mike (Mike)
  •  N November (NOH vem ber)
  •  O Oscar (OSS car)
  •  P Papa (PAH pah)
  •  Q Quebec (keh BECK)
  •  R Romeo (ROW me oh)
  •  S Sierra (see AIR ah)
  •  T Tango (TANG go)
  •  U Uniform (YOU nee form)
  •  V Victor (VIK ter)
  •  W Whiskey (WISS key)
  •  X X-Ray (EKS ray)
  •  Y Yankee (YANG kee)
  •  Z Zulu (ZOO loo)

Different forms of the phonetic alphabet were adopted in 1927, but the most commonly used phonetic alphabet was created during World War II. In 1941, the U.S. Military adopted the same alphabet across all branches to standardize communication for radio communications. The Royal Air Force also adopted a similar alphabet. This became known as Able Baker. This is also known as the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, or the NATO alphabet. Veterans might still use these in life outside the military, or you might hear these military slang terms used in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Freedom Edition. There are also a number of other slang terms that are associated with the military alphabet besides oscar mike. A selection of these are below.

  •  40 Mike Mike – 40 Millimeter Grenade or M203 Grenade Launcher
  •  Charlie Mike – Continue Mission
  •  Tango Uniform – Toes Up, meaning killed or destroyed or defective equipment
  •  Lima Charlie – Loud and Clear
  •  Tango Yankee – Thank You
  •  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – WTF
  •  11 Bravo – Army Infantry
  •  Whiskey Pete – White Phosphorus
  •  Echo Tango Sierra – Expiration Term of Service (someone who is about to complete their tour of duty)
  •  Tango Mike – Thanks Much
  •  November Golf – NG or No Go (fail)
  •  Mikes – Minutes
  •  Charlie Foxtrot – Cluster F**k
  •  Whiskey Charlie – Water Closet (toilet)
  •  Bravo Zulu – Good Job or Well Done
  •  Stay Frosty
  •  Victor Charlie

Overall, the term oscar mike is a piece of military radio jargon that means “on the move.” This is one of many different pieces of military slang that come from the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, or the NATO alphabet. While these are most commonly used by people who are currently and actively in the military, they can also be used by people who are not in the military as shorthand. 


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