Abbreviation For Captain: What is it and how is it used in a sentence?

Abbreviation For Captain: What is it and how is it used in a sentence?

Are you looking for the abbreviation for captain? You’ve come to the right place. Here. We’ll define the meaning of the word captain and highlight possible examples where the word features in a sentence. We’ll look at its history and synonym. We’ll further look at the abbreviation and examples where it’s used instead of the whole word. Let’s get started.

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What Is The Abbreviation For Captain?

There are various ways to abbreviate the word captain, and each will depend on the rank.

For example;

Coast and Navy ranks 0-6 CAPT (Upper case)

Army CPT (Upper case)    

Airforce and Marine Corps Capt (Mixed case)

What Is The Meaning Of The Word Captain?

According to Wikipedia, a Captain is a title for a commander of a military unit, ship, aeroplane, spacecraft or other vessels. He/she is also a commander of a port, fire department, police department or an election area. 

It’s a military rank in the armies, United States navy or coast guards. In this case, a captain is the same rank as an officer commanding an infantry, ship, a battery of artillery, junior grade officer or any similar distinct unit.

However, a captain shouldn’t be confused with a leading seaman or corporal (CPO) who is a non-commissioned officer (NCO).

In the United States armed forces he’s a commissioned officer equivalent to a field commander of a company of soldiers or a battery of an artillery battalion.  

A vice admiral is senior and equivalent to an air marshal or lieutenant general. 

Grade structure of the United States Coast Guard is chief warrant officer (cwo2, cwo4 or cwo3).

Other ranks are; brigadier general(brig gen), chief petty officer, second lieutenant, sergeant major(Sgt Maj), staff sergeant, master sergeant and, airman first class.,

The English dictionary defines a captain as a person who is the head of or in authority over others. He’s also referred to as the Chief Leader.  

He/she is an officer ranking in most armies above the first lieutenant and below a major general (Maj Gen). 

In US Navy he’s an officer ranking above a lieutenant commander and below a rear admiral or a commodore. 

A Captain is also a military leader while in Police department he is an officer ranking above lieutenant colonel (lt col) but who’s below an inspector.   

Cambridge dictionary defines a captain as a leader of a sports team, in charge of a ship or an aircraft. He/she is also an officer’s rank in the British Army or navy or US Airforce, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or US Police and Fire departments.  

As a verb, it means to lead or be the commander of a ship, military group or aircraft.   

The American dictionary defines a Captain as a naval officer of high rank who’s above a commander or a military officer of middle rank and above a lieutenant. 

 He’s a person in charge of a ship or aircraft, an officer in a police or fire department and he may also be a leader of a sports team.

Uses Of The Title Captain 

Here are some of the ways a word captain may be used.  

Naval – He’s is a commissioned officer rank in the Navy. 

Nautical – a licensed mariner who is legally in command of a ship or another type of vessel  

Airlines – A senior officer who’s lawfully in charge of an aircraft or the pilot in command. 

Fire captain – an officer in a fire department 

Police captain – an officer in a police organization  

Group Captain – A senior commissioned rank in the united states air force( USAF)   

Industry – a business leader  

In the UK a Captain of the Port is the in-charge

History And Origin Of The Word  Captain

According to Wikipedia, the word Captain was derived from Greek word katepano which was Latinized to capetanus/catepan. The result was the word ‘caput’ which means a head. 

The word caput was hybridized to give rise to the English word captain. The roots of the word captain, therefore, can be traced to the Latin word capit

In the US the rank of captain first occurred in Continental army during the Revolutionary War. He was an officer who was in charge of a company of soldiers. 

He was assigned one or several lieutenants depending on the size of the company. The captain’s commission would expire at the end of a particular military campaign. 

At war, the Continental Navy used the rank of captain lieutenants together with a sailing Master were assigned to the vessel. A navy captain was equivalent to an Army colonel.








Team leader 


Web Examples

“The Army announced Thursday the names of officers selected for promotion to the rank of captain in the Army Competitive Categories.”

“President Donald Trump welcomed his new top military adviser during a rainy ceremony in Virginia on Monday, but the event may be most remembered for a touching moment the president and his national security team shared with a disabled Army captain.”

“Nicos Metaxas, a 35-year-old National Guard captain, reportedly sobbed as a prosecutor in Nicosia read out the charges against him before apologising for his “abhorrent crimes” – described as the worst peacetime atrocities exacted against women on the Mediterranean island.”

“Being a Captain is one of the best roles you can take on at University, and in life in general, because it teaches you how to be a mentor, a team player and how to lead others and help them to improve. It is a tough role – you have to stress the needs of the team over personal preferences, balance personalities and keep people inspired in a period of poor performance.”

“The boy and girl who won the captaincy ballot for St Joseph’s Primary School Merewether by overwhelming majorities were relegated to vice-captains, in a move that has been labelled ‘‘outrageous’’ by some parents.”

“While Harry may not have been the most decorated student, he excelled at sport, competing in the school’s cricket, polo, and rugby teams, which led him to become House Captain of Games.”

“Aged 17, Captain Bennett started as a deck cadet on her home island ship the RMS St. Helena – a cargo ship that transports vital supplies to the remote island.”



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