Words That Start With E: Your Scrabble Cheat Sheet

Words That Start With E

Everyone wants an extensive vocabulary. Whether you’re playing games (like Scrabble or Words with Friends) or writing a paper, exploring new words can be edifying. Want exaltation for your educational efforts? Throw some E-words into the mix. E is the 5th letter of the English alphabet, but it comes first in many eccentric words! So, if you’re looking for an expedient way to elevate your vocabulary, begin by learning a few words that start with the letter E. We’ve created this list of words for you, organized by the number of letters in each word. Many of these words have more than one meaning. For simplicity, we’ve only listed one definition for each word. Keep in mind, this word list doesn’t contain every single English word that starts with E; however, it’s a useful introduction to this very special letter.

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Here are some words that start with E [2-15 letter words]


15-Letter Words

electrochemical – Adjective | Pertaining to a process through which electricity is produced by a chemical reaction
euphemistically – Adverb | In a manner that substitutes an inoffensive expression for a crude one
externalization – Noun | The quality of being outwardly manifest
extrajudicially – Adverb | In the manner of something handled outside of regular legal proceedings

14-Letter Words

electromotance – Noun | A force that produces electrical currents through
differences in potential
excommunicable – Adjective | Deserving of exclusion from a religious community
expressionless – Adjective | Lacking any facial aspect to indicate feeling
extravehicular – Adjective | Taking place outside a vehicle

13-Letter Words

epiphenomenal – Adjective | Pertaining to an unexpected secondary symptom arising during the course of a disease
equimolecular – Adjective | Consisting of an equal number of molecules
europeanizing – Verb | Causing to conform to European cultural norms
extraliterary – Adjective | Outside the purview of literature

12-Letter Words

earsplitting – Adjective | Deafening or unpleasantly shrill
effervescent – Adjective | Forming bubbles, bubbly
enzymologist – Noun | Someone who studies the branch of biochemistry pertaining to enzymes
extremophile – Noun | A microbe that lives in extreme conditions

11-Letter Words

elbow-bender – Noun | A person fond of alcohol
ethnobotany – Noun | The anthropological study of plant lore
expenditure – Noun | Funds paid
exploratory – Adjective | Pertaining to the act of truth-seeking and discovery
extroverted – Adjective | Possessing a gregarious personality

10-Letter Words

earthquake – Noun | Trembling of the earth caused by tectonic or volcanic
enjambment – Noun | The use of a run-on line from one verse or couplet into the next in poetry (also spelled enjambement)
exothermic – Adjective | Pertaining to a chemical reaction in which heat is released
expediency – Noun | Adherence to the most advantageous course, rather than the most righteous course of action

9-Letter Words

economize – Verb | Practice frugality
empathize – Verb | To experience deep understanding of the feelings of another without explicit communication of those feelings
equipment – Noun | Tools or implements used for a particular activity
executrix – Noun | A female person appointed to execute a will 

8-Letter Words

ecotoxic – Adjective | Harmful to the environment or to animals
equality – Noun | The state of being equal
equipped – Adjective | Qualified, prepared
exemplar – Noun | A representative specimen

7-Letter Words

earmuff – Noun |  A cloth or fur ear-covering connected to another by a flexible band
earshot – Noun | Range within which a sound is audible
equinox – Noun | Two dates each year when the sun crosses the celestial equator
erudite – Adjective | Displaying academic knowledge

6-Letter Words

earwax – Noun | Waxy secretion found in the external ear 
earwig – Noun | An insect of the order Dermaptera
eatery – Noun | A restaurant
effigy – Noun | A representation of a hated person
efflux – Noun | Something that flows out
eschew – Verb | To intentionally avoid or shun

5-Letter Words 

easel – Noun | A frame to support an artist’s canvas
edify – Verb | To instruct in moral or religious topics
eject – Verb | To push out using physical force
elegy – Noun | A sad poem, especially to commemorate the dead
eerie – Adjective | Mysterious and otherworldly (also spelled eery)
extol – Verb | To praise
exalt – Verb | To praise
exult – Verb | To rejoice

4-Letter Words

eath – Adverb | In an easy manner (Scottish English)
eaux – Noun | Watery solutions
ebon – Adjective | Black-colored, resembling ebony
eche – Verb | To enlarge
echt – Adjective | Genuine and authentic
ecru – Adjective | Beige-colored 
eddo – Noun | The enlarged underground stem of the taro plant 
egad – Interjection | A mild oath
egal – Adjective | An archaic synonym for equal
eger –  Noun | A river that flows through Germany and the Czech Republic (also spelled Ohře)
eggy – Adjective | Containing eggs
elan – Noun | Enthusiasm
elmy – Adjective | Abundant in elm trees
emic – Adjective | Pertaining to the analysis of a cultural phenomenon from the perspective of a participant in the culture being analyzed
emir – Noun | A ruler in Islamic countries (also spelled amir and ameer)
emmy – Noun | A statuette given by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences during their annual awards
emyd – Noun | A turtle belonging to the family Emydidae
enow – Adverb | An archaic synonym for enough
epha – Noun | An ancient Hebrew unit of measurement (also spelled ephah)
epos – Noun | An epic poem 
erne – Noun | A long-winged eagle
etch – Verb | To imprint on hard material by cutting into its surface
exec – Noun | The second officer in command of a naval vessel or military organization
exon – Noun | A sequence in genetic code that supplies information for protein synthesis and the creation of messenger RNA
expo – Noun | A public exhibition

3-Letter Words

ecu – Noun | French currency from the 17th-18th centuries
eek – Interjection | An expression of surprise
eft – Noun | An aquatic newt
eke – Verb | Continue with great difficulty
eld – Noun | An archaic term for ancient times
ell – Noun | An elbow-shaped pipe or conduit fitting
eme – Nounn | Friend (Scottish English)
eon – Noun | A unit of time equal to one billion years
erg – Noun | A unit of energy equal to 0.00000010 joules
eth – Noun | The Old English letter ð (also spelled edh)
ewe – Noun | A mature female sheep

2-Letter Words

ef – Noun | The letter F
em – Noun | The letter M
en – Noun | The letter N
ew – Interjection | An expression of disgust
ex – Noun | The letter X

By looking at this list, you may be able to identify some common prefixes. Words
that start with “extra” often have something to do with going beyond or outside.
Words beginning with “equi” involve equivalency. Understanding these linguistic
patterns can help you to intuit what a word means, even when you don’t have a
dictionary handy.

Use words that start with the letter E to express your enthusiasm for eclectic
expressions. If you engage with this list, you’ll be equipped to entertain everyone
with erudite answers to endless questions. No word finder or crossword puzzle
will exhaust you or make you exasperated. From ex to externalization, you’ll be
prepared with the right E-word for any occasion.

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