The Meaning of WP: What It Is and How To Use It

Have you ever seen the acronym WP and wondered what it meant? This article will give you all of the information you need on the acronym WRT, including its meaning, usage, synonyms, sentence examples, and more!

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What does the abbreviation WP stand for?

According to Urban Dictionary, the abbreviation WP is used mainly in online gaming to mean “well played.” According to Carnegie Mellon University, video games can be well played in two different senses. First, it can mean that something has been done well, as in a good game. People also might abbreviate this as “GG.” It can also mean something similar to well read in regard to books, implying that someone has played a lot of video games and is well versed in the space. The phrase well played can also mean that one has been defeated in a battle of words, similarly to the phrase touché. It is used to acknowledge that someone has been bested, according to Urban Dictionary

According to Acronym Finder and The Free Dictionary, the abbreviation WP can stand for a plethora of other things. However, these definitions are far less common. If one intends to use the abbreviation WP to mean one of these other definitions, they should make sure that there is proper context so that the reader is not confused. Make sure that the reader could not possible take another meaning from the abbreviation – if there is any murkiness, one should simply use the full form of the phrase instead. 

  • Workshop Proceedings
  • WordPress
  • Working Pressure
  • Water Processor
  • Work Product (IBM Global Services Unit of Work)
  • WordPerfect
  • What’s Poppin’?
  • Wikipedia
  • Washington Post
  • Working Preemption
  • Western Pacific (railroad)
  • Worldperks (Northwest frequent flyer program)
  • Windward Pass (online social club)
  • Wash-Post (Supply Transaction: US DoD)
  • Work Print
  • Working Party (NATO)
  • Western Precipitation (Malvern, PA)
  • Weaire-Phelan (partition)
  • Wallpaper
  • Warning Panel
  • Waste Paper
  • Weapons Processor (military aviation)
  • Without Pay
  • Warm Band Pulse
  • Work Planner
  • Widening Participation (education program)
  • Wild Pitch(es) (baseball)
  • Working Point
  • Wavelength Path
  • Wrong Person
  • Warsaw Pact
  • Western Pleasure (horseback riding event)
  • Wanhat Parrat (Hattrick Federation)
  • Warner Pioneer
  • Warning Point
  • Waiver of Premium (insurance)
  • White Phosphorous (aka Willie Pete)
  • Wojsko Polskie (Polish Army)
  • Winter Park, Colorado (Winter Park Resort, Colorado)
  • Western Province (South Africa)
  • Word Press (blog management system)
  • Work Packet
  • Waterproof
  • Will Proceed
  • Weather Permitting
  • Workprint
  • White Paper
  • Wiatr-Pospieszalski (microwave circuit parameter)
  • Worshipful
  • Wild-Pokemon (cartoon)
  • Winning Percentage (NCAA Rating Percentage Index)
  • Water Polo
  • Watt Peak
  • With Probability
  • Wrist Pitch
  • Working Path
  • West Point
  • Work Party
  • Wind Profile
  • Winnie the Pooh (Disney)
  • Workers’ Party
  • Work Place (various locations)
  • Word Processing
  • Written Production (test)
  • White Pages
  • Wirtualna Polska
  • Waypoint
  • Work Preparation
  • Waste Pile
  • WorleyParsons (Australia)
  • Wavelet Packet
  • Written Premium (insurance)
  • Writ Petition (law; India)
  • Writing Power
  • Winter Park
  • Work Package
  • Write Protected
  • Wanna Play?
  • Waste Package
  • World Peace
  • Wave-Plate
  • Work Plan
  • Web Page
  • Working Paper
  • Without Prejudice
  • Water Police
  • Windows Phone (Microsoft)
  • Worthless Parasite
  • Wettable Powder
  • WordPress Plugin (software)
  • Warranty Provisions
  • Weatherproof
  • Widespread Panic (band)
  • Women Power
  • Whois Proxy (computing)
  • Walter Payton (football player)
  • WorkPad (IBM Palm PC model)
  • Warm Pipe

What are synonyms for the phrase well played?

There are many different phrases one can use to tell someone else that they did a good job. These phrases are called synonyms. Synonyms are words and phrases that mean the same thing as another word or phrase. Someone might choose to use a synonym to avoid repeating themselves or to expand their vocabulary. The below list of synonyms for well played is provided by Power Thesaurus

  • nice game
  • great game
  • way to go
  • nice work
  • nice going
  • nice move
  • well done
  • nicely done
  • great job
  • well made
  • good move
  • good work
  • nice job
  • good job
  • you rock
  • good game
  • good play

How can the abbreviation WP be used in a sentence?

While the abbreviation WP is most commonly used in online gaming to congratulate another gamer on a job well done, well played can also be used in many other circumstances, particularly in a similar way to the phrase “touché.” Below are a couple of examples of situations in which WP can be used. In this first example, Destin and John like to play video games together. Destin texts John after a round of game play.

Destin: Dang, dude! WP!

John: Haha thanks! I was super in the zone. I don’t think I’ve ever played that well in my life. I don’t even know how I did it.

Destin: Well whatever you just did, can you please have some of that rub off on me?

John: LOL totally. You down to play tomorrow night?

Destin: I gotta go to my little sister’s bat mitzvah or I totally would. You wanna come to the bat mitzvah? We have room.

John: Definitely!

Here, Destin uses the phrase WP to tell John that he played an excellent game. In this next example, Destin and John are working on a school project together. 

John: Wow, this poster board looks amazing!

Destin: Thanks! You know not to bust your chops, but you haven’t really put much work into it.

John: Well I didn’t really get the chance to, Mr. Perfect Handwriting, Mr. I Can Do It All Myself.

Destin: WP, my friend, WP.

Here, Destin uses the phrase WP to acknowledge John’s witty comment. The abbreviation WP can be used in a plethora of different casual and informal contexts.

Overall, the abbreviation WP stands for “well played.” This is an internet slang term that is used to congratulate someone on a game well played. It is similar to the phrase good game, or “GG” and is used by many online gamers.