The Meaning of Touche: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of touché? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the word touche, including its definition, etymology, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the word touche mean?

According to Your Dictionary, Collins English Dictionary and the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, the word touché is an interjection that acknowledges a clever point of response, telling remark, rejoinder, the acknowledgement of the striking home of a remark or successful criticism, or the capping of a witticism that is made by someone in a discussion or debate, such as a witty retort, or the superiority of an argument in a discussion. This term is also used in fencing as an acknowledgement of a hit. In a fencing competition, a fencer says this word when they make a scoring hit. Someone might say touche in response to a good response, successful point, or good comeback line that an adversary or other  person presents. The word touche can be used in many different ways by English speakers in the English language in both UK and American English. The word touche is two syllables – tou-che, and the pronunciation of touche is tuːˈʃeɪ.

What is the origin of the word touche?

According to Your Dictionary and Etymonline, the exclamation touche has been used since 1902 and comes from the French touché or la touche, the past participle of toucher, which is a French verb meaning to hit. This comes from the Old French touchier meaning to hit. This is also where we get the word touch. This comes from a fencing move called the riposte. This French word is one of many loan words English uses from French.

What are synonyms and antonyms of touche?

There are a plethora of different words that can be used in place of the word touche (interj.). These are called synonyms, which are words and phrases that have the same definition or meaning as another given word or phrase. Learning synonyms is a great way to avoid repeating yourself and an easy way to expand your vocabulary. This list of synonyms of touche is provided by Power Thesaurus.

  •  ​​good one
  •  very good work
  •  good acting
  •  great job
  •  good throw
  •  nice trick
  •  good effort
  •  nice work
  •  good form
  •  fine work
  •  awesome job
  •  bang-up job
  •  nice one
  •  play well
  •  nice going
  •  doing great
  •  well played
  •  splendid work
  •  outstanding work
  •  wonderful job
  •  real good job
  •  got it made
  •  really great work
  •  nicely played
  •  splendid job
  •  good job
  •  terrific job
  •  perfect job
  •  fantastic work
  •  nice pull
  •  fabulous job
  •  marvellous job
  •  perfectly good job
  •  you nailed it
  •  magnificent work
  •  really good work
  •  amazing work
  •  admirable job
  •  you rocked it
  •  really good job
  •  outstanding job
  •  you killed it
  •  sterling job
  •  nailed it
  •  played well
  •  good play
  •  magnificent job
  •  good catch
  •  remarkable work
  •  you’re a genius
  •  you knocked it
  •  played it
  •  pretty good job
  •  smart move
  •  such a great job
  •  you rock
  •  pitch down
  •  nice try
  •  superb work
  •  good game
  •  job well done
  •  nice move
  •  nice call
  •  nicely done
  •  well made
  •  well done
  •  nice touch
  •  very good job
  •  successful work
  •  great work
  •  really nice job
  •  very nice job
  •  fine game
  •  good call
  •  excellent piece of work
  •  fine job
  •  smooth move
  •  good move
  •  amazing job
  •  you really outdid yourself
  •  very nice work
  •  way to go
  •  really great job
  •  fantastic job
  •  nice job
  •  wonderful work
  •  nice game
  •  good work
  •  lapped it
  •  beautifully done
  •  great game
  •  sterling work
  •  rocked it
  •  good match
  •  remarkable job
  •  good hustle
  •  superb job
  •  excellent job

What are other loan words from French?

There are many different words that come from the French language. Thousands of words come from French origins, and we have many cognates of French words in English, but we also use many loan words that you may not even know are French. There are around 7000 French words in the English language according to Busuu, but take a look at the below and see if you recognize any of these words! Try making flashcards or a quiz to test your knowledge.

  •  Poetic –  Middle French poétique
  •  Neutral –  Middle French neutral
  •  Lacrosse –  Canadian French la crosse (the stick)
  •  Film noir –  French film noir (a film genre)
  •  Bureau –  French bureau (desk, office)
  •  Uniform –  Middle French uniforme
  •  Zest –  French zeste
  •  Gastronomy –  French gastronomie
  •  Hotel –  French hôtel
  •  Metro –  French métro
  •  Cadet –  French cadet
  •  Elite –  Old French elit (chosen)
  •  Cul-de-sac –  French cul-de-sac (bottom of the bag/sack)
  •  Jubilee –  Middle French jubile (modern French jubilé)
  •  Silhouette –  French silhouette 
  •  Debris –  French débris (broken, crumbled)
  •  Beret –  French béret
  •  Eau de toilette –  French eau de toilette
  •  Tournament –  Old French tornoiement (tournoiement in modern French)
  •  Purify –  Old French purifier
  •  Expatriate –  French expatrier
  •  Chauffeur –  French chauffeur
  •  Fiancé –  French fiancé
  •  Apostrophe –  French apostrophe
  •  Maisonette –  French maisonette
  •  Faux, as in faux fur –  French faux (false)
  •  Cabaret –  French cabaret
  •  Champagne –  French champagne
  •  Occasion –  Middle French occasion
  •  Heritage –  Old French eritage (héritage in modern French)
  •  Vinaigrette –  French vinaigrette
  •  Premiere –  French première
  •  Bachelor –  Anglo-Norman bacheler (bachelier in modern French)
  •  Papier-mâché –  French papier-mâché
  •  Metabolism –  French métabolisme
  •  Aviation –  French aviation
  •  Gallery –  Old French galerie
  •  Chic –  French chic (elegant)
  •  Massage –  French massage
  •  Detour –  French détour (from détourner)
  •  Reservoir –  French ‘réservoir’ (collection place)
  •  Brunette –  French brunette
  •  Illusion –  Old French illusion
  •  Risqué –  French risqué
  •  Bon voyage –  French phrase bon voyage (have a good journey)
  •  Facade –  French façade
  •  Technique –  French technique

Overall, the word touche is a word that is used to acknowledge a clever point, good point, or effective point from an opponent. This word comes from the French touché and is also used in fencing. 


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