Words That Start With C: Your Scrabble Cheat Sheet

It’s commonplace to crave a more comprehensive vocabulary. Whether you’re cavorting with colleagues (playing Scrabble or Words with Friends) or crafting a letter, choosing from a catalogue of C-words can always come in handy. When you need a clever catchphrase, words that commence with C can’t be conquered. Cee is the third letter of the English alphabet, but it comes first in countless creative words. So, if you covet a more cosmopolitan vocabulary, call to mind a couple of words that start with C

We’ve created this list of words for you, organized by the number of letters in each word. Many of these words have more than one meaning. For simplicity, we’ve only listed one definition for each word. Keep in mind, this word list doesn’t contain every single English word that starts with C; however, it’s a useful introduction to this very special letter.

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Here are some words that start with C [3-15 letter words]

15-Letter Words

contraclockwise – Adjective | In the direction opposite to the turning hands of a clock (also spelled counterclockwise)

cosmopolitanism – Noun | The quality or state of being worldly

cringeworthiest – Adjective | The most embarrassing and awkward

cryptozoologist – Noun | A person who studies and searches for legendary animals

14-Letter Words

circumflecting – Verb | To bend in a curve (also spelled circumflexing) 

computerphobes – Noun | People who fear computers and the use of computers

countermeasure – Noun | An action designed to offset or negate another action

cytotaxonomist – Noun | A person who specializes in a branch of taxonomy that uses cytologic structures, such as chromosomes, to classify organisms

13-Letter Words

cabinetmaking – Noun | The act of building high-quality wooden furniture and other decorative elements

chinkerinchee – Noun | A poisonous, perennial, bulbous herb of the lily family, found in southern Africa (also spelled chinkerichee or chincherinchee)

cyberchondria – Noun | Unwarranted fear or concern about one’s health brought on by visiting medical websites

cybersquatter – Noun | A person who buys an internet domain with the intention of selling it later for a profit

12-Letter Words

circumscribe – Verb | To draw a line or boundary around

contemporize – Verb | To bring up-to-date, make contemporary

cosmographic – Adjective | Pertaining to the science dealing with the universe of the world and all its parts

cyberwarfare – Noun | The use of computers to attack an enemy’s information systems

11-Letter Words

chlorophyll – Noun | Green photosynthetic pigment found in plants

chintziness – Noun | The quality or state of being decorated in a gaudy way

crystallize – Verb | To assume a definite form

cryptograph – Noun | A device for writing or solving a cipher

10-Letter Words

cheapskate – Noun | A stingy person

cockamamie – Adjective | Ridiculous, beyond belief

colloquize – Verb | To converse

customized – Verb | Built out or altered according to unique specifications

9-Letter Words

commodify – Verb | To turn something into a commodity or economic product

convexity – Noun | The state of being curved or rounded outward

corkscrew – Adjective | Spiral

crossword – Noun | A word puzzle in which numbered clues correspond to horizontal and vertical patterns of squares

8-Letter Words

caboched – Adjective | A heraldry term referring to an animal with a concealed neck and an exposed face (also spelled caboshed or cabossed) 

cadastre – Noun | An official real estate registry used to levy taxes

catalyze – Verb | To inspire or bring about an action

chaffery – Noun | Buying and selling

7-Letter Words

cabezon – Noun | The largest fish of the sculpin family, found along the Pacific coast of North America (also spelled cabazone or cabezone) 

cachexy – Noun | Malnutrition associated with chronic disease (also spelled cachexia)

cacique – Noun | A local political leader in Spain and Latin America

caesura – Noun | A break within a line of verse, sometimes shown in scanning by the sign ∥

cajuput – Noun | A melaleuca, or paperbark, tree that yields medicinal oil (also spelled cajeput or cajaput)

6-Letter Words

cajole – Verb | To coax or persuade with flattery

chalky – Adjective | Having a pale color and a powdery texture

cowboy – Noun | A person who cares for cattle or horses

convey – Verb | To communicate or deliver 

5-Letter Words

cabby – Noun | The driver of a cab

caddy – Noun | A person who assists a golfer by carrying clubs (also spelled caddie)

cadge – Verb | To ask for, beg successfully

cadgy – Adjective | Merry (Scottish English) 

cagey – Adjective | Wary and hesitant to be deceived (also spelled cagy) 

cahow – Noun | A sea bird, nearly extinct, found in Bermuda

cajon – Noun | A wooden box used as a hand drum in Peru

calyx – Noun | The outer whorl of a flower, usually green

canny – Adjective | Shrewd

capiz – Noun | The bivalve shell of a mollusk, often used as an ornament

cimex – Noun | A bedbug or related insect from the family Cimicidae

cylix – Noun | An ancient Greek, two-handled drinking cup (also spelled kylix)

4-Letter Words

cade – Adjective | Abandoned, raised as a pet by a human

cadi – Noun | A judge of Islamic law (also spelled qadi, kadi, or kadhi)

caff – Noun | A coffee shop or informal restaurant (British English) 

caky – Adjective | Resembling or pertaining to cake (also spelled cakey)

calk – To make a seam waterproof, seal up cracks or joints against leakage (also spelled caulk) 

calx – Noun | Crumbly residue left when a mineral or metal has been calcined

caph – Noun | The 11th letter of the Hebrew alphabet (also spelled kaph or kaf)

capo – Noun | A bar-shaped tool used to raise the pitch of a stringed instrument

cask – Noun | A barrel-shaped container for storing liquids

cavy – Noun | Rodents of the family Caviidae

cham – Verb | To chew

chum – Noun | A pal

clam – Verb | To gather freshwater mussels, especially by digging

coop – Noun | An enclosure for housing poultry

3-Letter Words

caw – Verb | To make a sound like a crow

cay – Noun | A low island made of sand or coral

cee – Noun | The letter C

cel – Noun | A single panel of cartoon animation

cep – Noun | A porcino mushroom (also spelled cèpe)

cig – Noun | A tobacco cigarette

cob – Noun | A male swan

cog – Noun | A tooth on a gear

coy – Adjective | Coquettish

coz – Noun | Cousin

cru – Noun | A French vineyard that grows grapes for wine, especially one graded in quality by the government

cud – Noun | Regurgitated food, chewed for a second time by a ruminating animal

cur – Noun | A unfriendly mongrel

cwm – Noun | A steep, hollow basin in a mountainside, shaped like an amphitheater

By looking at this list, you may be able to identify some common prefixes. Words that start with “cyber” often have something to do with the internet. Words beginning with “crypto” involve something hidden or secret. Understanding these linguistic patterns can help you to intuit what a word means, even when you don’t have a dictionary handy.

Cultivate a chic vocabulary, chock-full of charming C-words. Crush the competition at word finders and jumbles; they’ll be a cakewalk. Avoid confusion, even when people use complex comparisons. From cwm to contraclockwise, this word list carries the choicest comebacks and most courteous compliments that you’ll ever come across. Commit to studying these words, and you’ll be casually chatting with C-words before long. 

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