The Meaning of Spirit Animal: What It Is and How To Use It

What is your spirit animal? This article will define the meaning of spirit animal and teach you about some common spirit animals.

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Do you know what your spirit animal is? First, this article will teach you what a spirit animal is and the meaning of different spirit animals. Then, it will teach you translations of the term spirit animal and synonyms for the term spirit animal. 

Keep reading to learn more! 

What Does Spirit Animal Mean?

According to Spirit Animal Dreams, a spirit animal is a spirit that comes to a person in the form of an animal — just like the name implies! These spirits can come in many forms. 

There are four central spirit guides: shadow spirit guides, messenger animal guides, journey animal spirit guides, and life animal guides. 

Animal spirit guides are in many indigenous cultures, like those of the Native Americans. Many cultures believe in a specific animal — often a wild animal from the animal kingdom — that appears to a person with a message or lesson. A spirit animal will provide someone with wisdom, guidance, and power.

The spirit or power animal you have isn’t one you choose – instead, this particular animal chooses you. Knowing your spirit animal can help you find your inner strength and a source of power during tough times. To find your spirit animal, you must pay attention to the animals you attract.

The Meanings of Spirit Animals

Once you have identified your spirit guide animal, you can begin researching what this specific animal means using lists like the one below from The Mind Fool. Different animals have different animal symbolism, so it is important to recognize what message your specific animal might bring. 

The Meaning of the Alligator Spirit Animal

The alligator spirit animal symbolizes efficiency, creativity, bravery, and efficiency. So, if you have an alligator for your spirit animal, it might be trying to tell you something about one of these qualities. 

The Meaning of the Beaver Spirit Animal

Beavers are very determined and defensive, as well as visionary and inventive. If you have a beaver as your spirit animal, you might have a lesson to learn about one of these traits. 

The Meaning of the Cheetah Spirit Animal

Cheetahs are some of the fastest animals on Earth. If your spirit animal is a cheetah, the universe might be trying to encourage you to be quick-witted, quick thinking, and otherwise fast. Cheetahs can also symbolize passion and freedom. 

The Meaning of the Cougar Spirit Animal

The cougar spirit animal represents observation, patience, and dependability. You might see a mother cougar trying to protect her young. Cougars are also very observant in how they interact with humans, so you might have something to learn about patience if you believe a cougar is your spirit animal. 

The Meaning of the Dragonfly Spirit Animal

Dragonflies are lively and transformative. If you see a dragonfly recently appearing to you, it might be encouraging you to add some excitement and connection to your life. 

The Meaning of the Hummingbird Spirit Animal

Hummingbirds are very powerful spirit animals. They symbolize hope, ability, and healing. If you see a hummingbird appearing to you frequently, this might signify one of the qualities above. 

The Meaning of the Otter Spirit Animal

Otters are cheerful, friendly, and lively. This spirit animal can signify that you need to add happiness and cheer to your life. Otters can bring you joy and encourage you to live a happier life. 

The Meaning of the Panda Spirit Animal

Pandas are often thought of as balanced, isolated animals. However, if you believe that a panda is your spirit animal, it might be the universe encouraging you to find balance, determination, and inner peace. 

The Meaning of the Raccoon Spirit Animal

Raccoons are very sneaky and crafty. Suppose you frequently see a raccoon and believe it is your spirit animal. In that case, the universe might be encouraging you to tap into your versatility and keep certain things a secret. 

The Meaning of the Lizard Spirit Animal

These reptiles can be very quick-witted, adaptable, and quick thinking. Seeing a lizard all the time could be a sign that you need to use your imagination and adaptability. 

The Meaning of the Wolf Spirit Animal

Wolves are all about loyalty, protection, and power. If you believe that a wolf is your spirit animal, the universe might be telling you that you need to figure out where your loyalties lie and tap into your inner power. 

The Meaning of the Woodpecker Spirit Animal

Woodpeckers are surprisingly intelligent and unique. If you see this rare spirit animal, the universe might tell you to trust your smarts and originality. 

What Are Translations of Spirit Animal?

If you are trying to discuss spirit animals with people who do not speak English, you can use the below list of translations of spirit animal from Nice Translator. 

  • Swedish: andedjur
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Espírito animal
  • Hungarian: szellemi állat
  • Vietnamese: Động vật tinh thần
  • Urdu: روح جانور
  • Russian: духовное животное
  • Slovenian: Duhovna žival
  • Gujarati: ભાવના
  • Slovak: duchovná zviera
  • Malayalam: സ്പിരിറ്റ് മൃഗം
  • Finnish: henkieläin
  • Korean: 영적 동물
  • Ukrainian: духова тварина
  • German: Geisttier
  • Malay: haiwan semangat
  • Tamil: ஆவி விலங்கு
  • Hindi: उत्साही जानवर
  • Indonesian: Hewan Roh
  • French: animal spirituel
  • Telugu: స్పిరిట్ యానిమల్
  • Welsh: anifail ysbryd
  • Estonian: Vaimuloom
  • Croatian: duhovna životinja
  • Swahili: Mnyama wa Roho
  • Kannada: ಆತ್ಮ ಪ್ರಾಣಿ
  • Italian: Spirito animale
  • Arabic: حيوان روح
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Espírito animal
  • Icelandic: anda dýr
  • Dutch: geestdier
  • Filipino: Espiritu hayop
  • Bulgarian: духовно животно
  • Chinese (PRC): 精神动物
  • Marathi: आत्मा प्राणी
  • Romanian: animal spirit
  • Serbian: духовна животиња
  • Turkish: ruhsal hayvan
  • Thai: สัตว์วิญญาณ
  • Basque: Espiritu animalia
  • Czech: duch zvířete
  • Polish: duch duchowy
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 精神動物
  • Hebrew: חיית רוח
  • Greek: πνευματικό ζώο
  • Catalan: animal d’esperit
  • Latvian: gara dzīvnieks
  • Japanese: スピリットアニマル
  • Bengali: আত্মা পশু
  • Amharic: መንፈስ እንስሳ
  • Spanish: espíritu animal
  • Lithuanian: dvasios gyvūnas


As the name implies, a spirit animal is a spirit that comes to a person in the form of an animal. A few different types of spirit animals can all provide you with lessons and messages for your life.


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