Words That Start With V: Your Scrabble Cheat Sheet

Everyone wants a voluminous vocabulary. Whether you’re playing Scrabble or Words with Friends, vanquish your most violent rivals with the letter V. Want veneration for verbalizing with vigor? Throw some V-words into the mix. V is the 22nd letter of the English alphabet, but it comes first in some vibrant and vowel-rich words! So, if you want to visualize a valiant way to advance your vocabulary, begin by viewing various words that start with the letter V. We’ve created this list of words for you, organized by the number of letters in each word. Many of these words have more than one meaning. For simplicity, we’ve only listed one definition for each word. Keep in mind, this word list doesn’t contain every single English word that starts with V; however, it’s a useful introduction to this very special letter.

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Here are some words that start with V [3-15 letter words]

15-Letter Words

vasoconstrictor – Noun | Any agent that causes the walls of blood vessels to narrow

ventrolaterally – Adverb | In a manner affecting or concerning the front and side surfaces

vernacularizing – Verb | Translating into ordinary, common speech

voyeuristically – Adverb | In the manner of a prying observer, someone seeking a scandalous view

14-Letter Words

vasoinhibitory – Adjective | Pertaining to an agent that depresses vasoconstriction

vibroflotation – Noun | The use of a vibrating probe to compact the soil, preventing it from liquifying during an earthquake

vitilitigation – Noun | Disagreement or spiteful talk

volcanological – Adjective | Pertaining to the branch of science that deals with volcanic phenomena (also spelled vulcanological)

13-Letter Words

valedictorian – Noun | The student with the highest rank in an academic class

ventriloquism – Noun | Vocalizing in such a way that the voice seems to come from a source other than the speaker

ventriloquist – Noun | A person skilled in ventriloquism

verbalization – Noun | The act of expressing something in words

12-Letter Words

venipuncture – Noun | The surgical puncture of a vein, as when drawing blood or delivering intravenous medication 

verification – Noun | The act of confirming or substantiating

vibraphonist – Noun | A musician who plays the vibraphone, an instrument similar to a metal xylophone with motor-powered resonators

vibrotactile – Adjective | Pertaining to the perception of vibration through physical touch

11-Letter Words

valedictory – Adjective | Pertaining to farewell statements

variability – Noun | Lack of consistancy

victimology – Noun | The study of crime victims, their physchology, and behavior

voraciously – Adverb | In an insatiable manner

10-Letter Words

vernacular – Adjective | Pertaining to a nonstandard spoken language or dialect

veterinary – Adjective | Pertaining to the medical care of animals, especially domestic animals

vocabulary – Noun | A stock of words

vociferate – Verb | To exclaim or cry out 

9-Letter Words

vaccinate – Verb | To administer a vaccine 

vacillate – Verb | To waver or hesitate when faced with multiple options

vainglory – Noun | Excessive pride, boastfulness

verbalize – Verb | To express in words

8-Letter Words

vaccinal – Adjective | Pertaining to vaccines or vaccination

vaccinee – Noun | A person who has been vaccinated

vaccinia – Noun | An illness caused by the smallpox vaccine

vagabond – Noun | A vagrant

vagrancy – Noun | The state of being homeless without means of support

vanquish – Verb | To defeat in battle

vaporize – Verb | To destroy completely, turning an enemy into vapor

7-Letter Words

vacuity – Noun | The state of being empty, without content

vacuole – Noun | A fluid or air-filled cavity within the tissues of an organism

vacuous – Adjective | Lacking ideas or intelligence

vagrant – Noun | A homeless person without employment, a wanderer

valance – Noun | Drapery hung to conceal a curtain rail

valency – Noun | A term in linguistics for the number of noun phrases that combine with a particular verb in a sentence

valeric –  Adjective | Pertaining to plants within the genus Valeriana

valkyr – Noun | A beautiful maiden from Norse mythology, known for gathering dead heroes from the battlefield (also spelled valkyrie)

vamping – Verb | Acting like a seductress

vandyke – Noun | A pointed collar in the style of van Dyck portraits

vaquero – Noun | A cowboy

velvety – Adjective | Smooth, soft, or thick

6-Letter Words

vacate – Verb | To give up occupancy

vagary – Noun | An erratic, unpredictable action, occurrence, or thought

vahine – Noun | A Central Polynesian woman

vakeel – Noun | A public pleader or attorney in Indian court (also spelled vakil) 

valise – Noun | An overnight bag

valved – Adjective | Possessing valves, pertaining to the bodily structures which prevent the backwards flow of fluid

vamped – Verb | Acted like a seductress

veejay –  Noun | The host of a TV program featuring music videos

verity – Noun | The state of being true

vizard – Noun | A mask or visor worn as a disguise

5-Letter Words

vagal – Adjective | Pertaining to the vagus nerve

valse – Noun | A ballroom dance in triple meter (also spelled waltz) 

vapid – Adjective | Dull, tedious, and flavorless

varix – Noun | A varicose vein

vaunt – Verb | To brag

veery – Noun | A brown and cream thrush found in America

vegan – Adjective | Made without animal products

veiny – Adjective | Showing noticeable veins

velar – Adjective | Articulated with the back of the tongue near or touching the soft palate

velum – Noun | A veil-like membrane

venal – Adjective | Pertaining to corrupt bribery

verve – Noun | Vivaciousness, vitality

viper – Noun | A venomous snake

vouch – Verb | To provide a guarantee or personal assurance for someone

4-Letter Words

vail – Verb | To lower, sink

vair – Noun | The fur of a squirrel, often used to ornament garments in the Middle Ages

vang – Noun | One of two ropes leading from the gaff to the deck, used to steady the gaff

vara – Noun | A Texan unit of measurement equal to 33.33 inches

vasa – Noun | Vessels or ducts

veep – Noun | Vice President

veld – Noun | Southern African grassland with few bushes and trees

vend – Verb | To sell merchandise

vibe – Noun | A feeling, quality, or atmosphere

viny – Adjective | Covered with vines

viol – Noun | A bowed, six-stringed instrument, popular in the 16th-17th centuries

vise – Noun | A tool with two jaws, used to hold objects steady

3-Letter Words

vav – Noun | Sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet (also spelled vaw and waw)

vim – Noun | Energy and enthusiasm

vox – Noun | A telecommunication device that converts sound to an electrical signal, so that the recorder or transmitter remains operating for the duration of the sound signal

vug – Noun | An unfilled cavity in rock or in a lode, often lined with crystals

By looking at this list, you may be able to identify some common prefixes. Words that start with “vaso” often have something to do with blood vessels. Words beginning with “vibr” involve vibration. Understanding these linguistic patterns can help you to intuit what a word means, even when you don’t have a dictionary handy.

Use words that start with the letter V to vaunt your verbal verve. Compose a few velvety verses. Once you voraciously devour this list, no word finder, word game, or crossword puzzle can vex you. From vug to vasoconstrictor, you’ll emerge victorious, able to vocalize a vast number of V-words with vim. 

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