The Meaning of Salvation: What It Is and How To Use It

What does the word salvation mean, and how can it be used in a sentence? This article will cover the meaning of salvation and more.

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What does it mean if someone has been granted salvation? This article will cover the meaning of the word salvation and teach you how to use it in a sentence. Then, it will cover translations, synonyms, and antonyms of the word salvation and its origin.

What Does the Word Salvation Mean?

According to Dictionary, salvation is a noun that commonly refers to the act of protecting or saving a person or thing. It can also refer to the cause of such means of being saved or the state of being protected or saved. The pronunciation of salvation is sælˈveɪʃən.

The word salvation is commonly used in the Christian religion to refer to Jesus Christ and God saving the mortal people. The concept of salvation is frequently mentioned throughout the Bible in scriptures like Romans, Philippians, and Corinthians in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Often, it is mentioned that the penalty of sin without remorse is a lack of salvation after death.

What Is the Origin of the Word Salvation?

Dictionary states that the word salvation began being used in the late 1100s and early 1200s as the Middle English salvatioun and Old French sauvacion. This word comes directly from the Late Latin salvātiōn, which comes from the Late Latin salvātiō. Salvātiō is the equivalent of salvatus, which is the past participle of salvāre, meaning “to save.” 

How Can Salvation Be Used in a Sentence?

Numerous sentences feature the word salvation in a religious context and otherwise. It is important to know how to use words like salvation in a sentence. Knowing a definition is one thing, but it is not as useful if you don’t know how to use that word in a sentence. Look at the example sentences below to learn how to use the word salvation in a sentence.

Example #1: Praying for Salvation

He prayed for salvation from the unpleasant situation. He wished for nothing more than to feel safe and secure.

Example #2: A Priest’s Thoughts on Salvation

The priest believes that human beings need the help of salvation to be blessed in the afterlife. He disagreed with the atheists in his life, but they were all able to be friends anyway.

Example #3: Searching for Salvation

The refugees searched for salvation in another country that was not in the same political turmoil. Finally, they found refuge in a nearby country.

Example #4: Salvation from Bullying

I needed salvation from the intense bullying I experienced at school, and I was grateful when someone came to my rescue.

What Are Translations of Salvation?

Numerous world languages have translations of the word salvation. To communicate with people who do not speak English about salvation, you can reference this list of translations of salvation from Nice Translator

How many of the below words do you see that look and sound similar to the word salvation? Cognates like this often occur when two words have the same base or root. See if you can determine the root of the word “salvation”!

  • Amharic: ደኅንነት
  • Arabic: خلاص
  • Basque: salbazio
  • Bengali: স্যালভেশন
  • Portuguese (Brazil): salvação
  • Bulgarian: спасение
  • Catalan: salvació
  • Croatian: spasenje
  • Czech: spása
  • Dutch: redding
  • Estonian: pääste
  • Filipino: Kaligtasan
  • Finnish: pelastus
  • French: salut
  • German: Erlösung
  • Greek: σωτηρία
  • Gujarati: મુક્તિ
  • Hebrew: ישועה
  • Hindi: मोक्ष
  • Hungarian: megváltás
  • Icelandic: Frelsun
  • Indonesian: penyelamatan
  • Italian: salvezza
  • Japanese: 救い
  • Kannada: ಮೋಕ್ಷ
  • Korean: 구원
  • Latvian: glābšana
  • Lithuanian: išganymas
  • Malay: keselamatan
  • Malayalam: രക്ഷ
  • Marathi: तारण
  • Norwegian: frelse
  • Polish: zbawienie
  • Portuguese (Portugal): salvação
  • Romanian: mântuirea
  • Russian: спасение
  • Serbian: спасење
  • Chinese (PRC): 救恩
  • Slovak: spása
  • Slovenian: odrešitev
  • Spanish: salvación
  • Swahili: Wokovu.
  • Swedish: frälsning
  • Tamil: இரட்சிப்பு
  • Telugu: సాల్వేషన్
  • Thai: ความรอด
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 救恩
  • Turkish: kurtuluş
  • Urdu: نجات
  • Ukrainian: порятунок
  • Vietnamese: sự cứu rỗi.
  • Welsh: iachawdwriaeth

What Are Synonyms of Salvation?

The word salvation often has a religious connotation. If you are looking for a word that means salvation but does not have a religious undertone, try using one of the below synonyms of salvation from Power Thesaurus. Learning synonyms of words like salvation is also useful for growing your vocabulary or spicing up your writing. 

  • bailout
  • benefactor
  • conservancy
  • conservation
  • deliverance
  • deliverer
  • delivery
  • emancipation
  • escape
  • extrication
  • freedom
  • freeing
  • help
  • jesus
  • keeping
  • liberation
  • liberator
  • lifeguard
  • lifeline
  • lifesaver
  • maintenance
  • manumission
  • pardon
  • preserval
  • preservation
  • preserver
  • protection
  • ransom
  • rebirth
  • reclamation
  • recovery
  • redeemer
  • redemption
  • regeneration
  • release
  • rescue
  • rescuer
  • rescuing
  • restoration
  • safeguard
  • safekeeping
  • salvage
  • save
  • saving
  • savior

What Are Antonyms of Salvation?

Many words have the opposite meaning of salvation, which are called antonyms. To learn a plethora of antonyms for the word salvation, you can use the below list from Power Thesaurus. See how many antonyms of the word salvation you already know!

  • abhorrence
  • abomination
  • anathema
  • arraignment
  • ban
  • bane
  • blame
  • blaming
  • blasphemy
  • blue ruin
  • breakup
  • calamitousness
  • castigation
  • censure
  • charge
  • commination
  • condemnation
  • condemnation to hell
  • condemnatory
  • conviction
  • covetousness
  • criticism
  • curse
  • damn
  • damnation
  • damning
  • death warrant
  • denouncement
  • denunciation
  • denunciator
  • destruction
  • disapproval
  • doom
  • downfall
  • eternal damnation
  • eternal punishment
  • evil
  • excommunication
  • excoriation
  • execration
  • execrations
  • fulmination
  • guilt
  • guilty verdict
  • hell
  • hellfire
  • imprecation
  • iniquity
  • jinx
  • judgment
  • malediction
  • oath
  • perdition
  • proscription
  • reprehension
  • reproach
  • reprobation
  • ruin
  • ruination
  • sentence
  • sinfulness
  • stricture
  • suffering
  • swearing
  • swearword
  • tarnation
  • torment


The definition of salvation is the source, act, or state of being saved or protected. The word salvation is a noun. Salvation is also frequently used in religious settings — specifically, Christianity — to refer to human beings being saved in the afterlife by accepting God and Jesus into their hearts. 


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