Words That Start With T: Your Scrabble Cheat Sheet

Think about all the times you’ve tried to remember a word. Avoid this trouble by teaching yourself to talk with a terrific vocabulary. Whether you’re toying with games (like Scrabble or Words with Friends) or toiling away on a text for a teacher, triumph by testing out new words. Want to thrill your teammates with your thoughtful theories? Throw some T-words into your theses. T comes at the tail-end of the English alphabet, as the 20th letter, but it’s a trailblazer in many tremendous words! If you’re looking to tackle new vocabulary and thrive, take advantage of words that start with the letter T

We’ve created this list of words for you, organized by the number of letters in each word. Many of these words have more than one meaning. For simplicity, we’ve only listed one definition for each word. Keep in mind, this word list doesn’t contain every single English word that starts with T; however, it’s a useful introduction to this very special letter.

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Here are some words that start with T [2-15 letter words]

15-Letter Words

technologically – Adverb | In a way that relates to science and industry

telephotography – Noun | The photography of distant objects with a telephoto lens

thirtysomething – Adjective | Having an age between 30-39

transferability – Noun | The process of applying the results of scientific study or research to another situation or context

14-Letter Words

tetragonalness – Noun | The quality of being a plane figure with four sides

traditionalist – Noun | A person who holds beliefs opposed to modernism or radicalism

transliterator – Noun | A person who writes something in the characters of another alphabet

transportation – Noun | Means of conveyance

13-Letter Words

talkativeness – Noun | The quality of talking a great deal 

thoroughbreds – Noun | Animals bred from the best bloodline

triangulation –  Noun | The process of finding a distance between two points by means of a network of triangles used in surveying

typographical – Adjective | Pertaining to letterset printing or typeset

12-Letter Words

transparency – Noun | The state of being see-through or clear

technophobic – Adjective | Afraid of advanced technology, such as computers

tripartition – Noun | The act of dividing something into three parts or the state of being divided into three parts

tyrannically – Adverb | In a despotic manner

11-Letter Words

tacheometry – Noun | Measurement with a tachymeter in surveying (also spelled tachymetry)

temperament – Noun | A person’s characteristic response to situations and people

theosophize – Verb | To speculate about religious thought based on mystical insight

typewriting – Noun | Text produced with a typewriter

10-Letter Words

tearjerker – Noun | An overly sentimental artwork or presentation intended to move an audience to tears

trainwreck – Noun | A disastrous situation

trajectory – Noun | The curve of a projectile moving through space

trimonthly – Adjective | Occurring once every three months

9-Letter Words

taxonomic – Adjective | Pertaining to the study of scientific classification

teachable – Adjective | Capable of learning

trapezoid – Noun | A quadrilateral with just two parallel sides

tributary – Noun | A stream feeding into a lake or river

8-Letter Words

taqueria – Noun | A Mexican restaurant specializing in tacos

thataway – Adverb | In that direction

thropple – Noun | A horse’s throat

ticklish – Adjective | Overly sensitive

7-Letter Words

tariqat – Noun | The path of spiritual development within the Sufi religion (also spelled tariqat or tariqa) 

testify – Verb | To make a statement under oath

texture – Noun | The tactile or visible surface of a material

typeset – Verb | To prepare for printing

6-Letter Words

tarzan – Noun | An agile and heroic man

teazel – Noun | A prickly herb of the family Dipsacaceae (also spelled teasel) 

tempeh – Noun | Fermented soybeans often used as a meat substitute

tuxedo – Noun | A semiformal evening outfit for men

5-Letter Words

tabby – Noun | A domestic cat with a striped or brindled coat

tache – Noun | A stain (Scottish English) 

tacky – Adjective | Sticky or gummy to the touch

taffy – Noun | A boiled candy, made with pulled sugar, molasses, or corn syrup

tajes – Noun | Cone-shaped caps worn by dervishes

tammy – Verb | To strain something through a glazed woolen or cotton cloth

tazza – Noun | An ornamental cup or vase on a pedestal

thuja – Noun | Trees or shrubs of the cypress family with flattened branchlets and scalelike leaves

thymy – Adjective | Pertaining to or fragrant with the garden herb thyme (also spelled thymey)

tizzy – Noun | The state of being highly excitable and easily distracted

topaz – Noun | A brownish-yellow transparent mineral, often used as a gem

toque – Noun | A heavy, knitted stocking cap (also spelled tuque) 

4-Letter Words

tabu – Noun | Something prohibited due to social custom (also spelled taboo) 

tace – Noun | One of a series of overlapping metal lap plates in a suit of armor (also spelled tasse) 

tahr – Noun | A wild Asian goat

tain – Noun | Foil used in the back of mirrors

talc – Noun | Soft mineral used to make talcum powder

tamp –  Verb | To flatten or drive down through a succession of light blows

tapa – Noun | An Spanish hors d’oeuvre 

tarp – Noun | A durable piece of material used to cover and protect objects or areas

teak – Noun | A yellowish brown wood used for furniture and ship-building

teem – Verb | To become abundant

teff – Noun | An Ethiopian cereal crop

tele –  Noun | A television set (British English)

thew – Noun | Muscular development

tiff – Noun | A petty argument

toff – Noun | Someone upper class, a dandy (British English)

tuff – Noun | A volcanic rock, made of smaller debris fused together by heat

tump – Noun | A small mound (British English)

tyke – Noun | A child

typp – Noun | A unit of yard size

tzar – Noun | A Russian emperor before 1917

3-Letter Words

tav – Noun | The 23rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet (also spelled taw)

teg – Noun | A doe in its second year

tet – Noun | Vietnamese New Year

tew – Noun | A state of worry

tog – Verb | To dress in nice clothing

tsk – Interjection | Expression of disapproval

tui – Noun | A parson bird, found in New Zealand

tun – Noun | A large cask for wine or beer

tup – Noun | A male sheep

tux – Noun | A semiformal evening outfit for men

tye – Verb | A launder for cleansing ores (British English)

2-Letter Words

ta – Noun | Thank you (British English) 

ti – Noun | The seventh tone of the major scale (also spelled si or te)

to – Preposition | A function word that indicates direction

By looking at this list, you may be able to identify some common prefixes. Words that start with “tri” often have something to do with the number three. Words beginning with “techno” involve technology. Understanding these linguistic patterns can help you to intuit what a word means, even when you don’t have a dictionary handy.

Trump up your language and trot out your talents by treasuring words that start with the letter T. Treat yourself to tons of word finders, anagram jumbles, and crossword puzzles. They won’t be too tough for you. From ti to technologically, this word list will take you to the next level. Just teach yourself a few new terms, and you’ll be trading T-words in a tick.

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