The Meaning of S2G: What It Is and How To Use It

This guide will give you all of the knowledge you need on the acronym S2G, including its meaning, usage, sentence examples, and more!

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What is the definition of S2G?

According to Cyber Definitions and Urban Dictionary, the acronym S2G stands for “swear to God,” and has two possible meanings. It is most commonly used to assert or emphasize the truthfulness of a statement. However, the phrase is occasionally used similarly to the trending internet slang OMG, which stands for “oh my God.” These abbreviations are frequently used in texting and on social media. “Swear to god” can also be abbreviated as STG.

This phrase is solely seen in text, and would never be said aloud as an initialism. This provides a fast shorthand in texting, but saying the acronym “S2G” aloud saves one more more time or syllables than saying the entire phrase “S2G.”

Is S2G casual or formal?

S2G is a very casual acronym and should only be used between friends and family when texting or casually chatting. This phrase should never be used at work, or in other professional or formal circumstances, like on a resume or in business negotiations. Below is an example of a situation in which it is extremely inappropriate to use the acronym S2G, along with a revised version of the message.

Sam gets an email from his boss Susanna stating that the registers did not balance the night before. She questions him on if he saw anything, since he was the only one to close the previous night. Sam replies to her email:


Hey Sue, I s2g idk (I don’t know) wat happened. I thot they balanced wen I closed. I counted right n everything. Promise, u know I wouldn’t lie 2 u. Lmk if there’s anything I can do 2 help. C u l8r 2day.


Hi Susanna,

I can assure you, I balanced the registers last night before closing and we came back even. I put my note in register one with all of the cash amounts on it. Please let me know if there is anything I can do or clarify, or if you would like me to look through the tapes to see if there is anything I missed. 



Using internet slang and abbreviations in this context not only comes off as unprofessional, but potentially suspicious. Sam should use professional language when discussing any matter with his boss, but especially something as serious as potential theft.

How can S2G be used in a sentence?

S2G is a common piece of slang that can be used in a variety of casual circumstances, specifically when someone is saying something that is slightly unbelievable. In this first example, Tawny and Rebekah are gossiping about school.

Tawny: OMG, you’re got gonna believe this. I saw Mr. Wilson and Miss Stein at the movies this weekend. Holding hands!

Rebekah: No way!

Tawny: S2G. I hid behind a popcorn machine so I could spy on them for longer. It was definitely them.

Rebekah: That’s insane. I’m gonna have to keep a closer eye on them at school.

Here, Tawny uses the phrase S2G to emphasize that she is telling the truth even though Rebekah finds it difficult to believe that two of their teachers might be dating. In this next example, Dan’s father believes he went to a party the night before without telling him.

Dad: You come home late, you don’t lock the door, you fall asleep with your shoes on. What am I supposed to think?

Dan: Dad, I S2G, we didn’t go to a party, and I didn’t drink. The movie ran way later than I thought it was going to and I was exhausted from my early morning practice. I promise.

Dad: I’m not entirely convinced.

Here, Dan uses the acronym S2G to plead with his father, begging him to believe that he did not go out to a party the previous night. Overall, both Tawny and Dan use the phrase S2G to try to show somebody else that they are telling the truth, even if their statement is incredulous, difficult to believe, or seems false. IMO (in my opinion), if someone uses the phrase S2G, they are probably telling the truth!

What are similar acronyms to S2G?

Internet Slang lists numerous acronyms that are similar to the abbreviation S2G. These are also considered casual phrases and should never be used in professional or formal circumstances, but all hold a similar meaning to the phrase S2G with slight variations.

  • ISTG – I Swear To God
  • WALAHI – I Swear To God
  • WALLAH – I Swear To God (Arabic)
  • STG – Swear To God

What are synonyms for S2G?

There are numerous different synonyms one can use in place of the phrase “swear to God” which emphasizes validity or the truth of a given statement, or when someone vouches for another. These are listed below from Thesaurus and Word Hippo.

  • Swear on one’s life
  • Testify
  • Vow
  • Maintain
  • Promise
  • Cross one’s heart
  • Give one’s word
  • Pledge oneself
  • State under oath
  • Swear up and down
  • Give witness
  • Take an oath
  • Make an affidavit
  • Attest
  • Declare
  • Warrant
  • Pinkie swear/pinkie promise
  • Affirm
  • Assert
  • Guarantee
  • Solemnly swear

Overall, the acronym S2G stands for “swear to God.” This internet slang term is commonly used in texting, and vouches for the truth of a potentially incredulous statement or its validity. This is a very casual term that should not be used in professional or formal settings or scenarios, but is acceptable to use when texting, posting on social media, or instant messaging.