The Meaning of Edging: What It Is and How To Use It

What is edging, and how can the word edging be used differently in different circumstances? This article will cover the meaning of edging.

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People can mean a couple of things by the word edging. This article will teach you the various definitions of the word edging, translations of edging, examples of edging, and synonyms of the word edging. Keep reading to learn all about edging!

What Does the Word Edging Mean?

According to Healthline, edging is a sexual technique of stopping yourself or another person just before reaching orgasm or climax by removing sexual stimulation. This can also be called teasing, peaking, or surfing. While this used to be a remedy for premature ejaculation, this can now be a form of sexual enjoyment.

Some people use edging in power exchanges, like in the BDSM community. Finding a high level of sexual arousal over an extended period can also make a sexual encounter last longer. While some people believe edging can lead to epididymal hypertension or blue balls, this is a common misconception.

Edging can be practiced regardless of sex, gender, or sexual orientation. On someone with a penis, you can repeat edging until reaching the point of ejaculation. Someone with a vagina can edge via clitoral stimulation with a vibrator or other body part. 

A person can edge on their own body or with others. Certain edging techniques include the stop and start method, the squeeze method, and ballooning. Orgasm control can increase the intensity of an orgasm and even assist with relationship conflict or anxiety. It requires you to pay close attention to your sexual partner.

According to Collins English Dictionary, edging can also be used as a noun to refer to an ornamental border consisting of short lengths of thread, tassels, or other forms of ornament.

How Can Edging Be Used in a Sentence?

If you use the word edging in a sentence, make sure that you are very clear on which context you mean by the word edging. Since edging can refer to a sexual practice, it can be considered taboo or inappropriate in certain settings. 

Take a look at the below examples of edging to learn how to use this new word.

Example #1: Edging as a Sexual Practice

In this first example, we will use edging referring to the sexual act:

My wife and I have been experimenting with edging as a way to spice up our sex life. We’ve both been enjoying it, and it makes us want to be even more adventurous in the bedroom!

Here, it is clear that edging is being used to refer to a type of sexual activity.

Example #2: Edging as a Decoration

In the next example, edging refers to a decorative border or trim.

I love the decorative edging that is on this cushion. It ties this piece together with the rest of the room and makes it feel cohesive, don’t you think?

Here, edging is used regarding the trim on the cushion and not the sexual practice. Whenever you plan on using the word edging in a sentence, make sure that the context is clear so that people know whether you are using edging to discuss a sexual practice or a decoration.

What Are Translations of Edging?

The word edging is also present in other languages around the world. Nice Translator states many translations of edging. These can be used if you are going to discuss edging with another person who does not speak English or for whom English is not their first language. 

  • Russian: окантовка
  • Japanese: エッジング
  • Arabic: oving.
  • Slovak: lemovanie
  • Turkish: kenar
  • Amharic: ማደግ
  • Portuguese (Brazil): afiação
  • German: kantig
  • Welsh: ymylon
  • Croatian: ivica
  • Thai: ขอบ
  • Hungarian: szegélyezés
  • Slovenian: rob
  • Ukrainian: обшивка
  • French: bordure
  • Estonian: küttimine
  • Telugu: అంచు
  • Swedish: bård
  • Korean: 가두리 침
  • Norwegian: kanting
  • Bulgarian: Рединг.
  • Catalan: vora
  • Polish: borta
  • Malayalam: പതിക്കല്
  • Italian: bordatura
  • Chinese (PRC): 边缘
  • Spanish: cenefa
  • Urdu: کنارے
  • Tamil: கட்டுபடுத்துதல்
  • Vietnamese: chỉnh sửa.
  • Hindi: किनारा
  • Dutch: rand
  • Marathi: एजिंग
  • Latvian: apmale
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 邊緣
  • Basque: luzing
  • Czech: hrany
  • Indonesian: tepi
  • Finnish: reunus
  • Hebrew: הָדוּק
  • Serbian: ивица
  • Portuguese (Portugal): afiação
  • Kannada: ಅಂಗೀಕಾರ
  • Lithuanian: kraštas
  • Greek: μπορντούρα
  • Gujarati: ધાર

What Are Synonyms of the Word Edging?

Power Thesaurus states that there are many synonyms of edging. Since the two definitions of edging are vastly different, it can be very useful to know both synonyms that refer to an ornamental border on a piece of fabric or furniture and synonyms that refer to sexual pleasure. 

If you use a synonym of edging instead of the word edging, this can help eliminate confusion and embarrassment if someone thought you were talking about intercourse!

  • abut
  • adjoin
  • band
  • befringe
  • border
  • bordering
  • borderline
  • bordure
  • bound
  • boundary
  • bounding
  • brim
  • brink
  • butt
  • circumference
  • creep
  • curb
  • decoration
  • ease oneself
  • edge
  • embellishment
  • flounce
  • frame
  • frieze
  • frill
  • fringe
  • fringes
  • fringing
  • furbelow
  • hem
  • hemming
  • hems
  • lace
  • limiting
  • march
  • margin
  • perimeter
  • periphery
  • piping
  • purfle
  • rickrack
  • rim
  • rimming
  • ruffle
  • selvage
  • skirt
  • skirting
  • surround
  • tatting
  • trim
  • trimming
  • verge
  • welt


The word edging can either refer to the sexual practice of stopping stimulation just before orgasm is reached or to a decorative or ornamental border on something like a piece of fabric or furniture. Make sure that when you use the word edging that you are very clear about which definition you mean to prevent confusion and embarrassment.


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