The Meaning of Coo: What It Is and How To Use It

What does the word coo mean, and what does the acronym COO stand for? This article will tell you about the meanings of coo and COO.

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The word coo can be used as both a word and an acronym. Do you know the difference between the two meanings of coo? 

This article will tell you what the word coo means, what the acronym COO means, how to use coo and COO in a sentence, translations of coo, and synonyms of coo. Keep reading to learn all about coo!

What Does the Word Coo Mean?

According to Collins English Dictionary, the word coo refers to a sound made by doves and pigeons. The pronunciation of coo is kuː. Humans or a monkey can also make this characteristic soft, throaty call. Often, a baby’s chatter can also be described as cooing. 

Coo can be used as a noun and a verb. By adding the suffixes -ed and -ing to the end of the verb coo, we get the words cooed and cooing. These are the past tense and present participle or past participle tense. There are many different types of coos and similar sounds. 

What Does the Acronym Coo Mean?

The abbreviation COO often stands for Chief Operating Officer. In a business’s chain of command, the COO is second in command and reports to the CEO or Chief Executive Officer. This position is also called the Operations Director or Chief Operations Officer. The title of President of Senior Vice President might report to the COO.

The role of the COO is to oversee the operations of the company, measure company performance, and relay this information to investors or the board of directors. The COO might also oversee human resources or employees’ day-to-day operations.

The position of COO requires strong leadership skills. COOs are strong leaders who know how to avoid a power struggle, act as a change agent, and be an executor and mentor to other people at the company. Often, a COO might have an MBA.

Other Meanings of COO as an Abbreviation

COO also has a variety of other meanings besides chief operation officer, according to The Free Dictionary. If you are in a situation where it would not make sense for someone to use the term chief operating officer, they might be using COO to mean one of the below instead. 

Never shy away from asking someone to confirm the meaning of an acronym they used.

  • Conspiracy of One (Offspring song)
  • Conduct of Operations
  • Cotonou, Benin – Cotonou (Airport Code)
  • Consideration of Others
  • Combined Obstacles Overlay
  • Constraint and Object Oriented
  • Cell of Origin (mobile telephony)
  • Caltech Optical Observatories
  • Cell of Original
  • Cessna Owner Organization (aircraft)
  • Countries of Operation
  • Country of Origin
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Conception Orientée Objet (French: Object-Oriented Design; software development)
  • Cave of Ordeal (video games)
  • Change of Ownership (various organizations)
  • Concept of Operation
  • Come on Over (Internet slang)
  • Communities of Opportunity (San Francisco, CA)
  • Certificate of Occupancy (construction code compliance)
  • Cost of Operation
  • Chief Ordnance Officer (UK)
  • Certificate Of Origin
  • College of Opticians of Ontario (Ontario, Canada)
  • confirmation of ownership
  • Chiefs of Ontario (Canada)
  • Center for Overweight and Obesity (Australia)
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Children of Opportunity
  • Cost of Ownership

How Can Coo Be Used in a Sentence?

The word coo and the acronym COO can be used in numerous contexts. You can often tell the two apart because the word coo is in lowercase and the acronym COO is uppercase. When you hear these said aloud, coo is pronounced like a word, and COO is pronounced like an initialism.

Can you identify which of these sentences use the word coo and which sentences use the acronym COO?

Colleen heard the kid coo in his crib like a mourning dove and brought him his toy Chrysler car.

My mom is the COO of a company in Europe. I look at her with admiration.

We heard the cooing sound of the baby on the Facebook video.

I was promoted to COO and got a hefty bonus and benefits package.

What Are Translations of Coo?

If you are trying to talk about a cooing sound with a non-English speaker, you can use the below translations of coo to tell them what you mean. These translations of coo are from Nice Translator.

  • Marathi: कोओ
  • Thai: ก.
  • Hindi: कूजना
  • Hungarian: turbékol
  • Polish: gruchać
  • Kannada: ಸಿಒಒ
  • Croatian: gugutati
  • Greek: ερωτολογώ
  • Arabic: سجع
  • Welsh: coo
  • Czech: vrkat
  • Japanese: co
  • French: roucouler
  • Ukrainian: коефіцієнт
  • Latvian: dūdot
  • Malayalam: സിഒഒ
  • Hebrew: תָא
  • Swedish: kuttra
  • Bulgarian: кошница
  • Russian: уклон
  • Serbian: гугутање
  • Turkish: coo
  • Korean: 정답게 소곤 거리다
  • Basque: coo
  • Indonesian: mendekut
  • Italian: coo
  • Amharic: ምግብ
  • German: gurren
  • Dutch: coo
  • Estonian: coo
  • Romanian: gânguri
  • Gujarati: કૂક
  • Finnish: kujertaa
  • Spanish: arrullo
  • Slovak: coo
  • Catalan: coo

What Are Synonyms of the Word Coo?

Sometimes coo isn’t exactly the right word for the type of noise or sound occurring. If you’re looking for a different sound, you can reference the below list provided by Power Thesaurus.

  • bark
  • bawl
  • bay
  • bellow
  • bleat
  • bray
  • cackle
  • call
  • caw
  • chatter
  • cheep
  • chirp
  • chirr
  • chirrup
  • churr
  • cluck
  • clucking
  • cooing
  • croak
  • crow
  • cry
  • cuckoo
  • growl
  • grunt
  • hiss
  • honk
  • hoot
  • howl
  • lows
  • mating call
  • meow
  • mew
  • moo
  • murmur
  • mutter
  • neigh
  • peep
  • pipe
  • purr
  • quack
  • roar
  • scream
  • screech
  • shriek
  • sigh
  • snarl
  • snort
  • song
  • squall
  • squawk
  • squeal
  • trill
  • twit
  • warble
  • whinny
  • yelp


The word coo refers to the soft murmuring sound of a dove, bird, or other creature. COO is also an abbreviation for the chief operating officer, a C-level position just under the CEO or chief executive officer. COO also has a variety of other meanings.


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