The Meaning of 69: What It Is and How To Use It

What does 69 mean? You may have heard this number in slang, but what does it refer to? This article will tell you all about the meaning of 69.

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Have you ever heard someone use the number 69 in a strange context and wondered what it meant? This number has a couple of definitions, including meanings as an angel number. Keep reading to learn all about the number 69, its meaning, and other related topics.

What Does the Number 69 Mean?

69 is a sex act that involves performing oral sex with a partner simultaneously. For a person with a vagina and vulva, oral sex is called cunnilingus. On a person with a penis, oral sex is called fellatio. 

Oral sex is the stimulation of the genitals with the tongue. 69 got its name because the circles on the 6 and the 9 each represent a head, with the tails being the body. 

While oral sex is often safer than unprotected vaginal sex or anal sex, there is still a risk of infection and disease. 

Additionally, people often worry about a new sexual position or using new toys if they have a lack of sexual experience. However, with communication, there is nothing to fear. 

Mutual oral sex has been referenced many times in pop culture, according to Dictionary. From R&B singer Rick James to Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance to controversial rapper Daniel Hernandez (6ix9ine), this term has swept the nation. 

This sex position has been called the 69 since the 1790s in France, where it was known as the soixante-neuf by the Whore’s Catechisms. In the Kama Sutra, this position is known as the congress of a crow.

What Does the Angel Number 69 Mean?

The number 69 is not only a type of oral sex but also an angel number. The meaning of the angel number 69 relates to new beginnings. If you see the number 69 everywhere you go, know that the guardian angels are here to help you on your path to idealism and fulfillment.

The number 69 can also relate to your love life and family life. This number encourages change, which might mean that you will find your soul mate, go through a breakup, or see your family relationships grow and change.

The number 69 is associated with courage, stability, and idealism. Take this number as encouragement, cast out negative people and worries, and know that you are on the right path to the divine realm. 

What Are Translations of the Word Sex?

While there are no direct translations of 69, if you want to talk about sex with someone who does not speak English, you can get started with this list of translations of sex from Nice Translator

By studying these translations of sex, you can have a conversation about sex with people around the world!

  • Italian: sesso
  • Bengali: লিঙ্গ
  • Tamil: செக்ஸ்
  • Swedish: sex
  • Slovak: sex
  • Kannada: ಸಂಭೋಗ
  • Lithuanian: Seksas
  • Croatian: seks
  • Chinese (PRC): 性别
  • Polish: seks
  • German: Sex
  • French: sexe
  • Greek: φύλο
  • Gujarati: સેક્સ
  • Thai: เพศ
  • Urdu: جنسی
  • Welsh: rhyw
  • Hungarian: szex
  • Korean: 섹스
  • Icelandic: Kynlíf
  • Japanese: セックス
  • Bulgarian: Секс
  • Romanian: sex
  • Hindi: लिंग
  • Malay: seks
  • Amharic: ወሲብ
  • Danish: køn
  • Hebrew: מִין
  • Portuguese (Brazil): sexo
  • Basque: sexu
  • Ukrainian: секс
  • Filipino: kasarian
  • Catalan: sexe
  • Russian: секс
  • Telugu: సెక్స్
  • Portuguese (Portugal): sexo
  • Czech: sex
  • Latvian: dzimums
  • Turkish: seks
  • Arabic: الجنس
  • Malayalam: ലിംഗം
  • Norwegian: kjønn
  • Indonesian: seks
  • Dutch: seks
  • Spanish: sexo
  • Marathi: लिंग
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 性別
  • Swahili: Ngono
  • Finnish: sukupuoli
  • Estonian: sugu
  • Slovenian: seks
  • Serbian: секс
  • Vietnamese: tình dục

What Are Synonyms of the Word Sex?

There are many ways a person can refer to sex. While this may seem like a taboo topic, there are many euphemisms and synonyms for sex that people use in its place. These are listed below from Power Thesaurus

How many of these synonyms for sex do you know?

  • act of love
  • birds and the bees
  • boffing
  • boinking
  • bonking
  • carnal knowledge
  • cohabitation
  • coition
  • coitus
  • commerce
  • congress
  • copulating
  • copulation
  • coupling
  • cybersex
  • facts of life
  • foreplay
  • fornication
  • fuck
  • gender
  • genital
  • going to bed with
  • hanky panky
  • how’s your father
  • intercourse
  • intimacy
  • intimate relations
  • love
  • lovemaking
  • make love
  • making love
  • mating
  • nookie
  • penetration
  • poontang
  • procreation
  • relations
  • romance
  • rumpy-pumpy
  • rumpy-pumpy
  • screwing
  • sex act
  • sex activity
  • sexual
  • sexual activity
  • sexual congress
  • sexual intercourse
  • sexual love
  • sexual practice
  • sexual relations
  • sexual union
  • sexuality
  • shagging
  • sleeping with
  • turn on
  • wind up

What Are Antonyms of the Word Sex?

There are also plenty of words that mean the opposite of sex and are related to chastity and virginity, listed below from Power Thesaurus.

  • abstemiousness
  • abstention
  • abstinence
  • asceticism
  • austerity
  • blamelessness
  • celibacy
  • chasteness
  • chastity
  • clean hands
  • cleanliness
  • cleanness
  • clear conscience
  • continence
  • decency
  • faultlessness
  • goodness
  • guiltlessness
  • honesty
  • honor
  • humbleness
  • immaculacy
  • immaculateness
  • impeccability
  • incorruptibility
  • inculpability
  • inner beauty
  • innocence
  • integrity
  • maidenhead
  • maidenhood
  • modesty
  • morality
  • probity
  • propriety
  • pureness
  • purity
  • rectitude
  • restraint
  • righteousness
  • self-denial
  • self-restraint
  • simplicity
  • singleness
  • sinlessness
  • spotlessness
  • stainlessness
  • uprightness
  • virginity
  • virtue
  • virtues
  • virtuousness


69 has a couple of meanings. 69 is most often used to refer to a sex position involving simultaneous oral sex between two partners. The number 69 can also be an angel number that encourages change and growth. 

Have you seen the number 69 in your life recently?


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