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Center vs. Centre: What’s the Difference?

Much like color and colour or favorite and favourite, center and centre mean the same thing.

In Spite vs. Despite: What’s the Difference?

"In spite of" and "despite" both serve the same purpose grammatically. These prepositions link contrasting ideas

Eldest vs. Oldest: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the comparative and superlative forms of "advanced age," English grammar gives us a strange choice. It's correct to say "elder brother."

Canon vs. Cannon: What’s the Difference?

“Canon” and “cannon” are homophones; the two words sound the same though they have different meanings. "Cannon" refers to a big gun.

Wary vs. Weary: What’s The Difference?

In this article, let’s break down the difference between the words weary and wary, what they even are, how to use the correct word, and more.

Dwarfs vs. Dwarves: What’s The Difference?

If you have ever second-guessed yourself on what the plural form of dwarf was you will be completely covered by this article.

Either vs. Neither: What’s The Difference?

According to Merriam Webster, both either and neither are a set of words that can become confusing when learning English.

Drier vs. Dryer: What’s The Difference?

One of the most puzzling parts of the English language is homophones. Let’s look at the examples drier vs. dryer and their meanings.

Lost vs. Loss: What’s The Difference?

Since lost and loss are easily confused words and you might assume they are the same on accident, although they aren't quite homophones.

Already vs. All Ready: What’s The Difference?

If you have ever been curious about using, all ready vs already correctly this article will have you covered and help you fix your common mistakes involving these easily confused words.

Favorite vs. Favourite: What’s The Difference?

One of the most difficult languages in the world to learn is English. Let’s take a look at the very common word favorite and its alternative spelling.

Cite vs. Site: What’s The Difference?

Knowing how to use cite vs. site can seem challenging. There are key differences in how to use each of these words properly.