The Meaning of PPM: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of PPM? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the abbreviation PPM, including its definition, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does PPM stand for?

This can also be expressed as milligrams per liter. It is easy to think about PPM visually. Imagine one drop of ink in a 55-gallon water jug, an inch in sixteen miles, a second in 11 and a half days, or a minute in two years. The equivalent for an even smaller concentration would be parts per billion, or PPB. This is the equivalent to one second in 32 years, or one sheet of toilet paper on a roll stretching from New York City to London. 

According to The Free Dictionary, the term PPM can stand for much more than just parts per million. This acronym has many other alternate definitions. While these are still valid, they are less common than parts per million and should therefore be used sparingly. If you do decide to use one of these alternate meanings, make sure that you provide the reader with enough context so that they can infer the correct intended meaning. This should be standard practice with any acronym that has more than one potential definition. 

  • Personnel Policy Manual (various organizations)
  • Program Planning and Management
  • Project and Program Management (Army Corps of Engineers)
  • Project Planning Matrix
  • People Power Movement (Philippines)
  • Personnel & Property Manager
  • Parent Partition Mapping
  • People’s Progressive Movement
  • Period of Performance and Maintenance
  • Pre-Assembled Power Module (wind turbines)
  • Programme and Project Management (various organizations)
  • Planning and Performance Management (various organizations)
  • Piecewise Parabolic Method
  • Perl Package Manager
  • Personally Procured Move
  • Portable People Meter (Arbitron Inc. audience measurement system)
  • Planned Preventive Maintenance
  • Periodic Preventive Maintenance
  • Pence Per Minute
  • Pilot Performance Measurement
  • Prediction by Pattern Matching
  • Positive Performance Management
  • Paramus Park Mall (Paramus, New Jersey)
  • Permanent Pacemaker
  • Progressive Phase Maintenance
  • Peak Programme Meter
  • Paces Per Minute (cardiology)
  • Positive Psychology Movement
  • Packages Per Minute (packaging machinery specifications)
  • Promina Processor Module
  • Programmer’S Package Manager
  • Pulsaciones Por Minutos (Spanish: Pulses Per Minute)
  • Pulse-Position Modulation
  • PIM PAM Management
  • Pasadena Pro Musica (singing group)
  • Points Per Minute
  • Process Performance Manager (ARIS)
  • Port Power Supply Module (Telabs)
  • Pollution and Process Monitoring Ltd (UK)
  • Project Progress Meeting
  • Planar Periodic Metallization
  • Periodic Pulse Metering
  • Primary Propulsion Manager
  • Periodic Permanent Magnet
  • Portfolio Product Manager (various companies)
  • Pages Per Minute (printer speed, inkjet laser printers)
  • Plans Preparation Manual (various locations)
  • Peak Program Meter
  • Professional Photographers of Michigan
  • Part per Minute
  • Processor Power Management (computing)
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Plate Pressing Machine
  • Presidential Pet Museum (Annapolis, MD)
  • Personal Profile Manager (database; Avaya)
  • Points per Match (various sports)
  • Project Procurement Manager (various companies)
  • Purchase Price Multiple (mergers and acquisitions)
  • Performance Prediction Model
  • Principles of Project Management (course)
  • Program Progress Meeting
  • Public Policy and Management
  • Partido Popular Monárquico
  • Preproduction Model
  • Practical Pain Management
  • Pay Per Minute
  • Prediction by Partial Matching
  • Pemberantasan Penyakit Menular (Indonesian: Communicable Disease)
  • Pulses Per Minute
  • Precision Parts Manufacturing (Canadian-based Hungarian company)
  • Partie Progressive de la Martinique (French: Martinique Progressive Party)
  • Premier Portfolio Managers (UK)
  • Production or Processing Method (environment)
  • Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia
  • Pulse per Minute
  • Packet Processor Module
  • Public-Private Mix (healthcare)
  • Peter, Paul, & Mary
  • Partial Program Manager
  • Portable Pixel Map
  • Please Please Me (Beatles album)
  • Private Placement Memorandum (finance/venture capital)
  • Passport Program Manager
  • Pilot Production Model
  • Pervasive Performance Management
  • Preplanning Meeting
  • Product Process Management
  • Principle Period of Maintenance
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Presentation and Personalization Management
  • Pump Performance Monitoring (Lucent)
  • Post Program Monitoring (International Monetary Fund)
  • Point Projection Microscope
  • Postings Per Month (USENET)
  • Price Per Month
  • Path Probability Method
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Peak Program Meter (ITU-T)
  • Pounds (Mass) Per Minute
  • Process Performance Measure
  • Plasma Panel Monitor
  • Procurement Policy Memorandum
  • Pencil Marks in Margin (philatelic imperfection)
  • Project Performance Management
  • Pulse Position Modulation
  • Proactive Preventive Maintenance
  • Propulsion Plant Manual
  • Packages per Minute
  • Pollution Prevention Manager
  • Personal People Meter (electronic audience-ratings device)
  • Policy & Procedure Manual
  • Physician Practice Management
  • Product Process Model (SAP)
  • Harlequin Print Production Manager (software)
  • Pikapokemaster
  • Power Policy Manager (computing)

How can PPM be used in a sentence?

PPM would most commonly be used in a scientific setting, such as in a laboratory or other experiment. In this example, Natalie and Mary Elizabeth are doing a science experiment in chemistry class.

Natalie: What do we have to answer for the first question?

Mary Elizabeth: How many drops of this chemical would give our concentration a 2 PPM concentration?

Natalie: Got it. So we have a 110 gallon tub of water. That would mean adding four drops of the chemical. 

Mary Elizabeth: Great. I’ll write that down.

Here, Natalie and Mary Elizabeth use the term PPM to refer to their diluted solution in their chemistry class. PPM is often used in science experiments and laboratory work in which a chemical needs to be heavily diluted. This might be for safety reasons, or it might be for other reasons. It is definitely difficult to visualize such a small amount, and helps when you think about larger scale applications such as the examples that were mentioned earlier in the article.

Overall, the acronym PPM most commonly stands for parts per million. This abbreviation is used in chemistry and other sciences to represent one part out of one million. This would be the equivalent of one drop of ink inside a 55-gallon jug of water.