The Abbreviation for Quantity: What Is It and How Is It Used?

Are you looking for information about the abbreviation for the word quantity? We’ll look at the definition and abbreviation for the word quantity, and we’ll also give examples where the shorthand of quantity can be used in a sentence. We’ll also look at the word’s origin and synonyms. Let’s get started.

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What Is the Abbreviation?



The word quantity has several common abbreviations:

  • QTY
  • Qty.
  • QUAN

People tend to use QTY and Qty. more than QUAN.

The word quantity can also be used within an acronym, such as QNS, which means Quality Not Sufficient. 

For example:

The specimen requested could not be used for the lab tests (QNS).

Other acronyms involving the word quantity include quantity distance (QD), quantity discount agreement (QDA), and quantity sufficient (QS). 

What Is the Meaning of Quantity?

Quantity is a noun. It is used to refer to something measurable. Quantity may refer to a number or to an unlimited amount. The word may also refer to an estimated figure or amount. 

It can also refer to the total amount of something in a mixture. For example, a cookbook will show quantities of ingredients present in a particular recipe. 

When used in its plural form, the word may mean large amounts. 

For example:

The surveyor discovered considerable quantities of gold. defines the word in relation to mathematics, saying, “the property of magnitude involving comparability with other magnitudes,” “something having magnitude, or size, extent, amount, or the like,” or “magnitude, size, volume, area, or length.”

The word also has specific definitions relevant to the fields of logic, music, phonetics, and law. 

For example:

In law, quantity refers to, “the nature of an estate as affected by its duration in time.”

Origin Of The Word Quantity

Quantity is used in mathematics, and the concept can be traced back to the time of Aristotle. He described quantity in two categories, continuous and discrete. 

The English word quantity traces its roots back to the 14th century. It came into English from the Old French quantite. This derived from the Latin quantitatem, a loan-translation of the Greek word posotes.

Synonyms for Quantity

According to, the following words are synonyms for quantity.

  • abundance
  • batch
  • bulk
  • capacity
  • length
  • load
  • pile
  • portion
  • quota
  • size
  • sum
  • variety
  • volume
  • aggregate
  • allotment
  • amplitude
  • body
  • budget
  • deal
  • expanse
  • extent
  • figure
  • greatness
  • lot
  • magnitude
  • mass
  • measure
  • multitude
  • part
  • profusion
  • total

Examples of the Word in Context

  • Experts disagree on the exact quantities of greenhouse gases that will be in the atmosphere by 2050. 
  • The customer ordered a smaller quantity for the next shipment. 
  • A metric ton would be a sufficient quantity for our needs.
  • The quantity of maize produced exceeded the previous year’s production.
  • Some food can be eaten in unlimited quantities on this diet.
  • Jones picked a quantity of books, and he placed them in his bag.
  • Quality over quantity—this means that you’re better off with something of high quality, rather than many inferior items.
  • Although water quality has been the main focus in the recent past, we should consider water quantity, too. 
  • If the medicine is taken in large quantities, it can cause kidney failure.

Examples of the Abbreviation in Context

Use the abbreviation for quantity in situations that involve lists or measurement. For example, you might decide to abbreviate the word in the context of mathematics, cookbooks, receipts, and scientific reports. Qty. can be used to show comparisons and describe a decrease or increase in shorthand. 

For example:

  • The qty. of water in the diet should be greater than sugar. 
  • QTY trends show a sig. reduction in cigarette use.
  • In an invoice, a QTY column may be listed to indicate the number of a particular product ordered.
  • Recipe Note: Increase qty. of honey to taste.
  • Memo to Staff: The American Heritage Dictionary contains a large qty of English language words, along with a list of abbreviations & usage examples.