The Past Tense of Ski: Here’s What It Is and How to Use It

Have you ever got stuck on the correct past tense of the word ski in the English language? This article will explain the conjugations of the word ski and also define ski and give you all the information you need about the word.

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What Is the Definition of the Word Ski?

The ski verb is defined as:

Intransitive verb 

  • to travel on skis, as for sport.

Transitive verb 

  • to use skis on; travel on skis over:
    • to ski the slopes of Switzerland.


  • one of a pair of long, slender runners made of wood, plastic, or metal used in gliding over snow.
  • water ski.

What Is the Past Tense of Ski?

The past tense of ski is skied. This would be used in a sentence like: 

I skied a lot when we visited Canada last summer. 

I recently found out that my grandad skied a lot growing up.

How Do You Conjugate Ski?

Here are some verb conjugations of the word ski including the past tense verb tenses. Pay close attention to these as ski is an irregular verb and doesn’t follow the rules of a regular English verb. 

Infinitive: To Ski

Present Participle/Gerund: Skiing

Past Participle of Ski: Skied

Simple Present TenseSimple Past Tense (Preterite)Future Tense
I skiskiedAm skiing
You skiskiedAre skiing
Third-Person He/she/it skisskiedIs skiing
We skiskiedAre skiing
They skiskiedAre skiing

The History and Origin of the Word

The first time in recorded history that we can see the word ski used was in 1745. It was first used in Norway and in Old Norse it was spelled skīth. This is similar to the Old English word scid or strip of wood which makes sense when you think of how skis are made.

Examples of the Word in Context


Next time you need to write the word ski, you will be well prepared for everything you need to know what it is and how to use it efficiently. You should feel confident with the different conjugations, the history of the word, and the definition.