The Past Tense of Dive: Here’s What It Is and How to Use It

If you have ever been curious about the correct past tense of dive was? This article will clear that up plus give you a look into the history of the word, the definition, usage notes, perfect tense, and everything else you could want to learn about the word.

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What is the Definition of the Word Dive?

The word dive is defined by merriam-webster as:

The word dive is defined as:

  • to plunge into water intentionally and especially headfirst
  • to execute a dive
  • diving into the pool from the highest platform
  • submerge
    • the submarine dived
  • to come or drop down precipitously: plunge 
    • the temperature is diving
  • to plunge one’s hand into something
    • dived into his pocket
  • of an airplane: to descend in a dive
  • to plunge into some matter or activity
    • she dove into her studies
  • to plunge or dash for some place
    • diving for cover
  • to lunge especially in order to seize something

How do you Conjugate Dive?

In American English the past participle and preterit form is dove, in British English it’s dived. 

Here are the other conjugations of the word dive:

Present TenseSimple, PastFuture
I diveDived, doveWill dive
You diveDived, doveWill dive
He, she, it divesDived, doveWill dive
We diveDived, doveWill dive
They diveDived, doveWill dive

The History and Origin of the Word

The word dive (in the sense of “descend or plunge headfirst into water” can be traced back to the Old English language word dufan. Dufan meant to dive, dunk or sink. This Old English word can actually be traced back to Old Norse dӯfa to dip or Frisian dīvi. 

What is the Third Form of Dive?

 The third-person singular form of the word dive is dives. 

Synonyms for Dive

  • Pitch –  to fall precipitately or headlong,  to have the bow alternately plunge precipitately and rise abruptly
  • Plunge – to cause to penetrate or enter quickly and forcibly into something, to thrust or cast oneself into or as if into water
  • Sound – intransitive regular verb – to dive down suddenly — used of a fish or whale

Example Sentences With the Word Dive

English Verb Forms

Examples using the verb dive:

  • The north american professor dove into speaking about the United States and americanism. 
  •  The children like to nosedive off the boat.
  •  The competitors will be diving from the highest platform.
  •  Infinitive amounts of people enjoy diving on the island’s coral reefs.
  •  I am diving in this water without a wet suit.
  •  The submarine can dive to 3,000 feet.
  •  The whale dove down to deeper water.
  • The english teacher dove into her lecture to help the children learn english.


Examples using the noun dive:

  • She practiced her dives for the competition.
  • This will be my first dive on a coral reef.
  • She has done dives all around the world.
  • The crew of the submarine prepared for a dive.
  • The jet rolled into a dive.

Examples of the Word in Context


Next time you need to write the word dive, you will be well prepared for everything you need to know what it is and how to use it efficiently. You should feel confident with the different conjugations, the history of the word, and the definition.