The Meaning of YKTV: What It Is and How To Use It

Have you ever wondered what the trending abbreviation YKTV stands for? This guide will provide you with all of the knowledge you need on the acronym YKTV, including its definition, usage, sentence usage, and more!

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What does the abbreviation YKTV mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, Abbreviations, and Fast Company, the full meaning of YKTV is “you know the vibe” or “you know the vibes.” This internet slang phrase is used as an acknowledgement of a mutual feeling between two people, and is similar to the phrase “you know how it is” or “you know what’s up.” This slang term is very popular and common among the millennial and Gen-Z generations. It is often used on social media and in text messaging, and can be seen on sites like Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and more. This can also be used in many memes, which are funny internet post formats that people often share amongst friends. This millenial slang is used by many social media influencers. 

This phrase is used when the vibes, or feelings of a situation are self explanatory. For example, if someone said they were “chilling by the pool, YKTV” this would imply that the vibes are relaxing and warm, or any other feeling you might associate with a poolside lounge. If someone said “out on the town in New York City, YKTV” this pimples that what they are doing is fast-paced and fun, with booming nightlife, loud music, and crowded bars. This slang is often used between friends in response to someone asking what that person is doing, or what’s up.

According to Merriam-Webster, a vibe is an informal word for a certain feeling or quality that is capable of being sensed. Someone can think a place or a person has good vibes or bad vibes. This is often used to refer to a gut feeling that someone has. For example, someone might get bad vibes from a guy in a bar and encourage their friends to leave. This word is short for vibrations, and is used to refer to the frequency of a place, which is often inherently sensed and not outright evaluated.

How can the abbreviation YKTV be used in a sentence?

The abbreviation YKTV is often used to describe the feeling of a place one is in, especially when that is self explanatory. YKTV is often used in response to someone asking where someone is, how they are, or what is going on. In this example, Sanne and Derek are on winter break. Derek texts Sanne.

Derek: Hey Sanne! WYD? Ur Insta pics look amaze. 

Sanne: Hey! Me and the fam are in Big Bear. Skiing, spa, hot chocolate, YKTV. What about you?

Derek: Just chilling at home with my family. My grandma and aunt came out to visit from the east coast so we’re just catching up with them.

Sanne: Fun! I come back next week so we should hang before school starts again.

Derek: Totally! I look forward to ur ski stories. Enjoy the slopes!

Here, Sanne uses the abbreviation YKTV to describe what it is like in Big Bear. While she could go into detail about what exactly her family is doing at their ski lodge, she describes it using a few brief descriptors and then says YKTV.

Is the abbreviation YKTV casual or formal?

The abbreviation YKTV is extremely casual and should never be used in professional or formal settings. The abbreviation YKTV is perfectly acceptable to use when texting a friend or when posting to social media, but this term should never be used in business emails, communications with colleagues, letters, or other professional or formal settings. The below is an example of a situation in which using the acronym YKTV would be inappropriate, followed by a revised version of the same message. Here, Dani is inviting her team at work to a special outing as a reward for their hard work.


Heyyyyy Team!

I’m supes proud of all the hard work u guys r doing – we hit our quarterly numbers 3 wks early which is crazy! As a reward I wanna take u guys all out for a relaxing chill sesh at the spa downtown. Cucumber water, facials, nails, YKTV. V relaxing, v well deserved. If u can go LMK and I’ll add ur name to the list! Good job everyone!

Luv Dani XOXO


Good Morning Team,

I am pleased to announce that we have hit our quarterly numbers three weeks early! This is an incredible accomplishment and you should all be very proud. I am very impressed by all of the hard work that I have seen from each and every one of you. For that, you should be rewarded. This Friday, we will be having a half day and you are invited to join us for an afternoon at the spa downtown. Enjoy a complimentary facial or massage, and take time to relax. Please let me know if you can attend. Thank you all, and excellent work!



Here, Dani should maintain professionalism and proper email etiquette even though she is excited about the prospect of hitting their numbers and taking the team out to celebrate. It is still possible to show excitement and pride without using internet slang terms or informal acronyms. 

Overall, the acronym YKTV stands for “you know the vibe” or “you know the vibes.” This phrase is often used in response to a friend asking what’s up, and is used to share an acknowledgement of a mutual feeling, like the vibes of the phace one is in are self explanatory. This popular slang term is often used by millennials and Gen-Z on social media and in text messaging.