The Meaning of Yeshua: What It Is and How To Use It

What does Yeshua mean, and where might you see this word? This article will teach you all about the word Yeshua and its different uses.

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Have you ever seen or heard Yeshua and wondered what it meant? This article will teach you all about the meaning of the word Yeshua. Then, it will provide translations, synonyms, and antonyms of Yeshua. Read on to learn everything there is to know about the word Yeshua!

What Does Yeshua Mean?

According to Learn Religions, Yeshua is the Aramaic and Hebrew name for Jesus Christ. This name for Jesus is present throughout the Bible in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Some Christians and Messianic Jews believe that Yeshua is the true name of Jesus, and that Yeshua is the only name people should call him. 

Interestingly, the names Joshua and Isaiah are very similar to the Hebrew word YeHhua. Both mean savior and the salvation of the Lord in Biblical Hebrew. Joshua is the English spelling of the word Yeshua in the Hebrew Bible. In Hebrew, Yeshua is written ישוע or ישו. Sometimes Yeshua is written as “Yeshu” in Aramaic.

The name Jesus became Hellenized through the Greek word Izeus, which refers to the son of Zeus. Iseus was later translated into English as Jesus. While some ministries believe that Jesus Christ should only be called Yeshua, others believe that this rule does not take into account that Jesus has many translations all over the world. 

What Are Translations of the Word Yeshua?

There are many words for God in different languages. That means God is called something different all over the world. By studying this list of translations of God from Nice Translator, you can begin to communicate about religion with people in other countries. 

Many countries around the world have different national religions, so just learning translations of the word God can help expand your knowledge of world religions. What world religion are you most interested in? 

You may notice that many of the below translations of God look and sound similar. Often, when two words in different languages have the same origin or root, the words will look similar. See if you can determine which of these translations of God have the same root word as another. 

  • Slovak: Boha
  • Swahili: Mungu
  • Swedish: Gud
  • Filipino: Diyos
  • French: Dieu
  • Bulgarian: Бог
  • Malay: Tuhan
  • Serbian: Бог
  • Italian: Dio
  • Ukrainian: Бог
  • Hindi: भगवान
  • Norwegian: Gud
  • Turkish: Tanrı
  • Czech: Bůh
  • Thai: พระเจ้า
  • Marathi: देव
  • Slovenian: Bog
  • Croatian: Bog
  • Dutch: God
  • Kannada: ದೇವರು
  • Gujarati: ભગવાન
  • Chinese (PRC): 上帝
  • Welsh: Dduw
  • Danish: Gud
  • Japanese: 神
  • Bengali: সৃষ্টিকর্তা
  • Hungarian: Isten
  • Vietnamese: Chúa
  • Romanian: Dumnezeu
  • Amharic: እግዚአብሄር
  • Basque: Jainko
  • Telugu: దేవుడు
  • Hebrew: אלוהים
  • Estonian: Jumal
  • Finnish: Jumala
  • Malayalam: ദൈവം
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 上帝
  • Korean: 하나님
  • Greek: Θεός
  • Icelandic: Guð
  • Russian: Бог
  • Tamil: இறைவன்
  • Arabic: إله
  • Spanish: Dios
  • Urdu: خدا
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Deus
  • Latvian: Dievs
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Deus
  • Indonesian: Tuhan
  • Catalan: Déu
  • German: Gott
  • Polish: Bóg
  • Lithuanian: Dievui

What Are Synonyms of Yeshua?

There are a plethora of words that somebody can use to refer to God. Not only do religions have different words for God, but even individual religions like Christianity have numerous different words that a person can use to refer to God or Jesus Christ. 

By studying this list of synonyms of God from Power Thesaurus, you can learn all of the different ways to refer to God. How many of these synonyms God are you familiar with, and how many are brand new to you? Try using one of these synonyms of God next time you are going to use the word God in a sentence to spice things up!

  • yhwh
  • architect
  • yahweh
  • jah
  • redeemer
  • holy spirit
  • maker of the world
  • demigoddess
  • creator
  • our lord
  • holiness
  • immortal
  • king
  • messiah
  • jehovah
  • godhead
  • divineness
  • christ
  • all knowing
  • demiurge
  • divine being
  • daemon
  • allah
  • all powerful
  • zeus
  • deity
  • immortal being
  • infinite spirit
  • providence
  • jesus christ
  • tutelary
  • celestial being
  • world spirit
  • author
  • pagan symbol
  • divinity
  • numen
  • genius
  • idol
  • sacred cow
  • universal life force
  • supernatural being
  • godliness
  • almighty
  • godship
  • maker
  • jesus
  • hero
  • guardian spirit
  • divinify
  • master
  • king of kings
  • prime mover
  • lord
  • power
  • demigod
  • most high
  • soul
  • graven image
  • yehoshua
  • golden calf
  • totem
  • goddess
  • supreme being
  • sensitive issue
  • godhood
  • creator of the world
  • yeshua hamashiach
  • everlasting
  • spirit
  • icon
  • father

What Are Antonyms of the Word Yeshua?

There are also numerous words in the English language that have the opposite meaning as the word God. By referencing this list of antonyms of God from Power Thesaurus, you can begin to learn all of the different ways to refer to evil forces in the world. 

Some of these antonyms of God also simply refer to mortal beings. While studying this list, see if you know which of these words refer to evil forces and which simply refer to mortals on Earth. How many antonyms of God do you already know?

  • angel of darkness
  • devil
  • lucifer
  • bloke
  • body
  • hombre
  • character
  • prince of darkness
  • daemon
  • fiend
  • arch-enemy
  • being
  • Beelzebub
  • fellow
  • beggar
  • fella
  • bunny
  • evil figure
  • bane of one’s life
  • cookie
  • gent
  • antichrist
  • archfiend
  • hell-raiser
  • father of lies
  • clootie
  • beast
  • dude
  • bod
  • satan
  • demon
  • customer
  • evil spirit
  • gal
  • Mephistopheles
  • human being
  • geezer
  • Asmodeus
  • evil one
  • creature
  • figure
  • guy
  • malignant spirit
  • critter
  • ghoul
  • chap
  • archenemy


Yeshua is the Hebrew transliteration for the name of God and Jesus. Yeshua is how Jesus’ name is spelled in the Hebrew Bible. There are many other spellings of Jesus, such as Jeshua, Iesous, and Iesus. Some Messianic Jews and certain gentiles believe that Jesus should only be called His original Hebrew name Yeshua.


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