The Meaning of Sol: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of sol? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the word sol, including its definition, etymology, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the word sol mean?

According to Definitions, there are many different definitions of the word sol. Sol can refer to a colloidal solution or colloidal suspension, which is a colloid that has a continuous liquid phase where a solid is suspended in a liquid. It can refer to initial element spodosol. Sol can also refer to the fifth note of a musical scale in solfege or solmization, also known as so or soh, as well as G. this is the dominant note of any musical scale. As a proper noun, Sol can refer to the local day on another planet. For example, on Mars, the synodical rotation period is 24 hours, 39 minutes, 35 seconds. Sol can also refer to the Sun, as well as the sun god or sun goddess. The male sun God from Ancient Rome is the equivalent of the Greek Helios for the Romans. Sol is also a nickname for the name Solomon. Sol also refers to gold, as well as the monetary unit of Peru which was also called libra. These silver and gold coins are worth approximately 68 cents USD or 100 ​​centavos. As another currency, sol is an old French coin, equivalent to 1⁄20th of a livre, equal to 12 deniers, and is now superseded by the sou. Originally this former coin was gold, later silver, and finally copper.

The word origin of sol comes from the Spanish sol and Latin sōl/Latin sol. It can be compared to the Italian soldo and Spanish sueldo, as well as the Old English sunne and sunna. We also see this in the Old French sol. The pronunciation of sol is sɒl. Archaic related words include solmorrow and yestersol.

According to The Free Dictionary, SOL can also be used as an acronym. This acronym can stand for many different things. Some of these are more common than others, the abbreviation SOL often stands for “Shit Outta Luck.” If you decide to use one of these alternate definitions of SOL, make sure that you provide the reader or listener with the proper context so that they are not confused. 

  •  Synchronous On-Line (curriculum)
  •  Sockolet (pipe fitting)
  •  Supported Open Learning (UK)
  •  Solicitation
  •  Short on Luck
  •  Struck Out Looking (baseball)
  •  Sorta Outta Luck
  •  Sadly Outta Luck (polite form)
  •  Seafarer’s Open Learning System
  •  Soluble (chemistry)
  •  Shipowner’s Liability
  •  Scandinavia Online
  •  Sound of Life
  •  Screaming out Loud
  •  Survive Outdoors Longer (Adventure Medical Survival Pak)
  •  Suda on Line
  •  Scottish Omnibuses Ltd.
  •  School of Leadership (various locations)
  •  Skilled Occupation List (Australia)
  •  Solomon Airlines (ICAO code)
  •  Standard of Living
  •  Standard Operating Level (electronics)
  •  Staff of Light (gaming)
  •  Satellite Of Love
  •  Society for Organizational Learning
  •  Statement of Liability
  •  Standard Object Layer
  •  Sooner Or Later
  •  Smile Out Loud
  •  Somewhat Out of Luck
  •  Standards Of Leadership
  •  Software Object Library
  •  Sticker on Label (records)
  •  Service d’Ordre Legionnaire (French force in WWII)
  •  Speed of Light
  •  Sighthounds on the Lam
  •  Solola (Guatemala territorial division)
  •  System Operating Limit (North American Electric Reliability Council)
  •  Seasons of Love (movie)
  •  Symphony of Light (Online Gaming Community)
  •  Solution
  •  Short-Open-Load (microwave calibration method)
  •  Subculture of Live (fan club for the band Live)
  •  Shout Out Loud (internet chat)
  •  Second-Order Closed Loop
  •  Sorry One Liner
  •  Soleus (muscle)
  •  Service Opportunities in Leadership
  •  Small Out Line
  •  Summer of Love
  •  Signs of Life (Steven Curtis Chapman album)
  •  Sdl Object Layer
  •  Standards of Law
  •  State Owned Land (various locations)
  •  Shadows of Luclin (Everquest expansion)
  •  Serial Over LAN (Local Area Network; computer science)
  •  Stricken Off Leave (legal)
  •  Safe Operating Limit
  •  Statute of Limitations
  •  Static on Line
  •  Shazzam – Outta Luck (Gomer Pyle polite form)
  •  Serial over Lan
  •  Small Out-Line Integrated Circuit
  •  Start of Life
  •  Swear Out Loud
  •  [not an acronym] (Mars solar day)
  •  Standards Of Learning
  •  Scotland Online
  •  Solenoid
  •  Stricken on Leave
  •  Sequence Order List
  •  Statue of Liberty (New York City)
  •  Server Optimized Linux (software)
  •  Shoot-Out Loss
  •  Space-Occupying Lesion (medical)
  •  Seal of Light (gaming, world of warcraft)
  •  Semantic Operating Language
  •  Spirit of Liberation Foundation
  •  Special Olympics Louisiana
  •  SuperOnline (ISP)
  •  Sobbing Out Loud
  •  Spatial Object Library
  •  Scenario Overlay (gaming, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter PS2)
  •  Simulation Oriented Language
  •  Sex Out Loud (sexual health resource)
  •  Signs of Love
  •  Sanctity of Life
  •  Safety-of-Life (various organizations)
  •  Spontaneous Onset of Labor
  •  Short On Landing
  •  Shared Object Layer
  •  Samurai of Legend
  •  Stoked on Life Productions
  •  Sistema de Operaciones en Linea (Peru)
  •  System Off Line
  •  Serial on Line
  •  Sons of Liberty
  •  Stoppages of Off & Leave
  •  Scrape-Off Layer (plasma)
  •  Source of Light (Miami, Florida rock band)
  •  Stuff Outta Luck (polite form)
  •  Simply Out of Luck (polite form)
  •  Solana Beach (Amtrak station code; Solana Beach, CA)
  •  Solutions in Organisations Linkup
  •  Soul of Lineage (game)
  •  Secretary of Labor
  •  Statute of Limitations (legal term)
  •  Office of the Solicitor (US Department of Labor)
  •  Saudi On Line

How can the word sol be used in a sentence?

Since sol has so many different definitions, it can be used in many different sentences in different ways. Try using this word of the day in a sentence today! Below are a couple of examples of the word sol to get you started.

We made a full orbit around the sun, called Sol, between my tenth and eleventh birthdays.

The lander on the planet Mars has a different sol cycle of light than we do because of its position in relation to the Sun. NASA states that the spacecraft, the rover Perseverance, experienced time differently than an Earth day.

Overall, the word sol means many different things. It is a form of Solomon, the former gold coin of Peru, the money of account of France, the fifth tone of a diatonic scale, the 20th part of a livre and much more. 


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