The Meaning of Rose Color: What It Is and How To Use It

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Have you ever purchased roses for someone? Were they for a friend, loved one, or significant other? Every color of rose has a meaning. If you want to ensure the flowers that you purchase say the right thing to the person you are giving them to, read this article.

Here, we will tell you about the meanings of the different colors of roses. After reading this article, you will know exactly the right roses to buy for each occasion. Read on to learn all about the language of flowers.

What Does Rose Color Mean?

Flower meanings vary by the type and color of the flower. There are numerous colors of roses — some mean everlasting love, some mean friendship, others mean sympathy, and others mean something else entirely. Below, learn about how different colors of roses have different meanings. You wouldn’t want to say, “I love you” when you really mean “sorry for your loss”!

Red Roses

First up, we have the classic red rose. Red roses signify romantic love for a significant other. A bouquet of red roses is a common gift on anniversaries. If you give someone a red rose, it is indicative of deep romantic love, so do not give this to a family member or someone you consider just a friend!

Burgundy roses, a subset of the red rose, also signify true love. Facts states that these wine-colored stems represent passion, unconscious beauty, and a deep love for another person.

Pink Roses

Good Housekeeping states that pink stems also have their own meaning, which can vary based on the shade and depth of the blossom. Pale pink and light pink roses represent femininity, refinement, and sweetness. 

These blossoms are the perfect gift for a happy, joyous, pure occasion. Many early couples might share pink roses on Valentine’s Day.

A dark pink rose is a perfect choice to show gratitude or appreciation. Salmon roses, on the other hand, show enthusiasm or excitement. 

These, like dark pink roses, can also show appreciation. If you are trying to use roses to say thank you or congratulations, pink roses are a great choice. 

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are a popular choice when sharing roses with friends. These stems represent happiness, cheerfulness, and friendship. Just like a happy sunny day, yellow roses are one of the happiest flowers. 

If you are giving roses for a friend’s birthday or another occasion, the color yellow is a perfect choice. If you are trying to convey romantic love, stay away from yellow roses. 

Cream Roses

White roses and cream roses are a great choice when you are trying to show reverence or loyalty. 

These are great gifts for a family member who has achieved something great. If you are looking for a rose to give at a graduation or other ceremony, white roses are a great option. These roses represent rejuvenation, thoughtfulness, and new beginnings.

Orange Roses

Orange roses are bright, beautiful blossoms. These roses signify energy and enthusiasm. These could be a great gift for a romantic partner or for a friend. They can represent an enthusiasm about a person, or they can show enthusiasm for an event or achievement. 

If someone has had a great achievement like a graduation or a promotion, orange roses can be a great way to show that you care. 

Green Roses

Green roses are fairly rare but have a very specific meaning. A bright green blossom is symbolic of peace, stability, and balance. A bouquet of green roses can be a beautiful, unique gift if you are trying to encourage a friend or family member to de-stress or find peace. 

Green roses can also represent abundance, financially or otherwise. 

Peach Roses

Peach roses are a gorgeous shade of light orange mixed with white. These delicate flowers are symbolic of modesty and gratitude. People can also use them to represent sincerity. Peach roses are a great choice if you are trying to give roses as an apology or to show thankfulness to someone or something. 

Coral roses are brighter than peach roses but are in the same color family. These blossoms show excitement and desire and are the perfect gift for an exciting achievement or new start. 

Purple Roses and Lavender Roses

Purple and lavender represent royalty. So, while you might not necessarily give purple roses to someone who is actually royal, it can symbolize respect for another person.

Blue Roses

Blue roses are rare and mysterious. You can give these blooms to a friend or to a significant other. If you want to celebrate someone who is unique, you can give them a blue rose. 

Black Roses

Black roses might seem dour and sad, but these flowers actually signify change and a new beginning. So, if someone you know is having a tough time, you can give them black roses to inspire confidence and hope for changes to come. 

Multicolor Roses and Rainbow Roses

Multicolor roses and rainbow roses are a special breed of modern flower created by cross-breeding two or more different colors of rose. These flowers represent the meaning of whatever colors are present in the cross breed. Versatile red and white roses can represent loyalty and oneness. 


While all roses are beautiful and anyone would be happy to receive them, every color rose means something different. Using this article, you can work with a florist to craft the perfect bouquet of roses to say what you mean in the perfect way. 

Whether you are giving roses to a lover, friend, or family member, this article can help you pick the right rose for the occasion.  


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