The Meaning of Rising Sign: What It Is and How To Use It

You might know your sun and moon signs, but do you know what your rising sign means? Keep reading to learn all about this star sign.

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Many people know their sun sign and moon sign in astrology, but do you know your rising sign and what it means? This article will teach you all about your ascendant sign and how to calculate it.

What Does Rising Sign Mean?

Your rising or ascendant sign is an important part of your birth chart. The rising sign refers to the sign on the horizon at the exact time of your birth. The rising sign begins your birth chart, organizing what is called the “house system.”

Since this is the sign that begins your chart, it is often known as the first impression or the first meeting sign. While other planetary placements delve deeper into aspects of the inner self, the rising sign is the impression you give off to others upon first meeting them. Therefore, this may be the sign that people guess you are.

Some say that the rising sign is the “mask” you present to the world. There are several birth chart calculators on the internet to find your rising sign. First, however, you must make sure that you have your exact birth time from your birth certificate. 

Rising signs change more often than sun and moon signs, so knowing exactly when you were born is important. 

The Twelve Zodiac Signs

According to Dictionary, the rising sign can be in one of twelve different zodiac signs. Keep reading to learn about each zodiac sign and its meaning for your rising sign. 


The zodiac sign Aries is a fire sign represented by the ram. If you are an Aries rising, you often give off a first impression of someone who is brave, independent, and very opinionated. On the other hand, Aries risings are often competitive trailblazers who love leading the pack and always look for action.


The zodiac sign Taurus is an earth sign represented by the bull. Taureans are stubborn and loyal, so you probably come off as strong-willed and dependable if you are a Taurus rising.

Taurus is also ruled by Venus and enjoys the finer things in life and bodily pleasures. As a result, Taurus risings are often creative homebodies.


The zodiac sign Gemini is an air sign represented by the twins. If you are a Gemini rising, you are likely very talkative, curious, and fast-paced. Gemini risings are very personable and communicative, as Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Gemini risings are often very well-spoken and friendly to everyone.


Cancer is a water sign which is represented by the crab. Water signs are very emotional and sensitive, but a Cancer rising can have difficulty opening up because of their exterior shell. 

Cancer risings enjoy routine and personal space, which means they can have difficulty letting people in. However, you will begin to see their sensitivity once you’re on a Cancer rising’s good side.


Leo is a fire sign represented by the lion. Like its animal implies, a Leo rising is confident, loud, and dramatic. A Leo rising will likely be the first person you notice when you enter a room. 

Leo risings live in the moment and have high, childlike energy. Ruled by the sun, Leos love the spotlight, and it loves them right back.


The zodiac sign Virgo is an earth sign represented by the virgin. A Virgo rising is buttoned up, organized, and often comes off as a perfectionist. Ruled by mercury, Virgo risings are direct communicators who know how to get things done. Virgos want everything to be perfect and can become frustrated if things don’t go their way.


The zodiac sign Libra is an air sign represented by the scales. Ruled by Venus, a Libra rising is romantic and sweet. Libra risings are loving, friendly, and want everyone to be happy. They are great peacekeepers and will often be able to see both sides of a situation. This might make them seem indecisive when really, they are just weighing their options.


Scorpio is a water sign represented by the scorpion. A Scorpio rising will likely come off as mysterious and alluring. Inherently sexual, Scorpio risings give off being sensual and cool. This can be intimidating to many people. 


The zodiac sign Sagittarius is a fire sign represented by the archer. A Sagittarius rising is fun-loving and the life of the party. However, these optimistic fiery individuals come off as opinionated and outspoken. You will often see a Sagittarius rising in the middle of the dance floor, telling a crazy story, or partying well into the night.


The zodiac sign Capricorn is an earth sign represented by the goat. Capricorns are hard workers, so a Capricorn rising might come off as an organized, driven workaholic. People might think that Capricorns are overly serious, and they are as strict with themselves as they are with others.


The zodiac sign Aquarius is an air sign represented by the water bearer. People with an Aquarius rising are intellectual and giving. Aquarius risings march to the beat of their own drum and love being unique and quirky. 


The last sign of the zodiac, pisces is a water sign represented by the fish. A Pisces rising person is deeply emotional and dreamy and might come off as being in another world. The Pisces rising is also the psychics of the zodiac. They might seem like they have their head in the clouds, but they are natural observers, alluring and mysterious.


Your rising sign is often known as your “first impression” sign. But, do you know your other big six zodiac signs that represent different parts of your personality traits? These include your sun sign, moon sign, Mercury sign, Mars sign, and Venus sign.


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