The Names Meaning Fire: What They Are and How To Use Them

Do you know names meaning fire? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on names meaning fire for both boys, girls, and unisex names, plus information on their popularity and origin!

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What are names meaning fire for boys?

According to Ideas for Names and Motherly, there are numerous different names that mean fire that a person can use for a baby boy. If you decide to name your son a boy’s name meaning fire, it is likely that he will have a big personality. You can also decide to name your son after a word meaning fire or having fiery connotations if he is born under a fire sign such as Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. People who are Aries are both between March 21 and April 19. Leos are born between July 23 and August 22. People who have their sun sign in Sagittarius are born between November 22 and December 21.

  •  Drake – Meaning: dragon that breathes fire
  •  Kenneth – Meaning: born of fire or handsome
  •  McCoy – Meaning: Irish word for fire
  •  Azar – Meaning: Iranian name for fire
  •  Aidan/Aiden/Ayden – Meaning: little fire
  •  Keahi – Meaning: Hawaiian word for flames
  •  Vulcan – Meaning: Roman god of fire
  •  Keegan – Meaning: Son of fire
  •  Horus – Meaning: Egyptian word for the god of the sun
  •  Barak – Meaning: Lightning
  •  Brantley – Meaning: German word for fire
  •  Hakan – Meaning: Native American word for fire
  •  Apollo – Meaning: Manly beauty; Apollo is the god in Greek mythology who drove his fiery chariot (the sun) through the sky.
  •  Cole – Meaning: Coal as in charcoal, which is used to make fire
  •  Phoenix  – Meaning: a bird that rises from the ashes of the flames
  •  Blaise/Blaze – From the word ‘blaze’ as in ‘fire blaze’ and ‘blaze of glory
  •  Conleth – Meaning: chaste fire
  •  Kai – Meaning: Scottish word for fire
  •  Cyrus – Meaning: Persian name for sun
  •  Alev – Meaning: Turkish word for fire
  •  Brando – Meaning: Italian name for firebrand; sword
  •  Reese/Rhys – Meaning: ardent; fire
  •  Kenna – Meaning: Gaelic word for born of fire
  •  Branton/Brenton – Meaning: dweller of the burnt town
  •  Anshul – Meaning: sunbeam
  •  Sampson – Meaning: Hebrew word for sun
  •  Haco – Meaning: Celtic word for fire; flame
  •  Loki – Meaning: Norse God of magic and fire
  •  Fintan – Meaning: Irish name for white bull or white fire
  •  Hagan – Meaning: Irish word for little fire
  •  Tyson – Meaning: firebrand
  •  Kiran – Meaning: Sanskrit word for sunbeam
  •  Egan – Meaning: Irish name for small fire
  •  Flint – From the word ‘flint’, which is a stone used to make fire
  •  Ignacio/Ignatius/Inigo – Meaning: Fire or fiery

What are names meaning fire for girls?

There are also numerous name for girls that have meanings associated with fire or fiery elements. These are perfect for a sassy young girl, or maybe the firstborn in a set of twins or triplets who enters the world in a fiery way. If you decide to choose a girl’s name that is associated with fire or fiery elements, it is likely that you will have a big personality on your hands! You can also decide to name your daughter a name associated with fire if her zodiac sign is a fire sign. The fire signs are Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. 

  •  Tana – Meaning: Greek word for sun or fire goddess
  •  Hera – Meaning: Greek Goddess of the hearth/fireplace
  •  Elidi – Meaning: gift of the sun
  •  Kalinda – Meaning: Hindi word for sun
  •  Vesta – Meaning: Roman Goddess of the hearth/fireplace
  •  Fiamma –  Meaning: fire
  •  Calida – Meaning: Spanish word for heated
  •  Electra – Meaning: Greek word for sparkling; fiery sun
  •  Agni – Meaning: Sanskrit word for fire
  •  Bedelia – Meaning: Celtic goddess of fire
  •  Kindle – Meaning: to set fire
  •  Solana – Meaning: Spanish word for sunshine
  •  Hotaru – Meaning: Japanese for lightning bug or firefly
  •  Salana – Meaning: Latin word for sun
  •  Helia – Meaning: Greek word for sun
  •  Stella/Estella – Meaning: star in Spanish and Italian 
  •  Damini – Meaning: Indian word for lightning
  •  Idalia – Meaning: Italian word for ‘behold the sun’
  •  Aster – Meaning: star; flower
  •  Udia – Meaning: Hebrew name meaning Jehovah’s fire
  •  Soleil – Meaning: French word for sun
  •  Ember – From the word ’ember’, a smoldering piece of fire or coal
  •  Brigid/Bridget – Meaning: Irish goddess of fire and poetry
  •  Anala – Meaning: Hindi word for fire
  •  Seraphina – Meaning: ardent; fiery
  •  Bren – Meaning: German word for flame
  •  Emberly/Emberleigh – Derived from ’ember’; free spirit
  •  Hestia – Meaning: Greek word for fireside; hearth
  •  Angarika – Meaning: Hindi word for flame of the forest
  •  Alinta – Meaning: Noongar word for fire; flame
  •  Enya – Meaning: fire
  •  Kalama – Meaning: Hawaiian word for flaming torch
  •  Oriane – Meaning: French word for sunrise
  •  Eliane – Meaning: sun

What are unisex names meaning fire?

There are also plenty of different unisex names that mean fire. Some parents choose to name their children unisex names because they like the way it sounds. Others choose to raise their children outside the gender binary so that the child can determine which gender they identify with – if they identify with one at all – as they grow older. If you have a fiery child, consider one of these genderless or unisex names from Kidadl!

  •  Uri
  •  Tanwen
  •  Solaris
  •  Sulien
  •  Jyotis 
  •  Inigo 
  •  Seraphim
  •  Azar
  •  Tanwen
  •  Rhys
  •  Adan 
  •  Mogotsi 
  •  Edana 
  •  Calida 
  •  Aed 
  •  Vesta
  •  Akiho
  •  Soleil
  •  Pele 
  •  Conleth 
  •  Keegan
  •  Hayden
  •  Afi 
  •  Reese
  •  Pirro 
  •  Aalish 
  •  Keahi
  •  Brand
  •  Titus
  •  Cole
  •  Sol
  •  Paratyl

Overall, there are many different names that mean fire. These are perfect for babies who are fire signs in the zodiac such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. You may also choose to name your child a name meaning fire if you expect or wish for them to have a fiery, vibrant personality. Many people believe that what you name a person has an impact on their personality. A name meaning fire is perfect for a baby who comes early, or the first in a set of twins or triplets!


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