The Meaning of Queued: What It Is and How To Use It

If things are in a queue, what does that mean? This article will define the meaning of queued and teach you how to use it in your everyday life.

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If you’ve ever been to an amusement park, you have probably waited in a queue for longer than you may have liked! By reading this article, you will learn all about the word queue and what it means. 

You will also study example sentences containing the word queue, synonyms and antonyms of queue, and translations of queue. Thankfully, there’s no long queue to learn about the word queue! 

What Does Queued Mean?

According to Dictionary, the word queue is the past tense of the verb queue. To queue something means to line something up or to arrange something into a line. The word queue is often a noun used to refer to a line of people or things. 

In computing, a queue is a type of data structure used to hold a sequence of items waiting for some action. Less commonly, the word queue refers to a braid of hair down the back of the head.

What is the Origin of the Word Queued?

The word queue has quite a storied history. Queue first entered the English language in the late 1500s. This word comes from the various Middle French words queuue, queu, quewe, and cueue, as well as the Old French coe and cue. These French terms stem from the Latin cauda.

How Can We Use Queued in a Sentence?

Being able to use and identify the word queue is an important aspect of learning the word’s definition. One great way to learn how to use a word like queue in a sentence is to read example sentences containing the word queue. 

As you read through the below examples of queue, see if you can determine which part of speech queue is in each sentence!

Example #1: A Queue of Print Jobs

The young intern nearly had a panic attack her first day on the job when the documents for her boss were hundredth in the long queue of print jobs. She thought she would get fired before she even had a chance to prove herself.

Question: What part of speech is queue in the above sentence?

Answer: Queue is a noun in the above sentence.

Example #2: The Queue of People

Their special passes let them go straight to the front of the queue of people waiting in line for the new ride at the amusement park.

Question: What part of speech is queue in the above sentence?

Answer: Queue is a noun in the above sentence.

Example #3: The Queue-Jumpers

The group of obnoxious people tried to queue-jump to get into the concert first, while other people had been queueing up since early that morning. Finally, other people were so angry that they kicked them out of the line altogether.

Question: What part of speech is queue in the above sentence?

Answer: Queue is a verb in the above sentence.

Example #4: The App Developers

The apps’ developers had an eternal debate on whether queueing the data with a FIFO or LIFO structure made more sense.

Question: What part of speech is queue in the above sentence?

Answer: Queue is a verb in the above sentence.

What Are Translations of Queued?

Nice Translator lists several translations for the American English queue!

  • Norwegian: i kø
  • Italian: in coda
  • Portuguese (Brazil): enfileiradas
  • Hindi: कतारबद्ध
  • Polish: Kolejka
  • Ukrainian: в черзі
  • Urdu: قطار میں
  • Hebrew: תור
  • Chinese (PRC): 排队
  • Greek: ουρά
  • Marathi: रांगेत
  • Turkish: kuyruklu
  • Arabic: قائمة الانتظار
  • Kannada: ಸರದಿಯಲ್ಲಿರುವ
  • Dutch: in de wachtrij staan
  • French: en queue attente
  • Basque: ilegala
  • Catalan: cua
  • Thai: เข้าคิว
  • Welsh: ciwed
  • Vietnamese: xếp hàng
  • Serbian: упиталиште
  • Estonian: järjekorraline
  • Malayalam: ക്യൂവ് ചെയ്തു
  • Bulgarian: опашка
  • Spanish: puesto en cola
  • Telugu: క్యూడ్
  • Filipino: nakapila
  • Croatian: u redu
  • German: In Warteschlange
  • Tamil: வரிசையில்
  • Lithuanian: eilės
  • Hungarian: sorban áll
  • Icelandic: Í biðröð
  • Korean: 대기
  • Danish: kø
  • Latvian: rindā
  • Indonesian: antri
  • Amharic: የተጠበሰ
  • Gujarati: ગુનો
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 排隊
  • Japanese: キュー
  • Malay: beratur
  • Swedish: i kö
  • Slovenian: v vrsti
  • Czech: ve frontě
  • Bengali: সারিবদ্ধ
  • Romanian: în așteptare
  • Russian: в очереди
  • Portuguese (Portugal): enfileiradas
  • Finnish: jonossa oleva
  • Swahili: foleni
  • Slovak: frontovaný

What Are Synonyms of Queued?

Look no further than Power Thesaurus for word lists related to queue, like this list of synonyms.

  • lining up
  • rows
  • echelon
  • fall in
  • row
  • line-up
  • cavalcade
  • form a Queued
  • series
  • wait in line
  • succession
  • get in line
  • line up
  • arrange
  • progression
  • concatenation
  • procession
  • strings
  • plait
  • form a line
  • lines
  • string
  • get into rows
  • tier
  • fall into rank
  • put in line
  • twist
  • align
  • cauda
  • fall into line
  • tail end
  • get in formation
  • breadline
  • tailback
  • queue up
  • chain
  • sequence
  • tail
  • get into columns
  • range
  • lie up
  • queuing
  • dress
  • form lines
  • crocodile
  • file
  • columns
  • rank
  • ponytail
  • flap
  • convoy
  • order
  • single file
  • waiting line
  • thread
  • course
  • column
  • bank
  • consecution
  • line
  • waiting list
  • train
  • array
  • braid
  • place
  • stand in a Queued
  • stand in line
  • cordon
  • lined up
  • turn
  • waitlist
  • tail-end
  • pigtail

What Are Antonyms of Queued?

Power Thesaurus is also a great resource for antonyms of queue.

  • muddle up
  • confound
  • lose track of
  • be unable to lay hands on
  • turn topsy-turvy
  • misplace
  • disturb
  • upset
  • put out of order
  • disarrange
  • throw into confusion
  • mix up
  • dishevel
  • scramble
  • make a shambles of
  • jumble
  • mess up
  • perturb
  • turn upside-down
  • throw into disarray
  • demobilize
  • dislocate
  • rummage
  • throw into disorder
  • mislay
  • scatter
  • dissolve
  • tousle
  • muss
  • unsettle
  • break down
  • disrupt
  • disband
  • agitate
  • rumple
  • destroy
  • shuffle
  • derange
  • forget whereabouts of
  • break up
  • mix
  • disorganize
  • break the deck
  • disarray
  • muddle
  • clutter
  • change the order
  • jumble up
  • disorder
  • disperse
  • discompose
  • confuse


The definition of queue is twofold. First, it can be a noun that refers to a line of people or things. Queue is also a verb that means to line up.


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