The Meaning of Pepega: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know what the term Pepega means? This guide will provide you with all of the info you need on the term Pepega, including its definition, etymology, example sentences, and more!

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What does the term Pepega mean?

According to Stream Scheme, Linguaholic and Urban Dictionary, the term Pepega (pronounced “peh-peyguh”) is a BTTV (or Better Twitch TV AKA Better TTV) that features a distorted image of the popular internet meme character Pepe The Frog. This emote is a derisive slang term that is known as a politically correct way of saying the word “retard,” which is a pejorative term for someone with a mental disability. This term is considered very offensive and is not widely used today. This word can also be used in place or words like idiot and dummy, but has a more negative, biting connotation. It is often not used as a playful term, but is rather harsh and usually spammed in a Twitch stream what when someone is doing something that can be perceived as stupid or idiotic. Spamming is when people post the same emote or comment over and over again in a Twitch chat.

This emote is usually followed by a megaphone or horn emote and the words “for san” as a mocking jab at the user. There are many different variants on the Pepega emote, including Pepega Clap GIF, Pepega Megaphone, Pepega Penguins, and many more. Twitch is a live streaming service for video gamers and video game lovers. On the website, users can either stream live or watch the live streams of others who are playing their favorite games. The users can also interact with people in a live chat in which they can use Twitch emotes, which are similar to emojis or emoticons but are dedicated to Twitch. These often feature inside jokes for the Twitch Platform or are related to specific famous twitch users or Twitch moments. The Pepega emote is also frequently posted by Discord users or by Redditors on the r/forsen subreddit, which is a subn-forum of the message board social media site Reddit.

What is the origin of the term Pepega?

According to Know Your Meme, the term Pepega originated on Discord in the year 2018 by user Adew, who named and created the emote. This distorted image was spammed into user Forsen’s chat because people were displeased with the addition of the emote. The Pepega emote was added to FrankerFaces on April 8th, 2018. This emote has continued to spread and still maintains its popularity today in many different Twitch stream chat sections as well as other chatrooms. Some have even adopted it as a bit of a catchphrase. 

How can the term Pepega be used in a sentence?

The term Pepega is predominantly used within the insular Twitch community, but the term may also be used by people who are familiar with the Twitch community outside of the platform itself. That being said, if you are not sure if the person you are speaking to is familiar with the term, you should steer clear of it. This term could be very confusing, not to mention offensive, as it does imply that you are making fun of someone and implying they have a mental disability. It may be appropriate to use in a joking way with friends who know that you are joking. In this example, Dan and Gus both like to watch Twitch streams together and are familiar with the common verbiage that is used in Twitch streams. They are discussing their latest exam in math.

Dan: Dude, what did you get on the algebra test?

Gus: I dad alright, I got a B-. What about you?

Dan: Don’t say Pepega.

Gus: I won’t!

Dan: I got a 65. I have to retake it on Friday. I dunno what happened, I totally blanked on all the formulas.


What are synonyms and antonyms for the term Pepega?

There are many different words that have the same meaning as Pepega. These are called synonyms. If someone is not familiar with the Twitch online streaming community, it is likely that they will not be familiar with the term Pepega. In this case, you should use a synonym to make sure that your meaning is coming off correctly. Additionally, someone might choose to use synonyms in order to expand upon their vocabulary or in order to avoid repeating themselves. This list of potential synonyms for the word Pepega is from Thesaurus.

  • nitwit
  • jerk
  • ninny
  • fool
  • nincompoop
  • imbecile
  • twit
  • simpleton
  • dimwit
  • kook
  • dumbbell
  • tomfool
  • cretin
  • dork
  • moron
  • ignoramus
  • dunce
  • muttonhead
  • out to lunch
  • stupid
  • idiot
  • bonehead
  • blockhead
  • pinhead

There are also many different words that mean the opposite of Pepega. These are known as antonyms. Antonyms are useful to know if you want to expand your vocabulary and broaden your knowledge of the English language. This list of antonyms for Pepega is also provided by Thesaurus

  • aptitude
  • talent
  • head
  • sagacity
  • intelligence
  • astuteness
  • capability
  • prodigy
  • precocity
  • expert
  • mature
  • brilliance
  • imagination
  • ingenuity
  • knack
  • adept
  • flair
  • capacity
  • creativity
  • virtuoso
  • bent
  • inclination
  • acumen
  • propensity
  • turn
  • wisdom
  • discernment
  • inventiveness
  • accomplishment
  • prowess
  • faculty
  • perspicacity
  • percipience
  • aptness
  • endowment
  • power
  • inspiration
  • understanding
  • genius
  • originality
  • grasp
  • ability
  • acuteness
  • reach
  • brain
  • Einstein
  • superability

Overall, the term Pepega is a Twitch stream emote that means “idiot” or “stupid person.” This emote features a distorted image of Pepe The Frog, which is a popular  internet meme. This emote is often spammed when someone is doing something that is perceived as stupid on a stream. The term Pepega is popular in the online gaming community and frequently used by fans of Twitch and Twitch streamers.