The Meaning of Parameters: What It Is and How To Use It

What does it mean if something has parameters? This article will define the meaning of parameters and teach you how to use it. Read on to learn more!

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Lots of things might come with a set of parameters. So what does the word parameters mean? The following article will define this word of the day and teach you about the history of the word parameters and where it originated. 

Then, we will give you example sentences containing the word parameters and other information related to the word parameters, such as translations, synonyms, and antonyms.

What Does Parameters Mean?

According to Dictionary, the word parameter is a noun with multiple meanings. A person will often use the word parameters to refer to guidelines or boundaries for something. The pronunciation of parameter is pəˈræm ɪ tər, and parameter is four syllables: pa-ram-et-er. The adjective form of the word parameter is parametric (ˌpær əˈmɛ trɪk).

The term parameter might appear in a variety of contexts. For example, we can also use the term parameter in mathematics to refer to one of several independent variables in parametric equations that find a derivative or the slope of a line. 

There is also another use of parameters in computer science. Here, a parameter is a variable that needs a specific value during a certain program or procedure. In statistics, a parameter is a variable that relates to distributions.

How Can We Use Parameters in a Sentence?

There are many examples of parameters that you might see in everyday life. By studying these example sentences containing the word parameter, you can learn how to use the word parameter. 

After you feel confident in your knowledge and usage of the word parameter, you can try making your own example sentence or using the word parameter in conversation. 

The parameters my mom gave my sister and me for our New York trip lacked practicality. For example, how could she expect us to be back at our hotel by 8 PM every night if the Broadway shows we planned on seeing didn’t start until 8:30? We knew she cared about our safety, but she went a little too far.

We instilled several parameters in our foreign policy to ensure that we aligned ourselves with countries whose ideals matched our own. We did not want to be pulled into any terrible plot or scheme.

The boss gave the team a useful parameter to complete the project and measure their success. They were grateful for both the guideline and the boss’s continued support of the team.

What Is the Etymology of Parameters?

The word parameter entered the English language in the mid-1600s and came from the New Latin parametrum from the Greek words para (meaning “beside”) and the Greek metron (meaning “measure”).

What Are Translations of Parameters?

Several languages worldwide might use parameters in mathematics, computer science, or daily life, but this word will appear differently than it does in the American English language. To learn how to refer to parameters in various world languages, check out this list of translations of parameters from Nice Translator. 

If you are going to be traveling or working with people from another country, knowing how to say the word parameters in their native language can prove very useful. 

  • Czech: parametry
  • Danish: parametre
  • Basque: parametroak
  • Welsh: baramedrau
  • Portuguese (Brazil): parâmetros
  • Malay: parameter
  • Filipino: mga parameter
  • Dutch: parameters
  • Finnish: parametrit
  • German: Parameter
  • Chinese (PRC): 参数
  • Ukrainian: параметри
  • Hungarian: paraméterek
  • Japanese: パラメーター
  • Portuguese (Portugal): parâmetros
  • Arabic: المعلمات
  • Catalan: paràmetres
  • Urdu: پیرامیٹرز
  • Indonesian: parameter
  • French: paramètres
  • Estonian: parameetrid
  • Gujarati: પરિમાણો
  • Serbian: Параметри
  • Swedish: parametrar
  • Bulgarian: параметри
  • Spanish: parámetros
  • Italian: parametri
  • Romanian: parametri
  • Vietnamese: thông số
  • Tamil: அளவுருக்கள்
  • Greek: Παράμετροι
  • Thai: พารามิเตอร์
  • Slovak: parametre
  • Hindi: मापदंडों
  • Kannada: ನಿಯತಾಂಕಗಳು
  • Russian: параметры
  • Croatian: parametri
  • Polish: parametry
  • Marathi: मापदंड
  • Turkish: parametreler
  • Latvian: parametri
  • Bengali: প্যারামিটার
  • Icelandic: breytur
  • Norwegian: parametere
  • Telugu: పారామితులు
  • Swahili: vigezo
  • Malayalam: പാരാമീറ്ററുകൾ
  • Lithuanian: parametrai
  • Amharic: መለኪያዎች
  • Hebrew: פרמטרים
  • Slovenian: parametri
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 參數
  • Korean: 매개 변수

What Are Synonyms of Parameters?

People might use the word parameters in a general sense or in a specific way in computer science and mathematics. In order to avoid confusion, you can opt to use a synonym in place of the word parameters if you are going to use it in a general way. 

To learn all of the different ways that you could say words that mean parameters, check out this list of synonyms of parameters from Power Thesaurus.

  • ambit
  • argument
  • arguments
  • benchmarks
  • boundaries
  • boundary
  • bounds
  • circumstances
  • compass
  • compasses
  • conditions
  • confines
  • crite
  • criterion
  • existing condition
  • existing conditions
  • extent
  • factors
  • framework
  • guideline
  • guidelines
  • how things stand
  • latitude
  • limit
  • limitation
  • limits
  • no change
  • orbit
  • present state of affairs
  • range
  • reach
  • requirements
  • restriction
  • scope
  • size of it
  • span
  • specification
  • state of affairs
  • status in quo
  • status quo
  • variable
  • variables

What Are Antonyms of Parameters?

If something does not have any guidelines or parameters, you might describe it as unlimited or limitless. To learn many different ways to describe something that does not have any parameters, you can use this list of words from Power Thesaurus.

  • absolute
  • bottomless
  • boundless
  • complete
  • countless
  • dictatorial
  • endless
  • extensive
  • full
  • illimitable
  • immeasurable
  • immense
  • incalculable
  • indefinite
  • inexhaustible
  • infinite
  • innumerable
  • interminable
  • limitless
  • measureless
  • never-ending
  • numberless
  • outright
  • plenary
  • straight-out
  • total
  • totalitarian
  • unbounded
  • unchecked
  • unconditional
  • unconstrained
  • uncontrolled
  • undefined
  • unfettered
  • unlimited
  • unmitigated
  • unqualified
  • unreserved
  • unrestrained
  • unrestricted
  • untold
  • vast


The definition of parameter is a guideline or boundary. This term can also mean a variable when a person uses it in computing, mathematics, or statistics.

Do you find it helpful when someone gives you the parameters of a project or assignment?


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