The Meaning of OOTD: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know what the abbreviation OOTD means? This article will provide you with all of the info you need on the acronym OOTD, including its definition, usage, useful examples, and more!

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What does the acronym OOTD stand for?

According to Urban Dictionary, the acronym OOTD stands for “outfit of the day.” This is a piece of internet slang that people will use in a caption or hashtag when they are posting a photo of what they are wearing on a particular day. People will usually use this slang term on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tiktok alongside a photo, or via SMS text messages. These are always accompanied by a photo of the outfit and will sometimes include where the poster purchased each piece. 

While this acronym is best known to mean “outfit of the day,” the acronym also has a few other less common meanings, listed below from Cyber Definitions, The Free Dictionary and ESL Forums. While these definitions are accurate, none are as well known as “outfit of the day.” One should exercise caution when using one of these alternate meanings and ensure the context is clear, because people will probably think the user means “outfit of the day.”

  • One of These Days (Pink Floyd song)
  • Out of the Darkness
  • Order of the Dragon (gaming guild, World of Warcraft)
  • Out of the Dust
  • Offer of the Day (
  • Out of the Dryer
  • Order of the Dragonriders (Age of Conan gaming guild)
  • Opinion of the Day

Where is the acronym OOTD commonly seen?

The acronym OOTD is most commonly seen on social media sites like Instagram, Tumblr, and other independent fashion blogs. Fashion bloggers will use the term OOTD as a hashtag or in the caption of a selfie. This is a very popular hashtag and acronym and people normally use it so that they can get more traffic to their Instagram page or a specific post.  

He Spoke Style states that these photos are commonly taken in a full-length mirror or as a “plandid” (planned candid) on the street. These are almost always taken with a mobile phone camera, but on occasion fashion bloggers tend to reuse pictures from photo shoots that have been taken on professional DSLR cameras. Sometimes Instagram users will use multiple slides of a post for different anges or details of the outfit, or they could arrange them into a grid photo layout. These different images or slides can feature accessories or minute details of the outfit that one may not be able to see from a distant, full-length photo. 

Sometimes these posts are sponsored by certain brands that provided the clothing for the OOTD. In these cases, the fashion blogger or influencer will mention that the post is an ad and will include details about the brand in the caption of the post. Many influencers and fashion bloggers earn a living by promoting brands via sponsored OOTD posts.

What are synonyms for the acronym OOTD?

There are many different terms one could use in place of the internet slang acronym OOTD. Some of these are also acronyms, but others are more well-known words or phrases that one could use when speaking aloud rather than texting or posting on social media. These are listed below from Thesaurus. Someone might also use the term OOTW in a Youtube video or multi-slide Instagram post. This stands for “outfits of the week” and is used to show off all of the different ensembles one has worn in a given week.

  • WIWT – “What I Wore Today”
  • Accoutrements
  • Clothing
  • Costume
  • Ensemble
  • Garb
  • Guise
  • Suit
  • Wardrobe
  • Get-up

How can OOTD be used in a sentence?

The internet slang abbreviation OOTD can be used in a variety of different ways – it is not exclusively for use in the caption or hashtag of an Instagram post. Someone might send an OOTD to their mom, friend, sister, or other close acquaintance to get an opinion on a certain outfit, or to have them look over the photo before posting. In this first example, Sierra is planning her outfit for the first day of college. She texts her older sister Savannah a picture of the outfit for her opinion.

Sierra: Savannah! What do u think of this first day of college OOTD? I was going for casual and not too desperate… even though i am VERY desperate, LOL. Straight leg jeans, Vans, turtleneck under a t-shirt and a beanie. What do u think?

Savannah: I think it’s perf! I might swap out the t shirt for a crew neck sweatshirt just bc u might be cold, but other than that I love it! I can’t believe my baby sister is going to college.

Sierra: ROFL, IKR! I’m buying a backpack now… we think just plain black yes? I don’t wanna get made fun of.

Savannah: First of all, no one is going to make fun of you no matter what u wear. There are so many people on a college campus that there’s like a 1% chance you’ll ever see any of those people again. Second, yes, you can never go wrong with plain back. Make sure the straps have padding though – I made that mistake my freshman year.

Sierra: TYSM!!!

Overall, the trending slang term OOTD means “outfit of the day.” This term is used predominantly by influencers and fashion bloggers when they post a photo of the outfit they wore on a particular day to social media. This term can be used as a hashtag or in the caption. Sometimes these fashion bloggers also include where they purchased each piece in order to allow their followers to recreate their look.