The Meaning of Nexus: What It Is and How To Use It

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Today, you will learn all about a nexus. In this article, you will learn the definition of nexus and how to use the word nexus in a sentence. We’ll also cover topics like translations of nexus, the etymology of nexus, and more.

You could say that this article is a nexus of information about the word nexus!

What Does Nexus Mean?

According to Dictionary, a nexus is a means of connection or link. This noun can also refer to a core or a connected series. Nexus is two syllables (nex-us), and the pronunciation of nexus is ˈneksəs. You might also see the plural nexuses.

The word nexus has a specific definition in cell biology. Here, a nexus is a specialized area of the cell membrane involved with adhesion and intercellular communication. 

How Can We Use Nexus in a Sentence?

Nexus is a fairly uncommon word that you might not hear much in daily life. However, this is a great rare word to incorporate into your vocabulary. 

By reading the below example sentences, you can learn how to incorporate the word nexus into your vocabulary. 

Example #1: An Economic Nexus

One of the central issues in the Supreme Court case South Dakota v. Wayfair was the concept of economic nexus and sales tax. 

Example #2: The Nexus of Culture

She believed that the nexus of art, culture, and excitement lived at the heart of New York City but had to experience it with her own physical presence to understand it fully.

Example #3: The Nexus of the Issue

None of the group members for the school project was the nexus of their problems. They were all doing different parts of the project, and it was very disjointed. 

Example #4: The Fashionable Nexus

Her fashion was the nexus of romance, Old Hollywood, and eerie. Her unique style landed her cover spreads in every major magazine around the world.

What Is the Etymology of Nexus?

The word origin of the word nexus is actually quite simple! The English word nexus comes directly from the Latin nexus. This term comes from the Latin nectere, meaning to bind or fasten. Nectere itself has Indo-European roots in the Latin nect and nexo

When you learn where words come from, it can make it easier to figure out the definitions of connected words. 

What Are Translations of Nexus?

There are different ways that you can say the word nexus all around the world! You may notice that many of these translations of the word nexus from Nice Translator look a lot like the word nexus. This is because nexus has Latin origins, as do many of the following languages. 

Can you tell which of these words also originate in Latin?

  • Italian: nesso
  • Finnish: yhteys
  • Swedish: nexus
  • Slovak: súvislosť
  • Hebrew: קֶשֶׁר
  • Tamil: நெக்ஸஸ்
  • German: Nexus
  • Turkish: bağ kurma
  • Romanian: legătură
  • Bengali: নেক্সাস
  • Catalan: nexe
  • Hungarian: kapcsolat
  • Polish: ogniwo
  • Urdu: نیکس
  • Ukrainian: зв’язок
  • Latvian: saikne
  • French: lien
  • Malayalam: നെക്സസ്
  • Welsh: nghysegion
  • Dutch: samenhang
  • Marathi: nexus
  • Basque: neexus
  • Spanish: nexo
  • Danish: Nexus
  • Portuguese (Portugal): nexo
  • Bulgarian: Nexus
  • Hindi: बंधन
  • Croatian: spoj
  • Kannada: ನೆತ್ತರು
  • Serbian: некус
  • Greek: πλέγμα
  • Telugu: నెక్సస్
  • Norwegian: Nexus
  • Portuguese (Brazil): nexo
  • Korean: 연결점
  • Estonian: seos
  • Gujarati: ચેતન
  • Japanese: ネクサス
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 關係
  • Chinese (PRC): 关系
  • Indonesian: perhubungan

What Are Synonyms of Nexus?

Power Thesaurus provides many word lists related to the word nexus, including the below synonyms. You might wonder why learning synonyms of a certain word is useful. However, there are several reasons why you might need to know a synonym of nexus!

First, nexus is a fairly uncommon word, and you might need to be able to provide a synonym to someone who doesn’t know what nexus means. Second, you might be looking for a word that is more casual than the word nexus. Finally, if you feel you have overused the word nexus, you can use a synonym of nexus in its place.

  • association
  • axis
  • base
  • bond
  • catena
  • catenation
  • center
  • chain
  • complex
  • concatenation
  • confluence
  • connection
  • consecution
  • core
  • cynosure
  • data link
  • epicenter
  • fastening
  • focus
  • fulcrums
  • ground zero
  • heart
  • hub
  • joining
  • joint
  • junction
  • juncture
  • keys
  • knot
  • liaison
  • ligament
  • ligature
  • link
  • linkage
  • links
  • locus
  • mecca
  • middle
  • navel
  • network
  • nucleus
  • radio link
  • relation
  • relationship
  • series
  • system
  • tie
  • union
  • vinculum
  • yoke
  • zippers

What Are Antonyms of Nexus?

It can also be useful to know the antonyms of the word nexus. Knowing the opposite of the word nexus can be helpful in reinforcing your knowledge of the definition of nexus and expand your base vocabulary. 

Take a look at this list of antonyms of nexus from Power Thesaurus for any antonym you need!

  • argument
  • being apart
  • break
  • breakup
  • cessation
  • conflict
  • detachment
  • disagreement
  • disconnection
  • discontinuity
  • disjunction
  • disjuncture
  • dispute
  • disrelation
  • disruption
  • dissension
  • dissociation
  • disunion
  • disunity
  • divergence
  • divergency
  • division
  • embarkation
  • gap
  • interference
  • interruption
  • intrusion
  • parting
  • parting of the ways
  • partition
  • rupture
  • separation
  • severance
  • split
  • split-up


A nexus is a point of connection or link. This word can also refer to the center or core of something. While this word also has a specialized meaning in the field of cell biology, you are more likely to hear this term when someone is referring to a link or tie. 

The word nexus is of Latin origin. Try to use this word in a sentence today!


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