The Names Meaning Light: What They Are and How To Use Them

Do you know names meaning light? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on names meaning light for both boys, girls, and unisex names, plus information on their popularity and origin!

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What are names meaning light for girls?

There are many different girl names meaning light that you could choose for a beautiful baby girl. Someone might choose to name their daughter light because they know she will be the light of their life, or because they envision her as a beam of light bringing joy to the world. They might even choose to name her after the Greek goddess of light or the sun. Someone who is named for the light is sure to bring a bright, sunny spirit wherever they may go. While these names from Name Berry are traditionally female, that does not mean that you should steer clear of these for boys. All in all, names have no gender, and you should choose a name that you feel fits your child regardless of their gender or sex.

  •  Luz – Meaning (Spanish): light
  •  Sanaa – Meaning (African): work of art; shining light
  •  Elaine – Meaning (French, Scottish): bright; shining light
  •  Eileen – Meaning (Gaelic, Scottish, Scotch-Irish): Bright, shining one
  •  Alina – Meaning (Greek): light
  •  Ayla – Meaning (Turkish): moonlight
  •  Phoebe – Meaning (Greek): brilliant, radiant
  •  Dawn – Meaning (Old English): first appearance of light
  •  Aurora – Meaning (Latin): dawn
  •  Zia – Meaning (Arabic): light, splendor
  •  Nahara – Meaning (Aramaic): light
  •  Phaedra – Meaning (Greek): bright
  •  Mahina – Meaning (Hawaiian): moonlight
  •  Ellen – Meaning (Greek): sun, ray, shining light
  •  Faven – Meaning (African): light
  •  Aonani – Meaning (Hawaiian): beautiful light
  •  Kamaria – Meaning (African): moonlight
  •  Iliana – Meaning (Spanish): ray of light
  •  Senna – Meaning (Arabic): brightness
  •  Leora – Meaning (Greek): compassion, light
  •  Lucy/Lucia/Luciana – Meaning (Latin): light
  •  Nur/Noor – Meaning (Arabic): light
  •  Eliora – Meaning (Hebrew): the Lord is my light
  •  Chiara – Meaning (Italian): light; clear
  •  Sheridan – Meaning (Gaelic): bright light
  •  Ilka – Meaning (Hungarian): bright; shining one
  •  Ziva – Meaning (Hebrew): brilliance; brightness
  •  Ilona – Meaning (Hungarian): light
  •  Clarabelle – Meaning (Latin): bright and beautiful
  •  Helen/Helena – Meaning (Greek): shining one; bright
  •  Hannelore – Meaning (German): God is my light; grace
  •  Akiko – Meaning (Japanese): bright
  •  Thea – Meaning (Greek): goddess of light
  •  Roxana – Meaning (Persian): dawn; little star
  •  Eleanor – Meaning (Gaelic, Scottish, Scotch-Irish): Light
  •  Oralee – Meaning (Hebrew): my light
  •  Meira – Meaning (Hebrew): light
  •  Ciana – Meaning (Italian): light
  •  Avira – Meaning (Tamil): bright
  •  Nera – Meaning (Hebrew): light; candle

What are names meaning light for boys?

There are also many different baby boy names that mean light and bright. You could choose to name your son something that means light because you believe he will bring light and joy to the world, because you see him as the light of your life or the light of your world, or because you simply enjoy the bright, happy connotation that these names bring. Just because these names are traditionally male or may have a more mascule sound, that does not mean that they cannot be used for female children. Many of these names could make a strong, powerful name for a young girl. Name your child in a way that you feel is best, and do not let tradition dictate the types of names you can give you children.  

  •  Anwar – Meaning (Arabic): light
  •  Nuri – Meaning (Arabic or Hebrew): light; fire
  •  Albert – Meaning (German): bright; noble
  •  Lucian – Meaning (Latin): light
  •  Elior – Meaning (Hebrew): God is light
  •  Abner – Meaning (Hebrew): father of light
  •  Xavier – Meaning (Arabic, Basque): bright; new house
  •  Meyer – Meaning (Hebrew): bringer of light
  •  Zain – Meaning (Hindi): godly light
  •  Albus – Meaning (Latin): bright; white
  •  Fynn – Meaning (Irish): bright, fair
  •  Ambert – Meaning (German): Bright, shining light
  •  Dritan – Meaning (Albanian): Light
  •  Hobbes – Meaning (English): bright fame
  •  Jomei – Meaning (Japanese): spread light
  •  Robert – Meaning (German, English): bright fame
  •  Pradeep – Meaning (Hindi): light
  •  Callahan – Meaning (Irish): bright-headed
  •  Raiden – Meaning (Japanese): God of Thunder and Lightning
  •  Brighton – Meaning (English): bright town
  •  Barack – Meaning (Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili): lightning, thunderbolt; blessing
  •  Ner – Meaning (Hebrew): candle or light
  •  Oran – Meaning (Aramaic or Gaelic): light; pale
  •  Beacon – Meaning (Old English): signal light
  •  Chandler – Meaning (English): Candle maker
  •  Kiran – Meaning (Hindi): beam of light
  •  Lito – Meaning (Latin): light
  •  Siraj – Meaning (Arabic): light; lamp
  •  Faro – Meaning (Italian): lighthouse
  •  Akiro – Meaning (Japanese): bright boy
  •  Harbin – Meaning (German): little bright warrior
  •  Chand – Meaning (Hindi): shining moon, light
  •  Lucas/Luca/Lucius – Meaning (Latin): bright; Shining
  •  Hikaru – Meaning (Japanese): light or radiance
  •  Uri – Meaning (Hebrew): my light
  •  Apollo – Meaning (Greek): Apollo
  •  Epifanio – Meaning (Spanish): bringing light

What are unisex names meaning light?

Having trouble deciding if you want to name your child a traditionally female or male name? Determined not to find out the sex before the child is born, but want to choose a name for them in advance? Planning on raising your child gender neutral? This list of unisex names from Family Education has got you covered. These are all beautiful names that mean light for any and all gender. 

  •  Gae – A French name meaning lighthearted.
  •  Cahya – This is Indonesian for The Light.
  •  Ziv – This is Hebrew for the light of God.
  •  Roshan – A Persian name that means bright.
  •  Kiran – A Sanscrit name that means a beam of light.
  •  Flash – An American name referring to a bright flash of light.
  •  Shashi – A Japanese name meaning moonlight.
  •  Nimai – This is Sanskrit and means filled with an inner light.
  •  Lior – This is Hebrew and means God’s gift of light.
  •  Dowan – An English name meaning daybreak, or the first appearance of light.
  •  Lux – A Greek name for light.
  •  Kenzie – A Scottish name that means light one.
  •  Merri – This English name means joyful and lighthearted.
  •  Mahina – A Polynesian name for moonlight.
  •  Elon – This is Greek for shining light.
  •  Anwar – An Arabic name for light.

Overall, names meaning light are perfect for any child you feel is the light of your life, or anyone you feel will bring light and joy to the world.


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