The Meaning of LMS: What It Is and How To Use It

Have you heard the acronym LMS and wondered what its definition is? This article will teach you about the meaning of LMS.

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Have you ever heard the term LMS and wondered what it means? This article will cover numerous definitions of the term LMS, focusing on learning management systems. If you have ever used a learning management system, you will probably be familiar with these types of systems. Otherwise, read on to learn something new! 

What Does LMS Stand For?

According to Tech Target and CMS Wire, LMS stands for learning management system. An LMS system is used for a company’s in-house training. 

While you can use this in a classroom for educational institutions, LMS use can span many forms of online training such as compliance training, harassment and human resources training courses, and other forms of eLearning content. New employees might have to use a hosted LMS platform for their onboarding.

These eLearning courses can track employee training and the learners’ progress. There is usually a certain number of clicks or amount of time that a person must complete in the distance learning software. Some are simply slides of information, while others use gamification to test an employee’s knowledge. This online course often does not have a real-time instructor and uses other strategies to measure engagement metrics.

While LMS systems cost money for their important features, using an LMS system can often be less than in-person training costs. Additionally, with a learning content management system, the company can use one hub for many different training needs. Some LMS systems are open-source while others are bought from an LMS vendor.

Suppose a person was starting on the social media team of a company, for example. In that case, their LMS system might teach them about the company’s current social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and more. They might learn about the company’s brand, how to set up these profiles and notifications on their mobile device, and more.

What Are Other Meanings of LMS? 

The Free Dictionary states that LMS can stand for many things other than learning management system. Depending on which field you are in, you might hear this term stand for numerous different things. How many of these definitions of LMS have you heard before?

Meanings of LMS in Science

LMS can mean different things in the field of science:

  • LAN Management System
  • Library Management System
  • Loyalty Management System (various companies)
  • License Management Services
  • Le Mans Series
  • License Management System
  • Library Media Services
  • Landesk Management Suite
  • Lotus Learning Management System
  • Laboratory Management Software (various companies)
  • Location and Monitoring Services
  • Lightweight Modular Staging (software generation technique)
  • Loop Management System
  • Local Measured Service
  • Land Management System
  • Local Messaging Service
  • Local Message Store
  • Laser Magnetic Storage
  • Library Maintenance System
  • Low Maintenance System (various companies)
  • Life-cycle Management System
  • Long Messaging Service
  • Local Message Switch
  • LanMan Server
  • Loose Mail System (US Postal Service)
  • Linear Machine Sentence
  • Lightwave Measurement System (Agilent)
  • Langley Management System
  • Land Mobile Satellite System
  • Laser Mass Spectrometry
  • Lunar Mass Spectrometer
  • Lunar Module Simulator
  • Lateral Meningocele Syndrome
  • Likely Model Set
  • Lunar Mission Scenario
  • Literature Monitoring Service
  • Liberty Medical Specialties, Inc (Whiteville, NC)

Meanings of LMS in Business

In business, LMS has many different possible meanings:

  • London Midland Scottish Railway
  • Lowe’s Motor Speedway
  • Lodging Management System
  • Litigation Management Services (various organizations)
  • Litton Marine Systems (Litton Industries, Inc.)
  • Loan Management Services (South Africa mortgage company)
  • Load Measurement System
  • Leave Management System
  • Labor Market Statistics
  • Loss Mitigation Services (various locations)
  • Lockheed Martin Services
  • Local Market Supplement
  • Labour Market System (UK)
  • Lighting Management System
  • Leads Management System (State Farm)
  • London Market Systems (UK)
  • Light Metal Scrap
  • LANXESS Management System
  • Leuven Measurement Systems International, Belgium
  • Le Mans Series (championnat automobile d’endurance organisé par l’ACO)
  • London Missionary Society
  • Last Man Standing
  • Lakeside Middle School (various locations)
  • Library Media Specialist (various oranizations)
  • Lincoln Middle School
  • Local Management of Schools
  • Liberty Middle School (various locations)
  • Lucy Moses School (New York)
  • Longfellow Middle School
  • Lionville Middle School
  • Leadership and Management Section (various organizations)
  • Lelean Memorial School (Fiji)
  • Lancaster Mennonite School (Pennsylvania)
  • Lady Manners School (UK)
  • Linwood Middle School (North Brunswick, NJ)
  • Lakeview Middle School (Fort Oglethrope, GA)
  • Leading Math Success (Ontario, Canada)
  • Lower Merion Synagogue
  • LaGrange Middle School (Lagrangeville, New York)
  • Lansdowne Middle School (Maryland)
  • Lilburn Middle School (Lilburn, Georgia)
  • Linglestown Middle School (Harrisburg, PA)
  • Lamdon Model School (Zanskar, India)
  • Lanka Mahila Samiti (Sri Lanka)
  • Lamplighter Montessori School (Cordova, TN)

Meanings of LMS in Government

LMS is used in government and the military to stand for even more different things:

  • Logistics Management System
  • Logistics Management Specialist
  • Logistics Management Support
  • Link Monitoring System
  • Local Monitoring Station
  • Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter
  • Legal Metrology Service (Ireland)
  • Lightweight Mission Shelter

Meanings of LMS as Slang Terms

LMS can also be used in various circumstances as a slang term:

  • Last Man Standing (style of deathmatch game)
  • Let Me See
  • Little Miss Sunshine (movie)
  • Little Man Syndrome
  • Lisa Marie Simpson (Simpsons character)
  • Like My Status (social networking)
  • Laza, Miriam, & Shy-Poo (reggae band)
  • Larne Main Street (UK)
  • Laughing Myself Silly


Usually, the term LMS stands for learning management system. This type of software is used by many different businesses to teach their employees different things. These can include harassment training, HR topics, and learning software or other skills vital to their role. 


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