The Meaning of LDR: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of LDR? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the abbreviation LDR, including its definition, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the acronym LDR stand for?

According to Dictionary and Urban Dictionary, the term LDR stands for long-distance relationship. This refers to a romantic relationship in which the two participants live too far away from each other to see one another frequently. This could be because of citizenship reasons or any number of together reasons, including work or school. Long distance relationships are very difficult and often require a lot of time and effort since there is no physical contact. These are often in different time zones, and require a strong relationship and intimate relationship to have a successful relationship. Often, college students attempt an LDR with their high school partners, but it is difficult when it comes to daily life, new friends, and new circumstances. People in long-distance relationships might have virtual dates via Skype, frequent phone calls using mobile phones, or trips to visit one another. It is easier nowadays due to technological advancements, but it still is not easy to make a long distance relationship work. An LDR is often a temporary thing until two people can live together. This internet slang term is an easy, quick shorthand to use in place of the full form of the phrase. Try using this word of the day or other new words in a sentence today!

According to The Free Dictionary, the acronym LDR means much more than just long-distance relationship. This term has many other potential definitions. However, these are less common than “long-distance relationship.” If you do decide to use one of these alternate definitions, make sure that you provide the reader with the prepper context so that they can infer the correct meaning. This should be standard practice with any acronym that has more than one potential definition.

  • Lonesome Day Records (Booneville, KY)
  • Limit Data Rate
  • Low Dynamic Range
  • Laser Designator Ranger
  • Loan-to-Deposit Ratio (banking)
  • Low Data Rate
  • Lucent Digital Radio (Warren, NJ)
  • Low Density Recruiting (US Army National Guard)
  • Low Definition Radio
  • Labor Distribution Record
  • Lana Del Rey (musician)
  • Land Development Regulation
  • Lebanon Daily Record (newspaper; Lebanon, MO)
  • Light Detect Resistor
  • Local Distribution Radio
  • Leader
  • Lead Development Rep (various companies)
  • Lapdance Riders (motorcycle club)
  • Legislative Draft Request (Texas)
  • Land Disposal Restrictions
  • Large Deployable Reflector
  • Large Diameter Roll (paper making)
  • Labor Distribution Reporting (US government)
  • Louisiana Department of Revenue
  • Lutheran Disaster Response
  • Light Dependent Resistor
  • Liquid Droplet Radiator
  • Labor-Delivery-Recovery (room)
  • Land Development Review (various locations)
  • Logical Design Review
  • Long Distance Runner
  • Line Driver/Receiver (Alcatel)
  • Loan-Default Rate (finance/banking)
  • Lethal Display Range (US DoD)
  • Lightweight Data Replicator
  • Loader
  • Long Distance Release (fishing)
  • Last Ditch Racing (Maine-based rally racing team)
  • Local Dynamic Routing
  • Linear Depolarization Ratio
  • Law of Diminishing Returns (economic theory)
  • Local Distribution Radio (Sprint)
  • Long Distance Riders (motorcycle certification group)
  • Limited Distribution Release (Microsoft)
  • Let Down Ratio (plastics)
  • Local Dump and Restore
  • Listener Driven Radio (software)

How can the abbreviation LDR be used in a sentence?

LDR can be used in many different contexts to refer to a long-distance relationship. This abbreviation is usually used over text messaging and social media. In this example, Jamie and Sam have just been assigned as college roommates and are getting to know one another via SMS text message.

Sam: So do you have a boyfriend?

Jamie: Yeah, I’ve been with my high school boyfriend for three years! But he’s going to school in Georgia, so we’re about to be in an LDR. I’m really nervous.

Sam: Yeah, LDRs are tough! I was in one when my boyfriend who was two years older than me went to college. We only lasted a couple months; we just didn’t put in the effort. But I believe in you guys!

Sam: Haha, thanks! We’re going to do our best.

Here, Sam and Jamie use the term LDR to refer to the long distance relationships they entered into when they started college. They agree that LDRs are hard to maintain.

What are synonyms and antonyms for the term LDR?

While you may not be able to find LDR in a thesaurus, there are many other words and phrases that you can use to describe someone that is far away. These are called synonyms, which are words and phrases that have the same definition as another word or phrase. Synonyms are useful to know for acronyms like LDR, because these are not always appropriate to use in formal or polite settings. Synonyms are also an easy way to expand your vocabulary as well as a way to avoid repeating yourself. This list of synonyms is provided by Thesaurus

  • out of range
  • isolated
  • far-flung
  • far
  • piece
  • distant
  • separate
  • deep
  • middle of nowhere
  • backwoods
  • in the sticks
  • in the background
  • in the distance
  • removed
  • in the boonies
  • good ways
  • out-of-the-way
  • not home
  • unapproachable
  • retired
  • outlying
  • a good way
  • faraway
  • arm’s length
  • inaccessible
  • far-off
  • secluded
  • beyond range
  • bit
  • end of rainbow
  • a piece
  • sequestered
  • ways
  • far piece
  • wide of
  • indirect
  • further
  • secret
  • away
  • remote
  • yonder
  • farther
  • out of reach
  • abstracted
  • long
  • abroad
  • far back
  • afar
  • apart
  • asunder
  • obscure
  • telescopic
  • a long way
  • far-removed
  • miles
  • stone’s throw
  • out of earshot

There are also numerous different words and phrases that mean the opposite of the term LDR. These are called antonyms, which are another easy way to expand your English language vocabulary. This list of antonyms is also provided by Thesaurus

  • adjoining
  • ready
  • at hand
  • convenient
  • nearest
  • warm
  • at close quarters
  • under one’s nose
  • touching
  • near-at-hand
  • close shave
  • side-by-side
  • nigh
  • next door
  • proximate
  • in the ball park
  • adjacent
  • conterminous
  • hair’s breadth
  • nearby
  • imminent
  • handy
  • impending
  • immediate
  • along toward
  • near
  • close-by
  • practically
  • not remote
  • abutting
  • close
  • burning
  • neighboring
  • around the corner
  • close-at-hand
  • within stone’s throw
  • contiguous
  • proximal
  • alongside
  • vincinal
  • bordering
  • approximal
  • nearly
  • hard by
  • available
  • in close proximity
  • abreast
  • across the street
  • give or take a little
  • around
  • next
  • approaching
  • in spitting distance
  • beside

Overall, the acronym LDR stands for long-distance relationship. This refers to a romantic relationship in which the people involved live too far away to see each other frequently. This can be a very difficult situation to be in, and often people feel like they are counting down the days until they can see each other again.