Words That Start With Q: Your Scrabble Cheat Sheet

Words That Start with Q

Everyone wants an extensive vocabulary. Whether you’re playing games (like Scrabble or Words with Friends) or writing a paper, knowing more words can always come in handy. When you need a quick quip, words starting with Q can’t be beat. Here’s something you might not know: the letter Q is actually spelled with a C, not a Q! So, if you’re looking to quadruple your vocabulary, begin by learning a few words that start with cue, the 17th letter of the English alphabet.

We’ve created this list of words for you, organized by the number of letters in each word. Many of these words have more than one meaning. For simplicity, we’ve only listed one definition for each word. Keep in mind, this word list doesn’t contain every single English word that starts with Q; however, it’s a useful introduction to this very special letter.

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Here are some words that start with Q [2-15 letter words]

15-Letter Words

quadripartition – Noun | Division into four sections

quarterfinalist – Noun | A person competing in the round immediately preceding the semifinal round of a competition

quinquagenarian – Noun | A person in his or her 50’s

quintuplication – Noun | The act of multiplying by five

14-Letter Words

quadrisyllable – Noun | A word with four syllables

quantification – Noun | The process of measuring or counting

querimoniously – Adverb | In a complaining manner

quincentennial – Noun | 500th anniversary celebration

13-Letter Words

quadriliteral – Adjective | Having four letters

qualificative – Noun | A word that qualifies, often an adjective

quantivalence – Noun | Quantitative or measurable equivalence

quasiparticle – Noun | A composite entity that behaves like a single particle

12-Letter Words

quadriphonic – Adjective | Pertaining to sound recordings with four separate channels (also spelled quadraphonic)

quadriplegia – Noun | Paralysis from the neck down

quantifiable – Adjective | Possible to measure

quintessence – Noun | Exemplary, a representative of a category

11-Letter Words

quacksalver – Noun | A charlatan

quadrennial – Adjective | Lasting four years

quadrillion – Noun | A number equal to 1,000,000,000,000,000 (American English)

quicksilver – Adjective | Mercurial, prone to changing moods

10-Letter Words

quadcopter – Noun | A four-rotor helicopter without a pilot

quadricone – Noun | A mathematical term for a quadric surface made by the motion of a line through a fixed point

quadrivium – Noun | Advanced liberal arts subjects studied at medieval universities, which included music theory, arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy

quatrefoil – Noun | A four-petaled representation of a flower

9-Letter Words

quadruple – Verb |  To increase by one multiple of four

queenfish – Noun | An Indo-Pacific game fish

queenlike – Adjective | Regal, befitting a queen

quizzical – Adjective | Indicating puzzlement or disbelief

8-Letter Words

quaestor – Noun | An official in ancient Rome who was responsible for financial administration

quagmire – Noun | A difficult predicament

quandary – Noun | A state of doubt

quantile – Noun | Statistical term describing the distribution of a population into a given number of equal groupings

quenelle – Noun | A preparation of minced meat or fish, poached and often served with cream sauce

quisling – Noun | A person who collaborates with an occupying army

7-Letter Words

qiviut – Noun | Yarn spun from the undercoat of a musk ox

quaffer – Noun | Someone who enthusiastically drinks a beverage 

quaking – Verb | Trembling

quantic – Noun | A mathematical term for a rational, homogenous function of two or more variables with both rational and irrational coefficients

quetzal – Noun | A Central American bird with green and red plumage

querist – Noun | One who questions

quibble – Verb | To evade the main point of an argument by arguing about less important matters, especially language

quitter – Noun | A person who gives up easily

quizzer – Noun | Someone who administers a test

6-Letter Words

qintar – Noun | Albanian currency

quaere – Verb | To ask a question 

quagga – Noun | Extinct southern African mammal related to the zebra

quahog – Noun | An edible clam found in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of the United States

quaich – Noun | A small Scottish drinking vessel with handles

qubyte – Noun | A unit of eight quantum bits

queazy – Adjective | Nauseated

quelea – Noun | An African weaverbird

quench – Verb | To satisfy with water or another liquid

quiche – Noun | A savory pie made with eggs, cream, and filling

quince – Noun | An Asia tree fruit

quitch – Noun | A quick-spreading European grass

quokka – Noun | A short-tailed marsupial found in southwestern Australia

5-Letter Words

qanat – Noun | An underground aqueduct used to channel water for irrigation in the ancient Middle East

quack – Noun | A charlatan, especially someone claiming to be skilled in medicine

quaff – Noun | An enjoyable drink

quake – Noun | An instance of trembling, as in an earthquake

qualm – Noun | A feeling of uneasiness, especially about matters of conscience

quash – Verb | To extinguish thoroughly

quass – Noun | A fermented alcoholic beverage popular in eastern Europe (also spelled kvass)

qubit – Noun | A computing term for a single quantum bit

quern – Noun | A hand mill for grinding grain or corn

quiff – Noun | Hairstyle with a prominent lock of hair in the front

quint – Noun | One of five children resulting from the same pregnancy

quipu – Noun | Ancient Peruvian calculating device made of knotted textiles

quire – Noun | One twentieth of a ream of paper

quirt – Noun | A riding whip with a braided lash

quirk – Noun | A unique characteristic or idiosyncrasy 

quoin – Noun | A distinctive exterior cornerstone of a building

quoit – Noun | A ring of iron or rope used in a tossing game

quoll – Noun | A carnivorous marsupial found in Australia and New Guinea

quoth – Verb | An archaic word meaning said, usually followed by the subject who spoke

qursh – Noun | Saudi Arabian currency (also spelled qurush or ghirsh)

qwerty – Noun | A standard English-language keyboard

4-Letter Words

qadi – Noun | A judge of Islamic law

qaid – Noun | A Muslim administrator, judge, and tax collector in northern Africa (also spelled caid)  

qoph – Noun | The 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

quad – Noun | The greater extensor muscle of the thigh, quadriceps

quey – Noun | A young cow

quip – Verb | To make a clever, spur-of-the-moment remark

3-Letter Words

qat – Noun | A shrub used as a stimulant in Africa and the Middle East (also spelled khat)

qua –  Preposition | Assuming the function or character of 

2-Letter Words

qi – Noun | Vital energy

By looking at this list, you may be able to identify some common prefixes. Words that start with “quant” often have something to do with counting. Words beginning with “quad” and “quint” involve the numbers four and five. Understanding these linguistic patterns can help you to intuit what a word means, even when you don’t have a dictionary handy.

Use words that start with the letter cue to get yourself out of linguistic quagmires. If you memorize this listyou’ll be able to impress your friends with quirky answers to their toughest queries. No word finder or crossword puzzle will leave you in a quandary. From qi to quarterfinalist, you’ll be prepared with the right Q-word for any occasion.

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