The Meaning of KMS: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of KMS? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the acronym KMS, including its definition, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the acronym KMS stand for?

According to Dictionary and Urban Dictionary, the term KMS, sometimes written as KMSL is a slang term that means “kill myself.” This is often used in a hyperbolic or melodramatic way in SMS text messaging conversations as well as on social media after something bad happens to someone. However, if you fear that some may take their own life, be a resource for them and contact a suicide hotline. 

While other languages may not use the abbreviation KMS to refer to the phrase “kill myself,” they certainly contain their own words for self murder. While KMS is often used for exaggeration, these words are not. Be careful when using these different translations of KMS, because someone may think you are serious. You may notice that some of these words look and sound similar to each other. These are called cognates, which refer to words that preserve their meaning and general look and sound across languages. These are often formed when two words or languages have the same root or language of origin such as Latin or Greek. This list of translations is provided by Word Sense.

  • Georgian: თვითმკვლელობა‎
  • Mongolian: амиа хорлох‎
  • Persian: خودکشی‎ (xodkoši), انتحار‎ (entehâr) (dated)
  • Roman: samoùbōjstvo‎ (neut.), sȕicīd‎ (masc.)
  • Lao: ອັດຕະວິນິບາດກຳ‎
  • Kannada: ಆತ್ಮಹತ್ಯೆ‎ (neut.)
  • Latvian: pašnāvība‎ (fem.)
  • Latin: suicidium‎ (neut.)
  • Tajik: интиҳор‎, худкушӣ‎
  • Esperanto: sinmortigo‎
  • Urdu: آتم ہتیا‎, خودکُشی‎
  • Polish: samobójstwo‎ (neut.)
  • Dutch: zelfmoord‎ (masc.), zelfdoding‎ (fem.)
  • French: suicide‎ (masc.)
  • Chinese:
  • Yiddish: אַליינמאָרד‎ (masc.), זעלבסטמאָרד‎ (masc.)
  • Uzbek: xudkushlik‎, suitsid‎, oʻzini oʻldirish‎
  • Icelandic: sjálfsmorð‎ (neut.), sjálfsvíg‎ (neut.)
  • Hindi: आत्महत्या‎
  • Kyrgyz: өзүн өзү өлтүрүү‎
  • Basque: suizidio‎
  • Old English: selfcwala‎ (masc.), agenslaga‎ (masc.)
  • Czech: sebevražda‎ (fem.)
  • Norman: suicide‎ (masc.)
  • Mandarin 自殺‎, 自杀‎ (zìshā)
  • Serbo-Croatian:
  • Korean: 자살‎ (自殺‎)
  • Swahili: jiua‎
  • Portuguese: suicídio‎ (masc.)
  • Ido: su-ocido‎
  • Arabic: اِنْتِحَار‎ (masc.)
  • Japanese: 自殺‎ (じさつ, jisatsu)
  • Vietnamese: tự sát‎ (自殺‎), tự tử‎ (自死‎)
  • Azeri: intihar‎
  • Macedonian: самоубиство‎
  • Catalan: suïcidi‎ (masc.)
  • Asturian: suicidiu‎ (masc.)
  • German: Suizid‎ (masc.), Freitod‎ (fem.) (euphemistic), Selbstmord‎ (masc.) (somewhat dysphemistic)
  • Afrikaans: selfmoord‎
  • Scottish Gaelic: fèin-mhurt‎ (masc.)
  • Indonesian: bunuh diri‎
  • Slovene: samomor‎ (masc.)
  • Turkish: intihar‎, öz öldürüm‎
  • Bulgarian: самоуби́йство‎ (neut.)
  • Galician: suicidio‎ (masc.)
  • Italian: suicidio‎ (masc.)
  • Cyrillic: самоубиство‎ (neut.), суицид‎ (masc.)
  • Slovak: samovražda‎ (fem.)
  • Khmer: សម្លាប់ខ្លួនឯង‎ (sɑmloap kluən aeng), អត្តឃាត‎ (atta’ kʰiet)
  • Belarusian: самагу́бства‎ (neut.), самазабойства‎ (neut.)
  • Danish: selvmord‎ (neut.)
  • Telugu: ఆత్మహత్య‎
  • Kazakh: өзін өзі өлтірушілік‎
  • Greek: αυτοκτονία‎ (fem.), αυτοχειρία‎ (fem.)
  • Albanian: vetëvrasje‎ (fem.)
  • Estonian: enesetapp‎
  • Spanish: suicidio‎ (masc.)
  • Turkmen: özüni öldürme‎
  • Burmese: ကိုယ်ကိုသတ်ခြင်း‎
  • Lithuanian: savižudybė‎ (fem.)
  • Hungarian: öngyilkosság‎
  • Thai: การฆ่าตัวตาย‎ (gaan kâa dtua dtaai)
  • Ilocano: ᜉᜈᜄ᜔ᜉᜃᜋᜆᜌ᜔‎ (panagpakamatay)
  • Norwegian: selvmord‎ (neut.)
  • Malay: bunuh diri‎
  • Manx: hene-varroo‎
  • Tagalog: pagpapatiwakal‎
  • Finnish: itsemurha‎
  • Tibetan: རང་ཤི་རྒྱབ་པ‎
  • Romanian: sinucidere‎ (fem.)
  • Hebrew: התאבדות‎
  • Novial: selftuo‎
  • Welsh: hunanladdiad‎
  • Russian: самоуби́йство‎ (neut.), суици́д‎ (masc.)
  • Armenian: ինքնասպանություն‎
  • Swedish: självmord‎ (neut.)
  • Ossetian: хиамарын‎
  • Bengali: আত্মহত্যা‎ (atmôhôtya)
  • Irish: féinmharú‎ (masc.)
  • Ukrainian: самогу́бство‎ (neut.), суїци́д‎ (masc.)

According to The Free Dictionary, the term KMS can stand for much more than just “kill my self.” This acronym has a plethora of other definitions. While these are still valid, they are far less common and should therefore be used sparingly and with caution. If you do decide to use one of these alternate definitions for the abbreviation KMS, make sure that you provide the reader with the proper context so that they are not confused and can infer the correct intended meaning. 

  • Key Management Service (Microsoft Activation Key Type)
  • Kyrene Middle School (Tempe, AZ)
  • Kallman Syndrome
  • Kia Motors Slovakia
  • Key Management System
  • Key Management Service
  • Kammerer Middle School (Louisville, Ky)
  • Key Management Specification
  • Kriegsmarine Schiff (Navy ship, German)
  • Kansas Motor Speedway (NASCAR track)
  • Knowledge Management System
  • Keeni Meeni Services (private security firm)
  • Kathleen Middle School (Florida)
  • Koninklijke Militaire School
  • Kill Me Slowly
  • Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (schools; Minnesota)
  • Kraemer Middle School (Placentia, CA)
  • Kirby Middle School (San Antonio, Texas)
  • Kochen Macht Spass (German: It’s Fun to Cook)
  • Kabuki Make-Up Syndrome (aka Kabuki Syndrome)
  • Kiewit Middle School (Omaha, NE)
  • Kernersville Middle School (North Carolina)
  • Kasabach-Merritt Syndrome
  • Kansas Medical Society
  • Kent Music School (UK)
  • Key Management Server
  • Keller Middle School
  • Kamloops Multicultural Society (Canada)
  • Kempsville Middle School
  • Kopachuck Middle School (Gig Harbor, WA)
  • Killing Me Softly
  • Knowledge Media Science
  • Korean Maplestory (gaming)
  • Kilometers

How can the abbreviation KMS be used in a sentence?

KMS is often used in text messaging and on social media in a hyperbolic way.

Friend 1: What did you get on the math test?

Friend 2: A 64%. I’m going to KMS if my parents don’t kill me first!

What are synonyms for the abbreviation KMS?

There are a few different words and phrases that one can use in place of the term KMS. These are called synonyms, which are words and phrases that have the same definition as another word or phrase. It is useful to know synonyms for terms like KMS because it is not always appropriate to use an acronym outside of casual settings. In professional and formal settings,one should use the full form of the acronym or slang term ro find a synonym. Synonyms are also useful to know if you are trying not to repeat yourself or if you are working on expanding your vocabulary. This list of synonyms for KMS is provided by Thesaurus

  • self-murder
  • hara-kiri
  • self-slaughter
  • self-immolation
  • seppuku
  • suicide
  • mélange
  • self-destruction

Overall, the term KMS is most often used as a slang term for kill myself. This trending internet slang term is often used for hyperbolic effect when something bad happens to someone. However, this should not be taken lightly. If you ever fear that someone is in danger of taking their own life, you should be a resource for them and potentially contact a suicide hotline.