The Meaning of KEK: What It Is and How To Use It

Have you ever heard the word KEK online and wondered what it means? This article will provide info on the meaning of KEK and its origins.

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You may have seen the term KEK floating around the online gaming world, but what does this word mean? This article explains the origin and usage of the word KEK in numerous contexts. We’re also diving into other Twitch emotes and how you can use synonyms in place of the term KEK. Keep reading to learn all about KEK!

What Does KEK Stand For?

KEK is an online slang term that means “LOL” or laugh out loud. It can be used interchangeably with the slang term LOL, but it is most commonly used in online gaming. This term originated in the MMORPG game World of Warcraft. It has spread across the internet due to the game’s popularity.

In the game WoW, there are two different teams — or factions — that cannot communicate with one another. When one player’s character types “LOL,” it is shown to the other team members as “KEK” instead. This also happens in the Korean game StarCraft by Korean players, which is the origin of this internet slang expression. Still, WoW players popularized it, and it now has variations just like “haha” or “LOL” as “keke” or “kekeke.”

Today, you can see KEK used as one of many internet acronyms on social media and forum sites like 4Chan. KEK can be used interchangeably with other similar words for laughter like LOL, LMAO, ROFLMAO, haha, hehe, and hahaha. Although these other forms of semi-ironic laughter are very popular, KEK is likely only used by younger participants in online gaming, and this abbreviation is less common.

Other Definitions of Kek

Kek has one alternate definition used by people on the American far-right who believe that America has been taken over by “cuckies and normies.” They state that the “keks” are the people who are on the far right, and they use this term to separate themselves from the rest of the American people. These people state that they come from “Kekistan.”

People who believe in alt-right politics are likely supporters of Donald Trump who dislike liberals. In this context, people who use kek are not using it as a comical reaction but rather to describe their idea of the current situation in American politics. 

Kek is also a Turkish snack and an ancient Egyptian god. 

What Are Other Meanings of KEK? 

The Free Dictionary states that there are many other meanings of KEK outside of its use as internet laughter. If you speak with someone about another topic aside from online gaming, they might be using KEK to mean one of the below definitions instead. 

Have you ever heard KEK stand for one of the below definitions?

  • Key Encryption Key
  • Kollektief Eper Kunstenaars (Dutch: Diskeeper Artists Collective)
  • Key Encrypting Key
  • Kommission zur Ermittlung der Konzentration im Medienbereich
  • Koo Energy Ken (Japan)
  • Key Exchange Key
  • Koh Ene Ken (Japanese:National Laboratory for High-Energy Physics)
  • Kuti Edwards-Kuti (Maryland)
  • Kou Enerugii Butsurigaku Kenkyusho (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization; Tsukuba, Japan)
  • Konferenz Europäischer Kirchen (German: Conference of European Churches, CEC)
  • Korporata Energjetike e Kosoves (Power Corporation of Kosova)

What Are Other Twitch Emotes?

KEK is commonly used on Twitch as an in-chat reaction, and it even has its own Twitch emote KEKW. There are numerous different Twitch emotes that people use on the platform, many of which feature Pepe the Frog. You can study this list of Twitch emotes so that you know what people mean when they use these different emotes on Twitch. 

  • SourPLS
  •  PepeLaugh
  •  PJSalt
  •  MingLee
  •  Wutface
  •  CoolStoryBob
  •  Bloodtrail
  •  BabyRage
  •  gachiBASS
  •  GayPride
  •  Pepehands
  •  MorphinTime
  •  WeirdChamp
  •  MonkaW
  •  FeelsBadMan
  •  FeelsGoodMan
  •  LUL
  •  TopKEK
  •  NotLikeThis
  •  5Head
  •  DansGame
  •  FailFish
  •  YEP
  •  MonkaS
  •  PogChamp
  •  Kreygasm
  •  3Head
  •  Poggers
  •  Pog
  •  SingsMic
  •  SquadW
  •  Kappa
  •  haHaa
  •  MonkaH
  •  monkaOMEGA
  •  HeyGuys
  •  CmonBruh
  •  TriHard
  •  SabaPing
  •  BlessRNG
  •  MonkaHmm
  •  AYAYA
  •  ForsenCD
  •  SwiftRage
  •  ResidentSleeper
  •  widepeepoHappy
  •  SMOrc
  •  FeelsBirthdayMan
  •  KKomrade
  •  Kkona
  •  duDudu
  •  TheIlluminati
  •  PRChase
  •  BibleThump
  •  4Head
  •  TheThing
  •  MrDestructoid
  •  DoritosChip
  •  KEKW
  •  VoHiYo
  •  Keepo
  •  Jebaited
  •  MonkaGIGA
  •  4Weird
  •  gachiGASM
  •  Seemsgood
  •  PogU
  •  CurseLit
  •  BrokeBack
  •  SSSsss

What Are Synonyms of KEK?

Since KEK is a fairly niche internet slang term, people might not know what it means. People will probably know what you mean if you are using KEK in an online gaming chat or on a Twitch stream. In another setting, it is better to use one of the below synonyms of laughing from Power Thesaurus instead. These words will still get your point across but maintain professionalism and not confuse others.

  • amusing
  • beaming
  • blithe
  • blithesome
  • bright
  • buoyant
  • cheerful
  • cheery
  • chirpy
  • chortle
  • chortling
  • chuckle
  • chuckling
  • convivial
  • debonair
  • enjoyable
  • exhilarated
  • festive
  • funny
  • gay
  • giggle
  • giggling
  • glad
  • gleeful
  • guffaw
  • guffawing
  • happy
  • hilarious
  • jocose
  • jocular
  • jocund
  • jolly
  • jovial
  • joyful
  • joyous
  • laughed
  • laughter
  • light
  • lighthearted
  • lively
  • merry
  • mirthful
  • mock
  • perky
  • riant
  • ridicule
  • smile
  • smiling
  • sniggering
  • sparkling
  • sprightly
  • sunny


Overall, KEK is used to show laughter on the internet, particularly in the online gaming community. It originated in the chat function of a Blizzard game as a translation of LOL. 

This term is also used by people on the alt-right, so make sure that you are careful when using it if you are not associated with the alt-right or right-wing politics.


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