The Meaning of KWTD: What It Is and How To Use It

This guide will give you a plethora of information on the acronym KWTD, including its meaning, origin, how to use it in a sentence, and more!

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What is the meaning of the acronym KWTD?

According to AllAcronyms, the acronym KWTD stands for know what to do. Urban Dictionary states that it began as an acronym in the video gaming community, and continues to be popular there today. It is often used by people who are LFG in gaming related chat forums. Here, LFG began as meaning “Looking for Group,” but is sometimes laced with expletives to mean “Let’s F—ing Go.”

According to Cyber Definitions, LFG and KWTD are predominantly used on gaming related chat forums like Reddit or other online gaming communities. LFG indicates that the poster is looking for an already established group, or is looking to form a group with other members. The abbreviation or acronym LFM could also be used on these sites. LFM stands for “Looking for Member,” and is used to show that an established group is looking for new members to participate in their group or team.

If someone posts KWTD in their LFG or LFM postings, this disclaimer means that they are looking for a player who is experienced in-game and knows what they are doing. These postings are not looking for newbies, or people who are new to the game or do not know how to play. If someone joins a group that specifically requested they want someone who KWTD, this means that that player should be experienced and good at the game.

The opposite of KWTD is also popular in text speech and gaming forums. This acronym is IDKWTD, which combines the common text speak or chat speak IDK, which stands for “I don’t know,” and WTD, meaning “what to do.”

KWTF is also a radio station in Southern California, which, according to KWTW, services communities like Lancaster, Palmdale, Mojave, and China Lake/Ridgecrest. This radio stations transmits on 91.9 FM and went on air for the first time in February 2006. It predominatly airs religious music or Christian contemporary music, according to TuneIn.

How did KWTD become popularized?

While the phrase has become commonplace in the gaming community, many, such as commentors on Bungie, a gaming internet site with forums, advise against joining any groups that request members are KWTD. Many believe the groups requesting this type of player are simply looking for experienced players to carry people who are worse at certain games through the round.

Bungie developed Destiny, Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon, many of which have online multiplayer options in which groups may request players that are KWTD. Often, players use the term KWTD when looking for other players in a Destiny 2 game. Bungie was founded in May 1991 by Alex Seropian and Jason Jones, and are currently based in Bellevue, Washington, according to GiantBomb. Their video game Halo has become incredibly popular, as has Destiny. The company has a ten-year exclusive partnership with Activision.

How would someone use KWTD in a sentence?

Someone would often use KWTD on a gaming forum. They might say that they are, “Looking for two players (KWTD).” This means that the person posting on the forum for the specific game is looking for two other human players who are experienced with the game and knowledgeable about its mechanics. The people playing do not want to spend their time teaching others how to play, or to be held back by inexperienced players.

Are there any synonyms of KWTD?

Below are a list of many synonyms of knowledgeable, which is what game players are looking for when they request someone who knows what to do from Thesaurus.

·      Educated

·      Aware

·      Wise

·      Learned

·      Experienced

·      Informed

·      Cognizant

What are other acronyms and abbreviations used in the gaming community?

The gaming community uses a lot of shorthand so players can quickly communicate during gameplay or on forums. A brief selection of these terms from Make Use Of, alongside their definitions, can be seen below:

·      AFK: This term stands for “away from keyboard” and means that a player is unavailable temporarily.

·      DLC: This acronym stands for “downloadable content.” With downloadable content, players can receive extra elements like characters, levels, and more that are not available in the main game. The Sims franchise has opportunities for a lot of DLC that players can download.

·      FPS: Standing for “first person shooter,” this refers to a type of game in which the player sees the world from a first person perspective through the character’s eyes. Said character usually has a weapon they are shooting with, which is the main objective of the game.

·      HP: HP stands for “health points” or “hit points,” and measures a character’s stamina. If a character reaches 0 HP, the character will die and will either respawn of have to start the game over.

·      HUD: This stands for “heads up display,” and refers to graphics on screen that the user can see, such as a map, stamina bar, or money count.

·      K/D: Often used in FPS (first person shooter) games, K/D refers to a “kill/death” ratio. The higher the ratio the better one performed, as they got more kills than deaths.

·      MMORPG: Standing for “massive multiplayer online role playing game,” this often refers to online RPG games with thousands of players existing in the world simultaneously. One popular example is the game World of Warcraft.

·      MP: This stands for mana points, or magic points, and is a resource a character may need to cast spells or perform abilities in fantasy games.

·      NPC: Standing for “non-player character,” this term refers to any character in the game that a character can interact with that is programmed and not being controlled by another player of the game.

·      PvP/PvE: These refer to two different types of games, player versus play and player versus environment. In one, human players compete against each other. In PvE, the human character plays against computer generated opponents.

·      QTE: Standing for quick time events, this can refer to short segments in a game where a player must press a button or input repeatedly to avoid damage.

·      XP: This stands for experience points, and is a common denotation of progress in many game genres.


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