The Meaning of Jinx: What It Is and How To Use It

What is the meaning of  jinx, and what does it mean if you put a jinx on someone? This article will teach you about using the word jinx in a sentence.

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Has someone ever threatened to put a jinx on you? This article will not only define the word jinx but also teach you several additional things about the word jinx, including translations, etymology, and related words. We will also provide example sentences so that you can learn how to use this word in a sentence!

What Does Jinx Mean?

According to Dictionary, the word jinx can be a noun or a verb. As a noun, jinx is a thing, person, or influence that brings bad luck. As a verb, jinx means to place a curse on or bring bad luck. The pronunciation of jinx is dʒɪŋks.

What Is the Etymology of Jinx?

According to Dictionary, jinx comes from the New Latin jynx and Latin iynx, which is the genus name of the wryneck bird. In addition, this word comes from the Greek iunx, which also means wryneck — a bird used in magic.

How Can You Use Jinx in a Sentence?

It is important to know how to use the word jinx in a sentence correctly. By studying the below examples of jinx, you can learn how to use this word of the day in everyday life! After you read these example sentences, try coming up with your own!

Example #1: The Black Cat

Her parents thought that the black cat would be a jinx to the household, but she did not believe them and brought the cat into the house anyway. The cat never brought them any back luck and became a well-loved member of the family.

Question: Who or what thought that the black cat would bring a jinx to the family?

Answer: The parents thought that the black cat would bring a jinx to the family.

Example #2: The Little Kid

The small child that I babysit threatened to put a jinx on me if I didn’t let him stay up late and eat ice cream. I didn’t believe him, but I did leave the house to find a flat tire on my car later that night.

Question: Who or what performed a jinx in the above sentence?

Answer: The small child performed a jinx on the babysitter.

Example #3: Jinxed!

After every person in the geometry class had failed three tests in a row, they began to believe a jinx was on their class!

Question: Who or what was jinxed in the above sentence?

Answer: The class was jinxed.

What Are Translations of Jinx?

The word jinx has several translations outside of American English – in fact, there are several ways to say jinx all over the world! 

Take a look at this list of translations of jinx from Nice Translator and learn how to talk about jinxes with people worldwide! Which of these translations of jinx will you use first?

  • Czech: uhranout
  • Polish: pech
  • Malayalam: ജിൻക്സ്
  • Slovenian: Jinx
  • Lithuanian: Jinx
  • Japanese: ジンクス
  • Swahili: Jinx
  • Greek: γρουσουζιά
  • Urdu: جنکس
  • Welsh: jinx
  • Dutch: Jinx
  • Serbian: јинк
  • Swedish: jinx
  • Filipino: Jinx
  • Ukrainian: джинс
  • Finnish: jinksi
  • Catalan: Jinx
  • Italian: iettatore
  • Amharic: ጂንክስ
  • Hungarian: vészmadár
  • Bengali: জিন্স
  • Arabic: نحس
  • Gujarati: જિંચા
  • Spanish: gafe
  • Bulgarian: Jinx
  • Portuguese: enguiço
  • Romanian: Jinx
  • Basque: nabigazio
  • Estonian: jinx
  • German: verhexen
  • Telugu: జిన్క్స్
  • Thai: ปูน
  • Hindi: बदकिस्मती
  • Turkish: uğursuzluk
  • Korean: 재수 없는 물건
  • Kannada: ಗಾಡಿ
  • Indonesian: nasib sial
  • Tamil: ஜின்க்ஸ்
  • Marathi: जिन्क्स
  • Malay: Jinx
  • Latvian: jinx
  • Slovak: urieknuť
  • Icelandic: Jinx
  • Hebrew: ג’ינקס
  • Croatian: jinx
  • French: jinx

What Are Synonyms of Jinx?

Jinx has a negative connotation since it brings about bad luck. However, there are several words for a spell or jinx that have a positive connotation or a neutral connotation. Below, Power Thesaurus lists several synonyms for the word jinx. See if you can determine which of these jinx synonyms have a positive or negative connotation. 

  • abracadabra
  • anathematize
  • bad fortune
  • bad luck
  • bedevil
  • bewitch
  • bewitched
  • bewitching
  • black magic
  • bring bad luck
  • cast a spell
  • charm
  • condemn
  • curse
  • curses
  • cursing
  • damn
  • damned
  • distress
  • doom
  • double whammy
  • enchant
  • enchanting
  • enchantment
  • evil eye
  • execration
  • foredoom
  • glamour
  • hex
  • hexing
  • hoodoo
  • ill fortune
  • ill luck
  • imprecate
  • incantation
  • jonah
  • kiss of death
  • magic
  • magic spell
  • malediction
  • malocchio
  • misfortune
  • nemesis
  • plague
  • put a curse on
  • sorcery
  • spell
  • tough luck
  • unlucky
  • voodoo
  • whammy
  • witch
  • witchcraft
  • witching

What Are Antonyms of Jinx?

If something is the opposite of the word jinx, it is good luck rather than bad luck! Below, take a look at words that are antonyms of jinx from Power Thesaurus and see which of these you might use to refer to good luck! Some are more casual, while others are formal.

  • advantage
  • all the best
  • best of luck
  • big opportunity
  • bit of luck
  • blessing
  • break a leg
  • chance
  • dumb luck
  • excellent opportunity
  • felicity
  • fluke
  • fortuitousness
  • fortuity
  • fortunateness
  • fortune
  • godsend
  • good chance
  • good fortune
  • good opportunity
  • good possibility
  • great chance
  • great fortune
  • great luck
  • great opportunity
  • happy chance
  • happy occasion
  • huge opportunity
  • important opportunity
  • joyful occasion
  • joyous occasion
  • kismet
  • luck
  • luckiness
  • lucky break
  • lucky chance
  • lucky strike
  • major opportunity
  • midas touch
  • opportunity
  • piece of good fortune
  • piece of luck
  • rare opportunity
  • run of luck
  • serendipity
  • smiles of fortune
  • streak of luck
  • stroke of luck
  • success
  • turn-up


The definition of jinx is an evil spell that brings about a period of bad luck versus a blessing, which brings about a period of good luck. The word jinx can be either a noun or a verb to refer to the act of placing a jinx or the jinx itself. 

Have you ever placed a jinx on someone? Has someone ever placed a jinx on you?


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