The Meaning of Clairvoyant: What It Is and How To Use It

What does it mean if someone has a clairvoyant experience? This article will define the meaning of clairvoyant and teach you how to use this word.

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Have you ever had a clairvoyant experience? Do you know anyone who is clairvoyant? This article will Define the word clairvoyant and provide numerous example sentences containing the word clairvoyant. It will also cover other topics related to the word clairvoyant, such as its etymology, translations, and more! 

Continue reading to learn all about what it means to be clairvoyant. Although, if you’re really clairvoyant, you probably already know what we’re going to say. 

What Does Clairvoyant Mean?

According to Dictionary, the word clairvoyant is an adjective that means having the power to see future events or actions. If someone says they are clairvoyant, they are claiming to be psychic or able to see the future. The pronunciation of clairvoyant is klɛərˈvɔɪ ənt, and clairvoyant is three syllables: clair-voy-ant. 

How Can We Use Clairvoyant in a Sentence?

There are many situations where you might hear the word clairvoyant used in a sentence. Maybe someone is talking about an intuitive experience or a belief in future-seers. Either way, it is useful to know how to use this word of the day in a sentence to expand your vocabulary. 

Below, you will find examples of clairvoyant. Study these examples of the word clairvoyant, and then see if you can develop your own example sentences. 

After that, be confident in your knowledge of the word clairvoyant!

Example #1: A Young Girl’s Clairvoyance

The young girl wished that she had clairvoyant powers that could tell her the outcome of future events but resigned herself to the fact that those experiences only exist in books and films. But, little did she know, there was a psychic in her own neighborhood that would teach her otherwise.

Example #2: The Fortune Teller

At the carnival, the fortune teller convinced all of the people that he had the power of clairvoyance. But, in reality, he was a total fraud who had never had a future thought in his life and simply tagged along with the rest of the carnival employees. 

Example #3: Uncertain Clairvoyance

The woman thought she may have had clairvoyant experiences but was unsure if these were actual psychic abilities or just coincidence. Soon, she would learn that confidence was key to unlocking her powers.

Example #4: The Clairvoyant

The celebrity thought most psychics were frauds but had one trusted clairvoyant person that gave him great insight every time. So he always went to her before making important decisions and valued her opinion above all else. 

What Is the Etymology of Clairvoyant?

According to Dictionary, the word clairvoyant comes directly from the French language and translates directly to “clear-sighted.” 

This word entered the English language in the mid-1600s. In French, clair means clear, and voyant means seeing. This is the present participle of voir, a verb that means to see. This verb comes from the Latin vidēre, and clair comes from the Latin clārus.

What Are Translations of Clairvoyant?

People can also be clairvoyant in different countries besides English-speaking ones. If you are trying to talk about the idea of clairvoyance with someone who does not speak English, you can use one of the below translations of clairvoyant. This list will be very useful if you know a psychic in another country. 

  • Welsh: nghairvoyant
  • Finnish: selvänäkijä
  • Spanish: clarividente
  • Swedish: klärvoajant
  • Polish: jasnowidz
  • Filipino: clairvoyant
  • Hindi: भेदक
  • Chinese (PRC): 克里莱佛
  • Latvian: gaišredzīgs
  • Korean: 클레어 소생
  • Japanese: cl cl
  • Ukrainian: ясний
  • Basque: argitzaile
  • French: voyant
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 克里萊佛
  • Thai: ญาณทิพย์
  • Hungarian: látnok
  • Lithuanian: Apskritai
  • Amharic: Clirirey
  • Indonesian: peramal
  • German: Hellseher
  • Hebrew: מַגִיד עֲתִידוֹת
  • Portuguese (Portugal): clarividente
  • Romanian: clarvăzător
  • Malayalam: ശാന്തമായ
  • Serbian: видовит
  • Croatian: vidovnjak
  • Turkish: sezgisel öngörü
  • Kannada: ಕ್ಲೈರ್ವಾಯಂತ್
  • Catalan: clairvoyant
  • Italian: chiaroveggente
  • Estonian: allalamutav
  • Dutch: helderziende
  • Portuguese (Brazil): clarividente
  • Vietnamese: nhà ngoại cảm
  • Marathi: clarevoyant
  • Gujarati: ક્લેરવોયન્ટ
  • Russian: ясновидящий
  • Greek: μάντης
  • Arabic: مستبصر
  • Czech: jasnovidec
  • Slovak: zriadený

What Are Synonyms of Clairvoyant?

Many words have similar definitions to the word clairvoyant. However, clairvoyant is a fairly uncommon word — you might see other synonyms of clairvoyant more often than the word clairvoyant itself. 

Knowing synonyms of words like clairvoyant can also be useful when you are trying not to repeat the same word over and over again or if you are trying to expand your vocabulary. See how many of these synonyms of clairvoyant from Power Thesaurus you are familiar with. 

  • astrologer
  • augur
  • channeller
  • clear-sighted
  • crystal-gazer
  • discerning
  • diviner
  • extrasensory perception
  • far-sighted
  • farseeing
  • farsighted
  • fey
  • forecaster
  • forecaster of the future
  • foresighted
  • fortune teller
  • haruspex
  • horoscopist
  • insightful
  • intuitive
  • judicious
  • long-sighted
  • media
  • medium
  • mentalist
  • mind reader
  • mind-reader
  • mystic
  • necromancer
  • oracle
  • oracular
  • palm reader
  • palmist
  • penetrating
  • perceptive
  • precognitive
  • predictor
  • prescient
  • prognosticator
  • prophesier
  • prophet
  • prophetess
  • prophetic
  • psychic
  • psychical
  • psychics
  • reader
  • sagacious
  • second sight
  • seer
  • seers
  • sibyl
  • soothsayer
  • spiritist
  • spiritualist
  • spiritualistic
  • supersensual
  • telekinetic
  • telepath
  • telepathic
  • telepathist
  • vaticinator
  • visionary
  • warlock

What Are Antonyms of Clairvoyant?

If you are trying to describe someone who cannot see the future, you can use an antonym of the word clairvoyant. This list of antonyms of clairvoyant has been provided by Power Thesaurus, and it can be very useful if you’re trying to grow your vocabulary! 

  • aloof
  • apathetic
  • callous
  • closed to
  • cold-blooded
  • collected
  • composed
  • dispassionate
  • dry
  • emotionless
  • hardened
  • immune
  • impassable
  • impassive
  • imperturbable
  • imperviable
  • impervious
  • indifferent
  • indurated
  • inexcitable
  • inexpressive
  • inscrutable
  • insensible
  • insensitive
  • invulnerable
  • matter-of-fact
  • nonchalant
  • obdurate
  • obstinate
  • passionless
  • phlegmatic
  • placid
  • poker-faced
  • reserved
  • taciturn
  • unemotional
  • unfeeling
  • unflinching
  • unmoved
  • unprophetic
  • unreceptive


The definition of clairvoyant is being able to see the future. If someone is clairvoyant, they can perceive future actions or objects more than a regular person. Some people may not believe in the powers of clairvoyance, but others do. 

Have you ever had a clairvoyant experience? Did people believe you when you told them about it? 


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