The Meaning of GG: What It Is and How To Use It

Have you heard the term GG used in online gaming communities? This article will cover the meaning of GG as slang and its usage in other fields.

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You might have seen the term GG floating around in online gaming communities or on social media, but what does this term mean? Can it stand for more than one thing? This article covers everything there is to know about the acronym GG. 

What Does GG Stand For?

According to Business Insider and Dictionary, GG stands for good game and is commonly used in online gaming at the end of a match. Gamers send this abbreviation to each other in the chat as a sign of respect, like a handshake after a sports game. Even though online gaming can get intense, it’s important to remember that it is only a game and practice good sportsmanship.

Some people use the term GG at the end of every match, whether they won or lost, to stay grounded and maintain their sportsmanlike conduct. Sometimes, if the other team made an inappropriate comment or participated in shady gameplay, someone might choose not to send GG at the end of the game.

What Abbreviations Are Similar to GG?

There are a few different variations on GG that you might come across when gaming online. While these are less mainstream than the term GG, they are still popular as an acknowledgment or standard practice in online gaming.


First, GL HF stands for “good luck, have fun.” This is usually sent by players in the chat at the beginning of a game to show sportsmanlike conduct respect for other players. 


GG WP stands for “good game well played.” This can be sent from the winner or loser to compliment the other’s gameplay. This term is usually sent in a close match that was well played by both teams. 


GG EZ can be a controversial term, as it stands for “good game, easy.” While GG and its variations are usually used to show sportsmanlike conduct, this term insults the losing player by implying it was an easy win. Sometimes, the losing player can use it in a self-deprecating way. 


GG NO RE stands for “good game, no rematch” and is often used by a losing opponent after a game they lost badly. In short, they are saying that they do not think that they stand a chance at winning, even in a rematch.

What Are Other Meanings of GG? 

GG can stand for so much more than just a show of respect from gamers. According to The Free Dictionary, the acronym GG has many different variations. Some of these are used on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, while others are used in professional fields.

Meanings of GG in Science

GG will not stand for good game in science, but it can stand for university departments, cell types, or units of measurement.

  • Geography
  • Gitter and Glial Cells (neurohistopathology)
  • Geology and Geophysics (various universities)
  • Green Gas
  • Gas Generator
  • Great Gross (Old English for 12 gross)
  • Giga-Gram (10 billion grams)
  • Gamna Gandy (iron-containing foci in spleen histopathology; also seen as Gandy Gamna bodies)
  • Gefahrgut (German: Hazardous Material)
  • Genetic Girl (as differentiated from a transgender individual)
  • Generic Goal (Capability Maturity Model Integration)
  • Guar Gum (polymer)
  • Geometric Goppa
  • Graphics Generator
  • Gatling Gun
  • Gravity Gradient
  • Gamma Globulin
  • Gamma Glutamine
  • Gigagauss (CGS system of units – unit of magnetic field strength)

Meanings of GG in Business

In business, GG might be an abbreviation of the names of different companies, or it can be used to refer to different task forces and locations.

  • Gartner Group
  • Good Governance
  • Garden Grove (California)
  • Editorial Gustavo Gili (publisher; Spain)
  • Guru Gathering
  • Girl Guides
  • Galloping Governors (Toastmasters)
  • Golden Gloves (boxing)
  • Graduate Gemologist
  • Get Good (gaming clan)
  • Galgaduud (postal region, Somalia)
  • Global Gathering
  • Grill/Griddle (restaurant term)
  • Grupului de Gen (Romanian: Gender Task Force)
  • Garage Games
  • Galunggong (scad fish)
  • Good Games (gaming community)
  • Gutton Glock (Austrian gun manufacturer)
  • Gladsaxe Gymnasium (Copenhagen, Denmark high school)

Meanings of GG in Government

In government, the term GG can refer to different military terms and locations. 

  • Grenadier Guards
  • Gewerbegebiet (German: trade area)
  • Goeverneur-Generaal (Dutch East-Indies)
  • Governor General
  • Grundgesetz (German constitution)
  • Air Guyane – French Guiana (IATA airline code)
  • Government Grade
  • Georgia
  • Ground-to-Ground

Meanings of GG as Slang Terms

GG has many different meanings as a slang term outside of GG, including references to television shows, book series, video games, foods, and people. 

  • G-Gundam (Anime)
  • Gender Girl
  • Good Girl
  • General Guy (video game character)
  • Gorgonian Grotto (Lemony Snicket)
  • Golden Globe
  • Guilty Gear (game)
  • Goblin Gang (gaming)
  • Gotta Go
  • Goofy Goober
  • Gilmore Girls (TV show)
  • Good Grief
  • Girly Girl
  • Great Genius
  • Gadugadu (Indonesian cuisine)
  • Geen Gehoor (Dutch: No Answer)
  • Good God
  • Gidget Gein (artist/musician)
  • Grandes Gueules (French)
  • Glenn Gould (Canadian pianist; 1932-1982)
  • Game Genie
  • Goodness Gracious
  • Game Gear (Sega)
  • Google Groups
  • Great Goddess
  • Go Girl
  • Golden Grahams (cereal)
  • Gun Game (Counter-Strike: Source map type mod)
  • Gary Gulman (comedian)
  • Girls’ Generation (band)
  • Great Grandma
  • Gossip Girl (book series)
  • General Grievous (Star Wars)
  • Go Green
  • Glock Group (Newgrounds group)
  • Gungrave (anime)
  • God’s Greetings
  • Grim Grotto (Lemony Snicket)
  • Great Game
  • Good Going
  • Game Girl (game)
  • Great Grandad


Most often, GG is used at the end of a gaming match as a mark of sportsmanship from one gamer to another. This is an acknowledgment of good gameplay by the winner and their opponent. This is most often used in competitive games like online multiplayer games.


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