The Meaning of DLC: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of DLC? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the abbreviation DLC, including its definition, example sentences, usage, and more!

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What does the abbreviation DLC stand for?

According to Tech Terms, the meaning of DLC is downloadable content. This refers to additional content that is released by a video game’s publisher after it has already been released. This can occur on PC games released by Microsoft, or any sort of other game released on other consoles and platform such as Sony, Epic Games, or Sega. Examples of games that include DLC include Destiny, Guitar Hero, Elder Scrolls IV, Oblivion, Skyrim, and more. Companies may choose to release additional game content or expansion packs for purchase as a means of monetization after the initial release of the game. Future DLC can keep people coming back to a game, and many games release a lot of content after the release to keep people interested in the base game. These might be released as in-app purchases, or on something like Xbox Live Marketplace.

According to The Free Dictionary, the acronym DLC can be used to mean much more than just downloadable content. This acronym has a plethora of other less common meanings which are listed below. These various terms have related information to anything from insurance companies to automobiles. These should be used sparingly; if you do decide to use one of these alternate definitions, make sure that you provide the reader or listener with the proper context so that they can infer the correct intended meaning.

  •  Departments, Labs and Centers (various schools)
  •  Dead Link Check (computer programming, mobile devices, mobile phones)
  •  Dalian, China (Airport Code)
  •  Dominican Leadership Conference
  •  Département Langues et Cultures (French: Department of Languages and Cultures)
  •  Data Link Connection
  •  Depot Level Code
  •  Dragonlance Chronicles (trilogy of novels by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman)
  •  District Lead Center (India)
  •  Disability Law Center (legal center for the disabled; Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
  •  Digital Loop Carrier
  •  Digital Line Concentrator
  •  Disabled Living Centre (UK)
  •  Dual-Listed Company (finance)
  •  Diamond Like Coating
  •  Distance Learning Committee (Oroville, CA)
  •  Data Latch Control
  •  David Lipscomb College (Nashville, TN)
  •  Driver License Compact
  •  Dynamic Leisure Corporation (Tampa, FL)
  •  Delestre-Longeaux-Chenet (French architecture firm)
  •  Down Link Callup
  •  Dive and Lift Control (Volvo)
  •  Distance Learning Council
  •  Development Life Cycle
  •  Direct Lift Control
  •  Detroit Leadership Council
  •  Didactique des Langues et des Cultures (French: Teaching of Languages and Cultures; various locations)
  •  Diversité Linguistique et Culturelle (French: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity)
  •  Signalling-Data-Link-Connection-Order Signal
  •  Diploma of Loughborough College
  •  Drummond Lighterage Company
  •  Diamond-Like Carbon (automobiles)
  •  Distribution Line Carrier
  •  Dutchess Land Conservancy (New York)
  •  Differential Lock Clutch
  •  Dynamic Load Control
  •  Direct Link Communications
  •  Discovery Land Company (Arizona)
  •  Demolay Leadership Conference (International Order of DeMolay)
  •  Delayed Clearance
  •  Distributed Library Controller
  •  Demolition and Land Clearing (solid waste handling and green building industries)
  •  Dominion Lending Centre (Canada)
  •  Democrats for the Leisure Class
  •  Digital Logic Circuit
  •  Digital Library Coordinator
  •  Doxie Lovers Club (online bulletin board for dachshund owners and enthusiasts)
  •  Designated Legal Counsel (various organizations)
  •  Documentary Letter of Credit
  •  Digital Line Cards
  •  Daniel Lampert Communications (Winter Springs, FL)
  •  Danish Lithosphere Center
  •  Diesel Locomotive Cable
  •  Democratic Leadership Council
  •  Data Link Control
  •  David Loren Corporation (Beverly Hills, CA)
  •  Delete Code
  •  Desktop Linux Consortium
  •  Digital Learning Collaboratory (Purdue University, Indiana, USA)
  •  Don Lawrence Collection (comics; UK)
  •  Département des Langues et Civilisations (French: Department of Languages and Civilizations)
  •  Donation Land Claim (real property transactions)
  •  Digital Line Card
  •  Distance Learning Classroom (various organizations)
  •  Data Line Card
  •  Duty Limiting Condition (physical profile)
  •  Date Limite de Consommation (French: Expiration Date)
  •  Deadlands Classic (gaming)
  •  Digital Library Center (various universities)
  •  Département des Lettres et Communications (French: Department of Arts and Communications; Canada)
  •  Dunmore Land College (Macquarie University; Sydney, Australia)
  •  Data Language Corporation
  •  DesignLights Consortium (commercial sector lighting solutions)
  •  Dubai Logistics City (United Arab Emirates)
  •  Distance Learning Center (telecourses)
  •  Data Length Code
  •  Direct Labour Cost
  •  Discotic Liquid Crystal
  •  Découverte Linguistique et Culturelle (French: Linguistic and Cultural Discovery)
  •  Defence Leadership Centre (UK)
  •  Depository Library Council (US Federal Depository Library Program)
  •  Domestic Leased Circuit (data connectivity)
  •  Double Layer Capacitor
  •  Down Link Communications system
  •  De La Chapelle
  •  Diagnostic Link Connector (automotive)
  •  Digital Learning Community
  •  Data Link Control (protocol)
  •  Dandenong Letter Centre (Australian postal center)
  •  Down (Stage) Left Center

How can the abbreviation DLC be used in a sentence?

The abbreviation DLC can be used in many different sentences. Using a word or abbreviation in a sentence is a great way to help memorize its definition. You can also use flashcards or make a quiz for yourself. Below are examples of DLC.

This game was totally false advertising. All the trailers had all this cool content in it, but it’s all DLC. The base game doesn’t barely have anything in it.

I’m so happy that the game released some new DLC. I really like it, but I was getting bored with it. It feels like a whole new game now, and I actually want to play it!

They put out so many new songs on that DLC pack for Guitar Hero – I love how they keep it up to date with current music. I’ve loved this game for over ten years!

The game developers were panicking about the decrease in sales. They decided to work on advertising and releasing new DLC to keep revenue up and keep gamers interested. 

Overall, the acronym of DLC is a shorthand slang term for downloadable content. This is additional content that a person can download as an addition to an original game. This exists on many consoles and platforms, from Nintendo to Xbox, to the PlayStation network and PlayStation store. Try using this acronym of the day in a sentence today!


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