The Meaning of Deus Vult: What It Is and How To Use It

Deus vult might not be the most common phrase, but it can be very useful to know! Read on to learn the meaning of deus vult and how it can help you.

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Deus vult is an uncommon phrase with an interesting origin. Actually, there is a good chance that you may have heard the phrase deus vult and not understood its meaning. This article will provide information about the meaning and origin of the phrase deus vult and to use it in the modern day.

What Does the Word Deus Vult Mean?

According to Dictionary, the term deus vult means “if God wills it” or “it is the will of God.” This is a Latin phrase with a storied history.

Per Thought Co, The Roman Catholic order of chivalry known as the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem uses this phrase as a motto. It continues to have many knights and dames as members in Western Europe. 

Later, in the 20th century, the term “Deus Non Vult” was used to express a title of an examination of the gradual loss of enthusiasm and interest in the Crusades by people in the late 12th century due to Ralph Niger’s early criticism of the Crusades.

Video games and films like Kingdom of Heaven and Crusader Kings use deus vult, too

Unfortunately, in modern times, the term deus vult has gained popularity as an internet meme used by certain alt-right groups to advocate for anti-immigration and anti-Muslim views.

What Is the Origin of Deus Vult?

The origin of the deus vult was originally used as a battle cry by Christian Crusaders during the Council of Clermont, which initiated the First Crusade in 1095 Italian Amalfi. In France, Pope Urban II called a council for church reform. 

At this assembly, the Pope closed his speech to the Christians with the phrase deus vult which is considered the declaration of the First Crusade, according to Britannica and an eyewitness account of the speech of Urban.

According to Historia Belli Sacri and Gesta Francorum by Robert the Monk, Catholics began to use this term as a rallying cry of the people using deus lo vult, dio lo vuole, deus hoc vult or the form deus le volt during warfare. This classical Latin phrase was also used at the Siege of Antioch and the Princes’ Crusade. 

How Can Deus Vult Be Used in a Sentence?

Deus vult can be used in several ways to imply the will of God. Study the below example sentences containing deus vult to discover more.

Example 1

Person 1: I hope that the combatants in the wall towers survive the armed attack like they did during the combat exercises. They are my beloved brethren.

Person 2: The soldiers of God shall be protected, deus vult.

Example 2

Person 1: I am going to manifest a successful campaign in June even in the midst of gossip.

Person 2: You’ll be elected, deus vult.

Example 3

Person 1: I hope that my children continue to study the Bible, orthodoxy, and believe in the glory of the Lord God and the dominion of Christ.

Person 2: They will find their way, deus vult.

What Are Translations of Deus Vult?

Deus vult is a Latin phrase, but there are many ways to say “if God wills it” in other languages according to Nice Translator

  • Italian: Se Dio lo fa
  • Indonesian: Jika Tuhan akan melakukannya
  • Latvian: Ja Dievs to darīs
  • Bengali: যদি ঈশ্বর এটা ইচ্ছা
  • Turkish: Eğer Tanrı olacaksa
  • Hindi: अगर भगवान यह करेगा
  • Croatian: Ako Bog to će
  • Amharic: እግዚአብሔር ቢፈቅድለት
  • Lithuanian: Jei Dievas tai padės
  • Greek: Αν ο Θεός το διοργανώσει
  • French: Si Dieu le veut
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 如果上帝願意
  • Finnish: Jos Jumala tekee sen
  • Slovak: Ak to Boh
  • Norwegian: Hvis Gud vil det
  • German: Wenn Gott es will
  • Malayalam: ദൈവം അത് ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്നുവെങ്കിൽ
  • Danish: Hvis Gud vil det
  • Filipino: Kung gagawin ito ng Diyos.
  • Dutch: Als God het zal doen
  • Welsh: Os bydd Duw yn ei wneud
  • Ukrainian: Якщо Бог буде його
  • Chinese (PRC): 如果上帝愿意
  • Malay: Sekiranya Tuhan menghendaki
  • Czech: Pokud to bude Bůh
  • Urdu: اگر خدا چاہتا ہے تو
  • Swahili: Ikiwa Mungu anataka
  • Spanish: Si Dios lo quiere
  • Icelandic: Ef Guð vill það
  • Estonian: Kui Jumal teeb seda
  • Gujarati: જો ભગવાન તે કરશે
  • Romanian: Dacă Dumnezeu o va face
  • Basque: Jainkoak hala egingo badu
  • Vietnamese: Nếu Chúa sẽ ý chí
  • Bulgarian: Ако Бог ще го направи
  • Japanese: 神がそれを意志するならば
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Se Deus quiser
  • Hungarian: Ha Isten akarja
  • Polish: Jeśli Bóg to zrobi
  • Marathi: देव ते करेल तर
  • Hebrew: אם אלוהים יהיה זה
  • Serbian: Ако је Бог то
  • Catalan: Si Déu ho farà
  • Thai: ถ้าพระเจ้าพินัยกรรม
  • Korean: 하나님 께서 그것을 할 것인가면
  • Swedish: Om Gud vill det
  • Russian: Если Бог будет это
  • Tamil: கடவுள் அதை வில்ஸ் என்றால்
  • Arabic: إذا كان الله سوف
  • Kannada: ದೇವರು ಅದನ್ನು ತಿನ್ನುತ್ತಾನೆ
  • Telugu: దేవుడు అది రెడీ
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Se Deus quiser
  • Slovenian: Če bog ga bo

What Are Synonyms of the Word Deus Vult?

Power Thesaurus lists many alternate forms of deus vult that are not Latin.

  • God willing
  • according to circumstances
  • according to the circumstances
  • all being well
  • as the case may be
  • as the case may require
  • as the case might be
  • as the circumstance arises
  • as the circumstances require
  • as the situation requires
  • at all
  • by any chance
  • by any means
  • conceivably
  • conformable to circumstances
  • could be
  • depending on circumstances
  • depending on the circumstance
  • depending on the circumstances
  • feasibly
  • fingers crossed
  • for all one knows
  • hopefully
  • if possible
  • in any way
  • it could be
  • it could be that
  • it is conceivable
  • it is possible
  • it is possible that
  • it may be
  • likely
  • maybe
  • not impossibly
  • peradventure
  • perchance
  • perhaps
  • possibly
  • probably
  • very likely
  • with any luck
  • with luck


Deus vult has a storied history and usage, from its use as an actual battle cry of the First Crusade and cry of the Crusaders to its use as a motto of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre. Deus vult has also been used as the variants deus le volt and deus lo vult.


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