The Meaning of Cyka Blyat: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of cyka blyat? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the term cyka blyat, including its definition, usage, examples, and more!

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What does the term cyka blyat mean?

According to Know Your Meme and Dictionary, the Russian phrase cyka blyat, which is spelled as сука блять or сука блядь in the Russian Alphabet, means “fucking bitch” or “whore bitch.” While there is no exact English translation, the word cyka means bitch and blyat can mean many different forms of bularity like shit, fuck, or whore. This is the equivalent to dropping f-bombs in English. This term became popular thanks to the 2012 video game Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which has a large Russian player base. CS:GO lets players from different countries play on the same server and speak to other players, so a Russian player might say cyka blyat, this leading to the spread of the phrase in English-speaking countries. In the online game, Russian gamers in the online game might use this common word to express frustration or disappointment. While there is no literal translation, it is a common occurrence and used as a generic amplifier word. This Russian vulgarity word is one of many Russian swear words you should know if you are going to be traveling. While it may not seem like it, snowing slang and basic words is hey for imitation in chat. There are grammar differences between English and Russian but learning a Russian word like this is a great way for a foreigner to understand what others are saying. Today, this word is commonly used on European CS GO servers between teammates as well as a trend of Facebook, 9GAG, Twitter, and Reddit, with endless memes of the phrase seen every day. 

What are other Russian slang terms?

According to Fluent U, the below Russian slang terms are key to making you sound like a native speaker. 

  • Мне до лампочки
    •  Literal definition: to me to lightbulb
    •  Meaning: I don’t care
  •  Достал (male)/Досталa (female)
    •  Literal definition: reached over and got
    •  Meaning: annoyed
  •  Дешёвка
    • Literal definition: something that’s cheap
    • Meaning: cheap/a steal
  •  Грузить
    • Literal Definition: to load
    • Meaning: to overload someone mentally/to bore someone with excessive talking/to confuse someone
  • Хрен знает
    • Literal definition: horseradish knows
    • Meaning: who knows?

What are other internet and online slang terms?

There are many different slang words and memes you might see on social media platforms or in texting. Do a deep dive into this list from ZipWhip to learn all you need to know!

  •  ROFL: Rolling on floor laughing
  •  POV: Point of view
  •  FWIW: For what it’s worth
  •  RN: Right now
  •  IIRC: If I recall correctly
  •  FOMO: Fear of missing out
  •  EOD: End of day
  •  TGIF: Thank goodness/god it’s Friday
  •  TBD: To be determined or to be decided
  •  SMH: Shaking my head
  •  IKR: I know, right
  •  HBU: How about you?
  •  IDC: I don’t care
  •  IDK: I don’t know
  •  OFC: Of course
  •  YGTI: You get the idea
  •  AKA: Also known as
  •  MSG: Message
  •  JK: Just kidding
  •  IMO: In my opinion
  •  TY: Thank you
  •  FYI: For your information
  •  NTH: Nice to have
  •  AFAIK: As far as I know
  •  MRW: My reaction when
  •  DIKY: Do I know you?
  •  YW: You’re welcome
  •  F2F: Face to face
  •  TMI: Too much information
  •  TBC: To be continued
  •  ILY: I love you
  •  ATM: At the moment
  •  PNL: Peace & love
  •  HIFW: How I feel when
  •  TBA: To be announced
  •  BFF: Best friends forever
  •  BRB: Be right back
  •  LOL: Laughing out loud
  •  IRL: In real life
  •  BTW: By the way
  •  Yeet: To throw something or used as an exclamation
  •  DM: Direct message
  •  TBF: To be frank
  •  TIA: Thanks in advance
  •  SO: Significant other
  •  SNMP: So not my problem
  •  IFYP: I feel your pain
  •  Bae: Before anyone else
  •  BC or B/C: Because
  •  NBD: No big deal
  •  YOLO: You only live once
  •  OOO: Out of office
  •  TBH: To be honest
  •  DAE: Does any else
  •  KMN: Kill me know
  •  DIY: Do it yourself
  •  Bestie: a best friend or term of endearment
  •  WYWH: Wish you were here
  •  V: Very
  •  IYKYK: If you know you know
  •  JIC: Just in case
  •  IG: Instagram
  •  FTFY: Fixed that for you
  •  NVM: Never mind
  •  BBL: Be back later
  •  TIL: Today I learned
  •  Tea: Gossip, drama
  •  NP: No problem
  •  IMHO: In my humble/honest opinion
  •  BDAY: Birthday
  •  Sus: Suspicious
  •  HTH: Hope this helps
  •  NGL: Not gonna lie
  •  PPL: People
  •  MFW: My face when
  •  OMG: Oh my god/gosh
  •  WDYM: What do you mean?
  •  TYT: Take your time
  •  OTOH: On the other hand
  •  TTP: To the point
  •  OOTD: Outfit of the day
  •  TTYL: Talk to you later
  •  LMK: Let me know
  •  AMA: Ask me anything
  •  TL;DR: Too long, don’t/didn’t read
  •  ISTG: I swear to god
  •  JSYK: Just so you know
  •  THX: Thanks
  •  OMW: On my way
  •  Finna: going to, intending to
  •  CYA: See ya
  •  QAP: Quick as possible
  •  QOTD: Quote of the day
  •  CYT: See you tomorrow
  •  OML: Oh my lord
  •  SRSLY: Seriously
  •  ASAP: As soon as possible
  •  YMMV: Your mileage may vary
  •  GR8: Great
  •  G2G: Got to go
  •  ICYMI: In case you missed it
  •  W/O: Without
  •  COB: Close of business
  •  SFLR: Sorry for late reply
  •  HMU: Hit me up
  •  AMAA: Ask me almost anything
  •  FTW: For the win
  •  B4N: Bye for now
  •  YP: Yes please
  •  WFH: Work from home
  •  TFW: That feeling when

Overall, the phrase cyka blyat means whore bitch or fucking bitch in Russian. This is one of the best memes on the internet and these curse words are also often mentioned on gaming servers to express frustration or call someone an idiot. In English use, this is most often a meme. 


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