The Meaning of Cunt: What It Is and How To Use It

The word cunt can be very offensive. This article will tell you the meaning of cunt and words you can use in place of cunt.

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Have you ever been called a cunt? This is an extremely offensive term that is considered one of the meanest things you can call someone. This article will detail the meaning and usage of the word c*nt, translations of c*nt, and words you can use in place of the word c*nt. 

What Does the Word Cunt Mean?

According to Dictionary, the word cunt is an extremely vulgar slang term that is considered very offensive by many. C*nt is a slang term for the vagina but can also be used to refer to a mean or nasty person — particularly a woman. You should never call a woman this term, especially in places like America. 

Interestingly, in places like the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, the use of the word c*nt is not considered as offensive as it is in the United States. In fact, close friends might even call each other this as a term of endearment if they are joking around. However, you should stay away from using this word if you are unsure whether it will be considered offensive.

The word c*nt is present in pop culture, though it is still often meant to be offensive. In the novel Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh (a Scottish writer), this word appears more than 700 times. In the movie, this was cut down to a mere 16. Host and comedian Samantha Bee was also criticized for calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt.” 

This word even appeared in Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, though it was spelled “queynte allone.” It has also appeared in The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler and Cunt: A Declaration of Independence by Inga Muscio according to Find Words. Similarly offensive slang terms for the vagina include slit and gash.

What Is The Etymology of Cunt?

The word c*nt has been used since Middle English cunte in the 13th century (although it has only been seen as an offensive term since the late nineteenth century). Cunte comes from Old Frisian and Proto-Germanic origins. 

This vulgar slang comes from the Middle Low German kunte, Middle Dutch kunte, and Old Norse kunta. Some believe that the word c*nt comes from Gropecunte Lane, which was a street of prostitution. This word likely has its origins in the Latin cunnus and cunni, meaning vulva.

How Can Cunt Be Used in a Sentence?

The word c*nt is very offensive, and you should never call a person a c*nt in the U.S. The below sentences refer to times in which someone or something was called a c*nt and how offensive it was. 

Since he had read the word c*nt in William Shakespeare, Philip Massinger, and Andrew Marvell, he thought it was a fine word to use and did not understand that it was offensive.

When she exposed him to the press, the man called his coy mistress Hillary a c*nt and wished a pox upon her. 

He did not mean the c-word in an offensive way, but it certainly was not taken as a positive qualifier.

They could not believe that the word c*nt was used in an episode of their favorite television show. It drove a wedge between the family and the show about Cookie the Rabbit.

What Are Translations of Cunt?

While the word c*nt itself is an English slang term, there are many languages that have words for vagina. When used in a medical sense, these translations from Nice Translator are not considered offensive.

  • Hungarian: hüvely
  • Urdu: اندام نہانی
  • Russian: влагалище
  • French: vagin
  • Swedish: vagina
  • Swahili: uke
  • Indonesian: vagina
  • Greek: κόλπος
  • Lithuanian: makštis
  • Portuguese (Brazil): vagina
  • Korean: 질
  • Turkish: vajina
  • Croatian: vagina
  • Japanese: 膣
  • German: Vagina
  • Kannada: ಯೋನಿ
  • Marathi: योनी
  • Serbian: вагина
  • Arabic: المهبل
  • Slovak: vagina
  • Thai: ช่องคลอด
  • Bulgarian: влагалище
  • Basque: bagina
  • Slovenian: vagina
  • Danish: vagina
  • Vietnamese: âm đạo
  • Dutch: vagina
  • Norwegian: vagina
  • Portuguese (Portugal): vagina
  • Telugu: యోని
  • Finnish: vagina
  • Catalan: vagina
  • Czech: vagina
  • Spanish: vagina
  • Hindi: प्रजनन नलिका
  • Latvian: maksts
  • Malayalam: യോനി
  • Polish: pochwa
  • Estonian: vagiina
  • Tamil: யோனி
  • Gujarati: યોનિ
  • Italian: vagina
  • Bengali: যোনি
  • Ukrainian: піхва
  • Welsh: fagina
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 陰道
  • Filipino: puki
  • Chinese (PRC): 阴道
  • Hebrew: נַרְתִיק
  • Icelandic: leggöngum

What Are Synonyms of the Word Cunt?

For a non-offensive way to call someone mean, check out these synonyms from Power Thesaurus.

  • abominable
  • average
  • bad
  • base
  • beggarly
  • cheap
  • close
  • close-fisted
  • contemptible
  • crackerjack
  • cruel
  • despicable
  • detestable
  • disagreeable
  • disgusting
  • dreadful
  • evil
  • foul
  • great
  • hateful
  • horrible
  • hostile
  • ignoble
  • immoral
  • inferior
  • insignificant
  • intermediate
  • loathsome
  • low
  • malevolent
  • malicious
  • meager
  • mediocre
  • mingy
  • miserable
  • miserly
  • nasty
  • obnoxious
  • ordinary
  • paltry
  • parsimonious
  • penny-pinching
  • penurious
  • petty
  • poor
  • rotten
  • scanty
  • second-rate
  • shabby
  • shameful
  • shoddy
  • sinful
  • small
  • sordid
  • spiteful
  • stingy
  • terrible
  • tight
  • unkind
  • unpleasant
  • vicious
  • vile
  • wicked
  • wretched

What Are Antonyms of Cunt?

To call someone nice in a non-offensive way, use one of these terms from Power Thesaurus.

  • affable
  • agreeable
  • all right
  • alright
  • amazing
  • amiable
  • amusing
  • appealing
  • attractive
  • awesome
  • beautiful
  • best
  • better
  • bonny
  • charming
  • congenial
  • cool
  • courteous
  • cute
  • dainty
  • decent
  • delicate
  • delicious
  • delightful
  • engaging
  • enjoyable
  • entertaining
  • fair
  • fine
  • friendly
  • genial
  • good
  • good-looking
  • good-natured
  • goodly
  • gorgeous
  • gracious
  • gratifying
  • great
  • handsome
  • happy
  • kind
  • kindly
  • likable
  • lovely
  • marvelous
  • much
  • neat
  • nice
  • nicely
  • nicer
  • okay
  • overnice
  • personable
  • pleasant
  • pleasing
  • pleasurable
  • polite
  • precise
  • pretty
  • prissy
  • proper
  • refined
  • right
  • satisfying
  • simpatico
  • squeamish
  • subtle
  • sweet
  • sympathetic
  • welcome
  • wonderful


C*nt is an offensive slang term that means vagina or female genitalia but is most often used to refer to a mean or nasty woman. This term of abuse is a more common word in the UK and Australia, but the monosyllable term is considered highly offensive in America.


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